Adjective: мертвый умерший дохлый совершенный
Noun: умершие покойники решимость глухая пора
Adverb: совершенно точно полностью


to burn dead - сжечь дотла

absolute / dead certainty - полная уверенность

dead rat - дохлая крыса

to drop (down) dead - внезапно умереть / упасть замертво

to play / sham dead - притворяться мёртвым

dead house - мертвецкая, морг

to be (half) dead - быть измотанным, без сил

to be dead on one's feet - валиться с ног от усталости.

dead to all love - безразличный к любви

dead lime - гашёная известь

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Drop dead!. - Иди к чёрту! / Отвали! / Проваливай! / Пошел на фиг! (груб)

My fingers are dead. - У меня онемели пальцы.

He was found dead. - Его нашли мёртвым.

You look dead beat. - Ты выглядишь очень усталой.

There was a dead pause. - Наступило гробовое молчание.

The seas were dead calm. - На море был мёртвый штиль.

It sounded dead boring. - Это звучало смертельно скучно.

The dead are to uprise. - Мёртвые восстанут.

Bang bang, you're dead! - Пиф-паф, ты мёртв!

Her parents were long dead. - Её родители давно умерли.

The battery is dead / flat. - Батарея села.

The old custom is dead. - Этот старый обычай уже не соблюдают.

She sounded dead serious. - Её слова звучали совершенно серьёзно.

He lay dead on the floor. - Он лежал мёртвый на полу.

Latin is a dead language. - Латынь — это мёртвый язык.

He was dead good-looking. - Он был смерть какой красивый.

We memorialized the Dead. - Мы увековечили память погибших.

Christ rose from the dead. - Христос воскрес из мёртвых.

He's dead now, presumably? - Полагаю, сейчас он мертв?

He made a dead set at her. - Он решил покорить её во чтобы то ни стало.

The road was dead straight. - Дорога была совершенно прямой /прямой, как стрела/.

What did you sham dead for? - Зачем ты прикидывался мертвым?

Cut away all the dead wood. - Срежьте все сухие ветки.

He was obviously dead drunk. - Он был явно мертвецки пьян.

Don't speak ill of the dead. - Не говори плохо об умерших.

My career has hit a dead end. - Моя карьера зашла в тупик.

Her accent's a dead giveaway. - Ее акцент полностью выдает ее.

Suddenly the radio went dead. - Вдруг радио умолкло.

The bus arrived dead on time. - Автобус пришёл точно в назначенное время.

We sat there in dead silence. - Мы сидели в гробовом молчании.

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Связанные термины:

dead on: exactly right

cut dead: to snub completely

dead air: the loss or suspension of the video or audio signal during a television or radio transmission

dead arm: temporary loss of sensation in the arm, caused by a blow to a muscle

dead ball: a way of referring to the ball when it is not in play and cannot be used by any player, usually because it has travelled beyond a boundary line

dead beat: If you are dead-beat, you are very tired and have no energy left.

dead data: data that is no longer relevant

dead duck: If you describe someone or something as a dead duck, you are emphasizing that you think they have absolutely no chance of succeeding .

dead end: If a street is a dead end, there is no way out at one end of it.

dead hand: You can refer to the dead hand of a particular thing when that thing has a bad or depressing influence on a particular situation.

dead-head: To dead-head a plant which is flowering means to remove all the dead flowers from it.

dead heat: If a race or contest is a dead heat, two or more competitors are joint winners, or are both winning at a particular moment in the race or contest. In American English, you can say that a race or contest is in a dead heat .

dead key: a key on the keyboard of a typewriter which does not automatically advance the carriage when depressed

dead leg: temporary loss of sensation in the leg, caused by a blow to a muscle

dead lift: a direct lifting without any mechanical assistance, as of a dead weight

dead load: the intrinsic invariable weight of a structure, such as a bridge . It may also include any permanent loads attached to the structure

dead loss: a person, thing, or situation that is completely useless or unprofitable

dead meat: If you say that someone is dead meat, you mean that they are in very serious trouble that may result in them being hurt or injured in some way .

dead men: empty bottles

Dead Sea: a lake between Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, now 430.5 m (1412 ft) below sea level ; originally 390 m (1285 ft): the lowest lake in the world, with no outlet and very high salinity; outline, esp at the southern end, reduced considerably in recent years. Area: originally about 950 sq km (365 sq miles); by 2016 about 605 sq km (234 sq miles)

dead set: absolutely

dead spot: See blind spot (sense 4 )

dead time: the interval of time immediately following a stimulus, during which an electrical device, component, etc, is insensitive to a further stimulus

dead-tree: printed on paper

dead wire: a wire that is not carrying current

dead wood: People or things that have been used for a very long time and that are no longer considered to be useful can be referred to as dead wood .

dead zone: an area of water that cannot support marine life, being virtually devoid of oxygen due to the presence of nitrates that stimulate algae growth

drop dead!: If you describe someone as, for example, drop-dead gorgeous, you mean that they are so gorgeous that people cannot fail to notice them.

half-dead: very tired

the dead: those who have died

brain-dead: If someone is declared brain-dead, they have suffered brain death .

dead center: the position of maximum ( top dead center ) or minimum ( bottom dead center ) extension of a crank and a connecting rod, in which both are in the same straight line

dead centre: the exact top ( top dead centre ) or bottom ( bottom dead centre ) of the piston stroke in a reciprocating engine or pump

Dead Heart: → the Dead Heart

dead horse: something that has ceased to be useful or relevant

dead letter: If you say that a law or agreement is a dead letter, you mean that it still exists but people ignore it.

dead march: a piece of solemn funeral music played to accompany a procession, esp at military funerals

dead matter: type that has already been used or is not going to be used

dead-nettle: any Eurasian plant of the genus Lamium, such as L . alba (white dead-nettle), having leaves resembling nettles but lacking stinging hairs : family Lamiaceae ( labiates )

dead point: → dead center

dead ringer: → to be a dead ringer for sb

dead season: a period during which there is very little activity either in business or in the political world

dead-stick: designating a landing made by an aircraft or spacecraft without using power

dead stock: farm equipment

dead-stroke: relating to a stroke made that has no kickback or reverberation

dead weight: A dead weight is a load which is surprisingly heavy and difficult to lift .

living dead: people who are very dull and boring

stone-dead: completely lifeless

a dead end: something such as a plan, a project, or a course of action that has no future and will not develop any further

dead account: an account that is no longer being used and on which no transactions have taken place for a considerable length of time

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Однокоренные слова:

deaden - притуплять боль, ослаблять, делать нечувствительным
deadly - смертельный, смертоносный, смертный, смертельно, чрезвычайно, ужасно
deadish - помертвевший, ослабленный, матовый
deadness - отсутствие признаков жизни, смерть, вялость, апатия, однообразие, монотонность

Связанные слова: