Noun: врач доктор эскулап шабер
Verb: лечить фальсифицировать подделывать чинить на скорую руку


to call (in) a doctor - вызвать врача

doctoral / doctor's degree - докторская степень

head doctor - главный врач

doctor's office - кабинет врача

to doctor an old clock - чинить старые часы

doctor on duty - дежурный врач

to go to the doctor's - пойти к врачу

doctor of divinity - доктор богословия

doctor blade coatings - наносимые ножевым устройством покрытия

doctor blade mechanism - механизм ракеля

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You want to see a doctor. - Тебе следует пойти к врачу.

My head reels, doctor. - Доктор, у меня кружится голова.

Let me by, I'm a doctor. - Пропустите меня, я доктор.

The doctor will see you now. - Доктор сейчас вас примет.

The doctor must see him at once. - Врач должен немедленно осмотреть его.

The doctor is off-duty today. - Это врач сегодня не принимает.

Next the doctor examined his back. - Потом врач осмотрел его спину.

I want him to be a doctor. - Я хочу, чтобы он стал врачом.

The doctor will soon be here. - Доктор скоро будет здесь.

I switched to a new doctor. - Я сменил доктора.

My other sister is a doctor. - Ещё одна моя сестра работает врачом.

The doctor put her on Prozac. - Доктор посадил её на прозак /флуоксетин/.

My younger brother is a doctor. - Мой младший брат - доктор.

Angelic Doctor - Фома Аквинский

The doctor was led above. - Врача провели наверх.

She is not my usual doctor. - Она не является моим лечащим врачом.

The doctor gave me a checkup. - Доктор осмотрел меня.

Quick! Go and fetch a doctor. - Быстро! Иди и приведи доктора.

a doctored photo of the actress - поддельная фотография этой актрисы

I think we should call a doctor. - Думаю, нам следует вызвать врача.

She visits her doctor regularly. - Она регулярно посещает своего врача.

If in doubt, consult your doctor. - Если сомневаетесь, проконсультируйтесь с вашим врачом.

Let me through — I'm a doctor. - Пропустите меня, я врач. / Дайте мне пройти, я доктор.

She's training to be a doctor. - Она учится на врача. / Она готовится стать врачом.

Karen asked to see the doctor. - Карен попросила показать её врачу.

The doctor manipulated my back. - Доктор промассировал мне спину.

Doctoris a two-syllable word. - "Доктор" - это слово из двух слогов.

The doctor prescribed a laxative. - Врач прописал слабительное.

Show the doctor up when he comes. - Проводите доктора наверх, когда он придёт.

The doctor treated my broken leg. - Этот доктор лечил мою сломанную ногу.

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Связанные термины:

Cape doctor: a strong fresh SE wind blowing in the vicinity of Cape Town, esp in the summer

eye doctor: an ophthalmologist

foot doctor: a podiatrist

head doctor: a psychiatrist

lady doctor: a doctor who is a female

saw doctor: a sawmill specialist who sharpens and services saw blades

spin doctor: In politics, a spin doctor is someone who is skilled in public relations and who advises political parties on how to present their policies and actions.

family doctor: A family doctor is a doctor who does not specialize in any particular area of medicine, but who has a medical practice in which he or she treats all types of illness .

flying doctor: A flying doctor is a doctor, especially in Australia, who travels by aircraft to visit patients who live in distant or isolated areas.

horse-doctor: an informal word for a vet who specializes in treating horses

junior doctor: a doctor in postgraduate training

panel doctor: a doctor within a given area available for consultation by patients insured under the National Health Insurance Scheme

quack doctor: an unqualified person who claims medical knowledge or other skills

script doctor: one who revises or alters a script to improve it

senior doctor: A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill.

snake doctor: → dragonfly

witch doctor: A witch doctor is a person in some societies, for example in Africa, who is thought to have magic powers which can be used to heal people.

woman doctor: a female doctor

Angelic Doctor: an epithet of Saint Thomas Aquinas

barefoot doctor: (esp in developing countries) a worker trained as a medical auxiliary in a rural area who dispenses medicine, gives first aid, assists at childbirth, etc

company doctor: a businessperson or accountant who specializes in turning ailing companies into profitable enterprises

Doctor Martens: a brand of lace-up boots with thick lightweight resistant soles

hospital doctor: a hospital doctor works in a hospital, rather than as a general practitioner, in the army, etc

medical doctor: a doctor of medicine, as opposed to the holder of a doctorate in any other field

trainee doctor: A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill .

emergency doctor: A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill .

Fremantle doctor: a strong SW breeze blowing in SW Western Australia

fundholding doctor: (formerly, in the National Health Service in Britain) the system enabling general practitioners to receive a fixed budget from which to pay for primary care, drugs, and nonurgent hospital treatment for patients

qualified doctor: A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill .

Doctor's Commons: the London building of the College of Advocates and Doctors of Law between 1572 and 1867, in which the ecclesiastical and Admiralty courts were housed

doctor's degree: the highest academic degree in any field of knowledge

doctor's office: A doctor's office is the room or clinic where a doctor works.

doctor's surgery: A doctor's surgery is the same as a → doctor's office .

Doctor of Philosophy: A Doctor of Philosophy is someone who has a → PhD .

go for the doctor: to make a great effort or move very fast, esp in a horse race

Doctor of the Church: a title given to any of several of the leading Fathers or theologians in the history of the Christian Church down to the late Middle Ages whose teachings have greatly influenced orthodox Christian thought

house physician: a house officer working in a medical as opposed to a surgical discipline

what the doctor ordered: something needed or desired

just what the doctor ordered: extremely pleasant or useful and helping to make you feel better or to improve a situation

doctorate: A doctorate is the highest degree awarded by a university.

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Однокоренные слова:

doctoral - докторский
doctorate - докторская степень, докторат, присуждать степень доктора
doctorship - положение и функции доктора, положение доктора наук

Связанные слова: