Noun: письменный стол стол рабочий стол отделение
Adjective: настольный


oak desk - дубовый письменный стол

writing desk - письменный стол

to clear one's desk - навести порядок на своём столе

desk dictionary - однотомный словарь

desk clerk - амер. портье

cash desk - расчетная касса (в магазине)

currency exchange desk - стойка для обмена валюты

control desk - пульт управления

retouching desk - ретушировочный пульт

city desk - брит. отдел финансовых новостей

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I need a bigger desk. - Мне нужен рабочий стол побольше.

He put his desk in order. - Он привёл свой рабочий стол в порядок.

He parked behind a desk. - Он устроился за партой. / Он уселся за письменный стол.

His desk is always messy. - У него на письменном столе всегда беспорядок.

the top drawer of the desk - верхний ящик стола

an information desk at an airport - информационное бюро в аэропорту

Your package is up at the front desk. - Ваш пакет — там, на стойке регистрации.

That lamp belongs on the desk. - Эта лампа обычно стоит на письменном столе.

Check your baggage in at the desk. - Зарегистрируйте багаж на стойке регистрации.

She hurried back to her desk. - Она поспешила вернуться к своей парте.

What's the width of the desk? - Какова ширина этого стола?

The table functions as a desk. - Этот стол используется в качестве рабочего.

He opened the drawer of the desk. - Он открыл ящик стола.

Put your books on top of the desk. - Положите свои книги на стол.

The desk was littered with papers. - Стол был завален бумагами.

At the Foreign Office I was interviewed by a representative of the Asian Desk. - В министерстве иностранных дел со мной разговаривал представитель азиатского отдела.

He sat quietly at his desk. - Он спокойно сидел за своим столом.

The desk is three feet wide. - Ширина этого стола — три фута.

The table functions as a desk. - Данный стол используется в качестве рабочего места.

I am trying to neaten my desk. - Я пытаюсь прибраться на рабочем столе.

She bid for a desk and a chair. - Она предложила купить у неё стол и стул.

He felt around his desk blindly. - Он не глядя пошарил по письменному столу.

Lucy cleared a space on her desk. - Люси расчистила место на своём рабочем столе.

He spread the map out on the desk. - Он расстелил карту на столе.

No one was manning the front desk. - На стойке регистрации никого не было.

The ink has spilt on(to) the desk. - Чернила пролились на парту.

the secret compartment in the desk - тайник в письменном столе

She kept dropping off at her desk. - Она постоянно засыпала за партой /за рабочим столом/.

He walked purposefully to his desk. - Он целенаправленно шёл к своему столу.

Leave the keys with the desk clerk. - Ключи оставьте дежурному администратору / портье.

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Связанные термины:

at-desk: carried out at a person's desk at his or her place of work

cash desk: A cash desk is a place in a large shop where you pay for the things you want to buy .

city desk: the department of a newspaper office dealing with financial and commercial news

copy desk: a desk where copy is edited

desk pad: a pad of paper for use on a desk

desk work: work done at a desk

help desk: A help desk is a special service that you can telephone or e-mail in order to get information about a particular product or subject.

hot-desk: If employees hot-desk, they are not assigned particular desks and work at any desk that is available.

news desk: the department of a newspaper or a broadcasting organization that is responsible for collecting news and preparing it for publication or broadcast

pay desk: the counter in a shop where customers pay for goods

desk-bound: engaged in or involving sedentary work, as at an office desk

desk clerk: A desk clerk is someone who works at the main desk in a hotel.

desk editor: someone employed to read through newspaper text before publication to correct errors

desk study: a preliminary investigation and report into something collating currently available relevant information

front desk: a desk where a receptionist sits and greets visitors

mixing desk: a console used to mix sound signals for recording or broadcasting

sports desk: the editorial section of a newspaper, television or radio programme, etc that deals with sports news

ticket desk: → another name for ticket counter

inquiry desk: a section of an office, business etc, which deals with inquiries nor requests for information

kneehole desk: a desk with a space for the knees between two side panels

pedestal desk: a desk with a writing surface supported by a pair of sets of drawers

picture desk: the department at a magazine or newspaper publisher, that deals with photographs for the paper or magazine

reading desk: → lectern

systems desk: a team of people who provide help with computer problems, for example within a company or institution

transfer desk: the place in an airport where you arrange a transfer from one flight to another

writing desk: A writing desk is a piece of furniture with drawers, an area for keeping writing materials, and a surface on which you can rest your paper while writing.

cashier's desk: A cashier's desk is the same as a → cash desk .

reception desk: the front desk in a hotel where guests can books rooms or ask questions

information desk: a desk in a building such as an airport, or rail station where you can go to get information

reservation desk: a desk in a hotel, office, etc, where an employee takes bookings for rooms, tickets, etc

roll-top desk: A roll-top desk is a desk which has a wooden cover which can be pulled down over the writing surface when the desk is not being used.

desktop: Desktop computers are a convenient size for using on a desk or table, but are not designed to be portable .

Carlton table: an English writing table of c1800, having curved rear corners and a top with drawers surmounted by a U-shaped section of drawers and cabinets, topped by a brass or ormolu gallery surrounding three sides of the writing area

desktop publishing: Desktop publishing is the production of printed materials such as newspapers and magazines using a desktop computer and a laser printer, rather than using conventional printing methods . The abbreviation → DTP is also used.

clerk: A clerk is a person who works in an office, bank, or law court and whose job is to look after the records or accounts.

clerk in holy orders: a worker, esp in an office, who keeps records, files, etc

clerk of the House: a worker, esp in an office, who keeps records, files, etc

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