dɪˈrekt(ə)rɪ, daɪˈrekt(ə)rɪ


Noun: каталог директория папка справочник
Adjective: директивный инструктивный содержащий указания


telephone directory - телефонная книга, телефонный справочник

directory is not empty - каталог не пуст

phone directory - список абонентов

last called calling directory number - последний вызывающий или вызываемый абонентский номер

directory browsing - просмотр каталога

directory data - справочные данные

directory display - изображение каталога

directory exchange server - сервер обмена каталогами

directory verification - проверка каталога

employee directory - каталог сотрудников

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The new directory contains a lot of useful addresses and telephones. - Новый справочник содержит множество полезных адресов и телефонов.

Look up their number in the telephone directory. - Посмотри их номер в телефонном справочнике.

You can always save the file into another directory. - Всегда можно сохранить файл в другую папку /директорию, каталог/.

I couldn't find your number in the telephone directory. - Я не смог найти ваш номер в телефонном справочнике.

Связанные термины:

ex-directory: If a person or their phone number is ex-directory, the number is not listed in the telephone directory, and the phone company will not give it to people who ask for it.

the Directory: the body of five directors forming the executive power of France from 1795 to 1799

web directory: a database of selected websites, ordered in such a way as to facilitate browsing

data directory: an index of data held in a database and used to assist in the access to data

French Directory: the body of five directors in power in France from 1795 until their overthrow by Napoleon in 1799

street directory: a directory containing an alphabetical list of streets along with other information such as the names and addresses of householders and tradespeople

directory assistance: a telephone company service that furnishes telephone directory information over the telephone

directory enquiries: Directory enquiries is a service which you can telephone to find out someone's telephone number.

directory inquiries: a telephone service that will inform a caller of the telephone number of a person that they wish to contact

telephone directory: A telephone directory is the same as a → telephone book .

telephone book: The telephone book is a book that contains an alphabetical list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the people in a particular area.

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Однокоренные слова:

directorate - дирекция, управление, директорат, правление, директорство
directorship - руководство, директорство

Связанные слова: