Noun: день сутки время рабочий день
Adjective: дневной


the business of the day / meeting - повестка дня

break of day / of morn - рассвет

breaking of the day - начало дня, рассвет, утренняя заря

day care for children - присмотр за детьми

the changeful April day - переменчивый апрельский день

a clear day - ясный, безоблачный день

at the close of the day - в конце дня

in a day - за один день

many a day - многие дни

from this day forward - отныне, с сегодняшнего дня

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What day is it today? - Какой сегодня день?

Victory Day - День Победы

He left two days ago. - Он уехал два дня назад.

He has had his day. - Он отслужил своё.

I work a ten-hour day. - Я работаю по десять часов в день.

Labor Day - День труда (первый понедельник сентября, официальный рабочий праздник)

She works eight hours a day. - Она работает по восемь часов в день.

May Day - Первомай / Первое мая

His days are numbered. - Дни его сочтены.

The office is closed for the day. - Офис сегодня закрыт.

London by day - Лондон днём

He has known better days. - Он знавал лучшие времена.

Inauguration Day - день вступления президента США в должность (20 января)

His day begins at six. - Его день начинается в шесть.

He is paid by the day. - Ему платят подённо.

National immunization day - Национальный день всеобщей вакцинации (в США, Великобритании и др. странах)

in the day of the dinosaurs - во времена динозавров

These days it is not unusual. - В наши дни это не редкость.

She is fifty if she is a day. - Ей все пятьдесят (лет), никак не меньше.

I'll call you in a couple of days. - Я позвоню тебе через пару дней.

We cannot do the whole job in a day. - Мы не можем сделать всю работу за один день.

The day is ours. - Победа за нами.

He works an 8-hour day. - У него восьмичасовой рабочий день.

When is the big day, then? - Ну, так когда свадьба?

It was a cold blustery day. - Был холодный ветреный день.

She was a beauty in her day. - В своё время она была красавицей.

in the days of sailing ships - в эпоху парусных судов

We spent three days in Paris. - Мы провели три дня в Париже.

How long is a day on Jupiter? - Сколько длится день на Юпитере?

He deserves his day in court. - Он заслуживает того, чтобы его выслушали в суде.

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Связанные термины:

D-day: You can use D-day to refer to the day that is chosen for the beginning of an important activity.

g'day: a conventional expression of greeting or farewell used during the day

M-day: the day on which mobilization for war begins

V-Day: a day nominated to celebrate victory, as in V-E Day or V-J Day in World War II

on day: a day when someone performs well

all-day: available throughout the day

day bed: a narrow bed, with a head piece and sometimes a foot piece and back, on which to recline during the day

day boy: a boy who attends a boarding school daily, but returns home each evening

Day-Glo: Day-Glo colours are shades of orange, pink, green, and yellow which are so bright that they seem to glow .

day job: the job that a person during the day to earn a living, as opposed to some more glamorous activity such as being a singer, dancer, actor, writer that they aspire to make their main source of income

day off: A day off is a day when you do not go to work, even though it is usually a working day.

day-old: having been in existence or alive for one day

day one: If something happens from day one of a process, it happens right from the beginning. If it happens on day one, it happens right at the beginning.

day spa: A health spa is a kind of hotel where people go to do exercise and have special treatments in order to improve their health.

lay day: any of the days allowed for loading or unloading a ship without payment of extra charge

man-day: a day regarded as the number of hours work one person can complete in a day

May Day: May Day is the 1st of May, which in many countries is celebrated as a public holiday, especially as one in honour of working people.

off day: If someone has an off day, they do not perform as well as usual.

one-day: One day or some day or one of these days means at some time in the future .

pay day: Pay day is the day of the week or month on which you receive your wages or salary .

per day: relating to an allowance for daily expenses, usually those incurred while working

pet day: a single fine day during a period of bad weather

tag day: a day on which money is publicly solicited as for some charity, each contributor being given a tag

Anzac Day: 25 April, a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand commemorating the Anzac landing at Gallipoli in 1915

Arbor Day: a tree-planting day observed individually by the states of the U.S., usually in spring

civil day: the period of time, the calendar day, of 24 hours ' duration reckoned from one midnight to the next

day care: Day care is care that is provided during the day for people who cannot look after themselves, such as small children, old people, or people who are ill . Day care is provided by paid workers .

day case: a patient or case that comes into hospital for a surgical procedure and is dealt with and released in the course of one day

day-clean: the time after first dawn when the sun begins to shine ; clear daybreak

day girl: a girl who attends a boarding school daily, but returns home each evening

Day-Lewis: C ( ecil ). 1904–72, British poet, critic, and (under the pen name Nicholas Blake ) author of detective stories ; poet laureate (1968–72)

day lily: any widely cultivated Eurasian liliaceous plant of the genus Hemerocallis, having large yellow, orange, or red lily-like flowers, which typically last for only one day and are immediately succeeded by others

day name: a name indicating a person's day of birth

day nurse: a nurse who is on duty during the daytime

day pass: a ticket that, once bought, enables you to use, travel on or access something free for one day

day pupil: a pupil at a boarding school who attends lessons during the day but does not sleep at the school

day room: A day room is a room in a hospital where patients can sit and relax during the day.

day shift: a group of workers who work a shift during the daytime in an industry or occupation where a night shift or a back shift is also worked

day trip: A day trip is a journey to a place and back again on the same day, usually for pleasure .

duvet day: a day of leave from work that an employee is allowed to take at short notice

Earth Day: April 22, a day on which environmentalist concerns are variously acknowledged

Ember day: any of the days in the quarterly three-day period of prayer and fasting (the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after the first Sunday in Lent, after Whitsunday, after Sept . 14, and after Dec. 13) observed in the Roman Catholic Church and other Western churches

fast day: a religious holy day, etc. observed by fasting

feast day: → feast (sense 1 )

field day: a day spent in some special outdoor activity, such as nature study or sport

First day: Sunday

flag day: In Britain, a flag day is a day on which people collect money for a charity from people in the street . People are given a small sticker to wear to show that they have given money.

gala day: a day of sports, entertainment, etc, often organized in order to raise money for a charity, cause, school, etc

good day: People sometimes say ' Good day ' instead of 'Hello' or 'Goodbye'.

half-day: A half-day is a day when you work only in the morning or in the afternoon, but not all day.

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Однокоренные слова:

dayless - темный

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