Noun: делающий


ability in doing smth. / to do smth. - ловкость в каком-л. деле

enjoin from doing smth. - запрещать делать что-л.

he is doing bad - его дела идут неважно

take a swing doing - рискнуть

talk somebody into doing - уговорить кого-либо сделать

the shortest answer is doing the thing - самый короткий ответ-это сделанное дело

there's little harm in doing so - в этом нет ничего плохого

there's no harm in doing so - в этом нет ничего плохого

well doing - хорошее самочувствие; благотворительность; добропорядочность

what do you intend doing - что вы намерены делать

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It's his doing. - Это его рук дело.

It's none of my doing. - Я здесь ни при чем. / Я не виноват.

Is that mess in the kitchen your doing? - Это ты устроил бардак на кухне?

It takes some / a lot of doing. - Это требует напряженной работы. / Это не так-то просто.

It's the doing of the good deed that is important, not the thanks you receive. - Важно сделать хорошее дело, а не получить за него благодарность.

Связанные термины:

barricado: a barricade

do: Do is used to form the negative of main verbs, by putting 'not' after 'do' and before the main verb in its infinitive form, that is the form without 'to'.

foredo: → fordo

underdo: to do (something) inadequately

ditto: In informal English, you can use ditto to represent a word or phrase that you have just used in order to avoid repeating it. In written lists, ditto can be represented by ditto marksthe symbol " – underneath the word that you want to repeat.

nothing doing: You can say ' Nothing doing ' when you want to say that something is not happening or cannot be done.

up and doing: busy ; active

do by: to treat in the manner specified

do in: To do someone in means to kill them.

do up: If you do something up, you fasten it.

do down: If someone does you down, they try to you make other people think that you are unpleasant or unsuccessful by criticizing you.

do for: If you say that you are done for, you mean that you are in a terrible and hopeless situation.

do out: If a room or building is done out in a particular way, it is decorated and furnished in that way.

do over: If you do a task over, you perform it again from the beginning .

do with: to make use of; find helpful

do-si-do: a square-dance figure in which dancers pass each other with right shoulders close or touching and circle back to back

do without: If you do without something you need, want, or usually have, you are able to survive, continue, or succeed although you do not have it.

preparatory to doing sth: If one action is done preparatory to another, it is done before the other action, usually as preparation for it.

do out of: If you do someone out of something, you unfairly cause them not to have or get a particular thing that they were expecting to have.

have a way of doing sth: If you say that someone or something has a way of doing a particular thing, you mean that they often do it.

what is sb/sth doing here: If you ask what someone or something is doing in a particular place, you are asking why they are there.

do away with: To do away with something means to remove it completely or put an end to it.

cut your teeth doing something: to do something new which gives you experience and helps you learn how to do more advanced or complicated things

sb wouldn't mind sth/doing sth: If you say that you wouldn't mind something, you mean that you would quite like it.

to go part way to doing sth: to partially achieve something; go some way towards doing something

take the liberty of doing something: If you say that you have taken the liberty of doing something, you are saying that you have done it without asking permission . People say this when they do not think that anyone will mind what they have done.

there's no question of doing sth: If you say there is no question of something happening, you are emphasizing that it is not going to happen .

be better doing sth/it is better doing sth: You can say that someone is better doing one thing than another, or it is better doing one thing than another, to advise someone about what they should do.

come within an inch of doing something: to very nearly do something

do no/little harm; no harm in doing: If you say it does no harm to do something or there is no harm in doing something, you mean that it might be worth doing, and you will not be blamed for doing it.

fall into the trap of doing something: to make a very common mistake, or one that is very easy to make

not be in the business of doing sth: If you say that you are not in the business of doing something, you are emphasizing that you do not do it, usually when you are annoyed or surprised that someone thinks you do.

to go to the extremes of doing sth: to take the exceptional step of doing something

come/be within an ace of doing something: If you come within an ace of doing something, or you are within an ace of doing something, you very nearly do or experience it.

come within a whisker of doing something: to nearly succeed in doing something.

come within a hair's breadth of doing something: to very nearly do something

someone does not have a prayer of doing something: said to mean that it is impossible for someone to achieve something

the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing: said to mean that the people in one part of an organization do not know what the people in another part are doing and this is causing confusion or difficulties

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Однокоренные слова:

misdoing - оплошность, ошибка, злодеяние, поступающий неправильно
undoing - уничтожение, расстегивание, аннулирование, развязывание, гибель
doings - дела, события, поступки, возня, затейливые блюда, штука, штуковина
overdoing - преувеличивающий

Связанные слова: