Adjective: умерший


the year that he died - год его смерти

he died at the hand of a murderer - он погиб от руки убийцы

he died from blood-poisoning - он умер от заражения крови

he all but died of his wound - он едва не умер от своей раны

storm died down and a great calm succeeded - буря утихла, и наступило затишье

candle died out - свеча догорела

all the cattle have died off - вся скотина передохла

died off plankton - мёртвый планктон

he died many years since - он умер много лет назад

plants died for lack of water - растения погибли из-за недостатка воды

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He died of cancer. - Он умер от рака.

He died a poor man. - Он умер в бедности.

He died c 1850. - Он умер ок. 1850 г.

Their anger died. - Их гнев утих.

He died by poison. - Он скончался от яда.

The wind died down. - Ветер стих.

Some died aborning. - Некоторые умерли при рождении.

They died of the cold. - Они умерли от холода.

She died a long time ago. - Она давным-давно умерла.

Joan died at the stake - Жанну сожгли на костре

He died in three months. - Он умер через три месяца.

She died in a car crash. - Она погибла в автокатастрофе.

He died in penury in 1644. - Он умер в нищете в 1644 году.

He very nearly died. - Он был на самой грани смерти.

Her secret died with her. - Её тайна умерла вместе с ней.

He died in this very room. - Он умер в этой самой комнате.

He died on active service. - Он погиб на фронте.

The words died on his lips. - Слова замерли у него на губах.

The music died away. - Музыка стихла.

He died of pneumonia. - Он умер от пневмонии.

My uncle died a hero. - Мой дядя погиб, как герой.

She died from cancer. - Она умерла от рака.

My car just died on me. - Я ехал, а машина взяла и заглохла.

Mum died last February. - Мама умерла в феврале прошлого года.

He died a violent death. - Он умер насильственной смертью.

The car died on the road. - Автомобиль заглох в пути /на дороге/.

The rain slacked and died. - Дождь пошёл реже, а потом совсем прекратился.

The mower just died on me. - Я косил газон, а косилка возьми да заглохни.

O'Brien died in obscurity. - О'Брайен умер в безвестности.

She died of a brain tumour. - Она умерла от опухоли мозга.

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