Noun: дизайн конструкция разработка проектирование
Verb: проектировать разрабатывать конструировать предназначать


bland design - примитивный дизайн

design with confounding - план со смешиванием эффектов

design with eight points - план с восемью точками

design with replications - план с репликами

design without confounding - план без смешивания эффектов

for reasons of design - из конструктивных соображений

to develop a design - разрабатывать проект

a generic weakness in design - общая недоработка в дизайне

product design - дизайн, внешний вид изделия

engineering design - конструкторские расчеты

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He designed the perfect crime. - Он спланировал идеальное преступление.

This is the natural design of life. - Это естественный ход жизни.

She designed to excel in her studies. - Она намеревалась превзойти всех в учёбе.

The machine has a complicated design. - Машина имеет сложную конструкцию.

He has ambitious designs for his son. - У него амбициозные планы в отношении сына.

This man designs dresses for the Queen. - Этот человек придумывает наряды для королевы.

Who designed the book's cover? - Кто занимался оформлением обложки этой книги?

She designed a new logo for the company. - Она разработала новый логотип для этой компании.

Design a strategy for battle. - Разработайте стратегию боя.

This room is not designed for work. - Это помещение не предназначено для работы.

a pendant engraved with a simple design - кулон с простой гравировкой

I had some experience in fashion design. - У меня был некоторый опыт в области дизайна моды.

Chanel designed the famous suit. - Этот знаменитый костюм разработала Шанель.

He made no secret of his designs. - Он не скрывал своих замыслов.

The design proved to be a success. - Замысел оказался успешным.

The book is designed as a reference manual. - Книга задумана в качестве справочного пособия.

The design is incised into the clay. - Этот узор вырезан в глине.

This guide will help you learn how to customize the design of your site. - Это руководство поможет вам научиться подстраивать дизайн своего сайта под индивидуальные требования.

The drill has a compact design. - Дрель имеет компактный дизайн.

The machine had a flawed design. - У этой машины были дефекты конструкции.

a new design for rocket boosters - новая конструкция ракетных ускорителей

I like the design of the textbook. - Мне нравится компоновка этого учебника.

The gallery is a triumph of design. - Эта галерея представляет собой торжество конструкторской мысли.

the beauty of nature's grand design - красота великого замысла природы

a design that is pleasing to the eye - дизайн, который радует глаз

a number of design concepts - ряд концепций дизайна

I love the sculpture's design. - Мне нравится дизайн этой скульптуры.

She got a degree in graphic design. - Она получила образование по специальности "графический дизайн".

The coach had a design on the doors. - На дверях вагона был какой-то узор.

MOS design - МОП-структура

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Связанные термины:

by design: If something happens or is done by design, someone does it deliberately, rather than by accident .

deep design: a design process used in architecture, town planning, engineering, interior design, etc, the goal of which is to appeal not only to the thoughts and feelings of the conscious mind but also the visual imagery of the unconscious, while also aiming for sustainability

design idea: An idea is a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action.

page design: the way a page is organized and presented

web design: the planning and creation of websites

well design: Well design is the features that are considered when planning and constructing a well.

design flair: If you have flair, you do things in an original, interesting, and stylish way.

design studio: A studio is a room where a painter, photographer, or designer works.

scenic design: the creation of scenery for television, film and stage

fashion design: the activity of designing fashionable clothes

graphic design: Graphic design is the art of designing advertisements, magazines, and books by combining pictures and words.

interior design: Interior design is the art or profession of designing the decoration for the inside of a house .

industrial design: the art or practice of designing any object for manufacture

intelligent design: a theory that rejects the theory of natural selection, arguing that the complexities of the universe and of all life suggest an intelligent cause in the form of a supreme creator

environmental design: the ordering of the large-scale aspects of the environment by means of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning, regional planning, etc., usually in combination

limit-state design: a design criterion specifying that with acceptable probabilities a structure will not reach a limit state in which it either is unfit for the use for which it was designed ( unavailability limit state) or fails ( ultimate limit state)

argument from design: → another name for teleological argument

computer-aided design: the use of computer techniques in designing products, esp involving the use of computer graphics

matched-pairs design: (of an experiment ) concerned with measuring the values of the dependent variables for pairs of subjects that have been matched to eliminate individual differences and that are respectively subjected to the control and the experimental condition

between-subjects design: (of an experiment ) concerned with measuring the value of the dependent variable for distinct and unrelated groups subjected to each of the experimental conditions

earthquake-proof design: Earthquake-proof design is design which will not be badly damaged by earthquakes or tsunamis .

inherently safer design: Inherently safer design is when a lot of consideration is given to safety when designing a process.

within-subjects design: (of an experiment ) concerned with measuring the value of the dependent variable for the same subjects under the various experimental conditions

graphic design department: a group of people in a company who work in graphic design

front-end engineering design: Front-end engineering design is early and basic design, to accurately discover what resources will be needed .

CAD system: A CAD system is a computer system for designing parts or products before they are manufactured .

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Однокоренные слова:

designate - обозначать, определять, указывать, называть, устанавливать, характеризовать
designed - предназначенный, проектный, соответствующий плану, предумышленный
designer - дизайнер, конструктор, проектировщик, модельер, оформитель, рисовальщик, чертежник
designing - проектирование, конструирование, проектирующий, интригующий, планирующий
designful - запланированный, намеренный, предумышленный
redesign - переконструировать
designable - поддающийся расчету, планированию, используемый во время разработки
overdesign - избыточность конструкции, проектировать с излишним запасом

Связанные слова: