Verb: 3-е лицо единственное число настоящее время от do


drill does not run true - сверло отклоняется от прямой

it does not matter - это не имеет значения

if my memory serves me right, if my memory does not fail me - если память мне не изменяет

it does no end of mischief - это наносит огромный вред

everybody does not want to go - не все хотят уходить

everybody does not like him - он не всем нравится

where does that get us? - что нам это дает?

grass does not grow under his feet - он не теряет времени даром

patient does well on drug - лекарство приносит пользу больному

person does not like to be treated like that - никто не любит, чтобы с ним так обращались

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Связанные термины:

do: Do is used to form the negative of main verbs, by putting 'not' after 'do' and before the main verb in its infinitive form, that is the form without 'to'.

doe: A doe is an adult female rabbit, hare, or deer.

ditto: In informal English, you can use ditto to represent a word or phrase that you have just used in order to avoid repeating it. In written lists, ditto can be represented by ditto marksthe symbol " – underneath the word that you want to repeat.

easy does it: If you say ' Easy does it ', you are telling someone to be careful and not to use too much effort, especially when they are moving something large and awkward .

who-does-what: (of a dispute, strike, etc) relating to the separation of kinds of work performed by different trade unions

do by: to treat in the manner specified

do for: If you say that you are done for, you mean that you are in a terrible and hopeless situation.

do in: To do someone in means to kill them.

do out: If a room or building is done out in a particular way, it is decorated and furnished in that way.

do up: If you do something up, you fasten it.

all sb ever does: You use the expression all someone ever does when you want to emphasize that they do the same thing all the time, and this annoys you.

whatever sb does: You say whatever you do when giving advice or warning someone about something.

do down: If someone does you down, they try to you make other people think that you are unpleasant or unsuccessful by criticizing you.

do over: If you do a task over, you perform it again from the beginning .

do with: to make use of; find helpful

Jane Doe: an unknown or unidentified female person

John Doe: an unknown or unidentified male or female person

what does sb know: You can use expressions such as What does she know ? and What do they know? when you think that someone has no right to comment on a situation because they do not understand it.

do out of: If you do someone out of something, you unfairly cause them not to have or get a particular thing that they were expecting to have.

do without: If you do without something you need, want, or usually have, you are able to survive, continue, or succeed although you do not have it.

handsome is as handsome does: said to mean that you should judge someone by their actions and not by their appearance

something does not hold water: said to mean that you do not believe that a theory or an argument can possibly be true or right

do away with: To do away with something means to remove it completely or put an end to it.

lightning does not strike twice: said to mean that someone who has been exceptionally lucky or unlucky is unlikely to have the same good or bad luck again

someone does not dirty their hands: said to mean that someone avoids doing physical work or the parts of a job that they consider unpleasant or distasteful

a leopard does not change its spots: said to mean that it is not possible for someone bad or unpleasant to change and become good and pleasant

it does exactly what it says on the tin: it lives up to expectations

something or someone does not grow on trees: said to mean that something or someone is very rare and difficult to obtain

what does someone have to say for themselves: If someone asks what you have to say for yourself, they are asking what excuse you have for what you have done .

someone does not have a prayer of doing something: said to mean that it is impossible for someone to achieve something

someone does not know the meaning of the word: said to emphasize that someone does not have a particular quality or never had a particular kind of experience

what planet is someone on?: said to mean that you think someone has crazy ideas, or behaves in a very strange way, or does not understand something at all

something or someone is not up to scratch: said to mean that something or someone is not as good as they ought to be

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Однокоренные слова:

do away - покончить, положить конец, убить, избавляться, отделываться
do by - обращаться
do down - брать верх, надувать, обманывать
do in - переутомить, обманывать, убивать, губить, уничтожать, одолевать
do out - прибирать, убирать, красить, оклеивать обоями
do over - переделывать, делать вновь, обмазывать, оклеивать обоями, покрывать, убивать
do up - чинить, завертывать, крайне утомлять, прибирать, приводить в порядок

Связанные слова: