Verb: тащить тащиться тянуть волочиться
Noun: бремя торможение лобовое сопротивление волочение


drag coefficient - коэффициент сопротивления

to drag smb. to the dentist - заставить кого-л. пойти к стоматологу

to drag for a body - искать тело

to be a drag on a person - быть для кого-л. обузой

in drag - в женской одежде

to drag pavement - утюжить дорожное покрытие

to drag up an old story - ворошить прошлое

to drag smb. down into the gutter - опозорить кого-л.

to bring in the mire, to drag through the mire - облить грязью, выставить на позор

boundary layer bleed drag - сопротивление, обусловленное отводом пограничного слоя

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The speech dragged on for two hours - Выступление затянулось на два часа

He dragged the big suitcase behind him - Он тащил за собой большой чемодан

Don't try to drag me into your plans. - Не пытайся впутать меня в свои планы.

He dragged me away from the television set. - Он оторвал / оттащил меня от телевизора.

Look what the cat dragged in! - Смотрите, кого нелегкая принесла!

Drag / Tear / Haul your ass! - Шевели задницей!, Поторапливайся!

Traffic during the rush hour just drags. - Транспорт в часы пик еле ползёт.

Don't drag my past into this! - Не надо сюда впутывать моё прошлое!

Don't be such a drag - come along with us. - Не будь таким занудой - пошли с нами.

I'm sorry to drag you into this mess. - Прости, что впутываю тебя в это безобразие.

She took a long drag on her cigarette. - Она глубоко затянулась.

The lawsuit dragged on for years. - Тяжба тянулась многие годы.

Friday afternoons always drag. - В пятницу день всегда тянется бесконечно долго.

These meetings are a total drag. - Эти собрания — такая нудятина.

Drag the chair over here so I can stand on it. - Подтащи сюда стул, чтобы я мог на него встать.

They tried to drag me into their quarrel. - Они попытались втянуть меня в свою перебранку.

Mom dragged us to a classical music concert. - Мама притащила нас на концерт классической музыки.

You can drag and drop text like this. - Текст можно перетаскивать — вот так.

Don't drag me into this business. - Не надо меня в это втягивать.

The dog's leash was dragging along the ground. - Поводок собаки волочился по земле.

The party was so good I couldn't drag myself away. - На вечеринке было так весело, что я никак не мог заставить себя уйти.

The events of the day drag themselves on tediously. - День тянулся медленно и скучно.

He went to the party dressed in drag. - Он пошёл на вечеринку в женской одежде.

At last the police were able to drag the truth out of the prisoner. - Наконец полицейским удалось вытянуть из заключённого правду .

If you particularly want him dragged, you'll tell me what I can drag him on. - Если тебе очень хочется его засадить, скажи, на чём я могу его подловить.

Frank took a drag on his cigarette. - Фрэнк затянулся (своей) сигаретой.

The car's rounded edges reduce drag. - Закруглённые контуры автомобиля снижают лобовое сопротивление.

I was dragged into helping with the concert. - Меня вынудили принять участие в подготовке концерта.

He lit one cigarette from the butt of another and dragged at it nervously. - Он прикурил одну сигарету от другой и нервно затянулся.

We stopped beside a little trickle of water for ten minutes' break and a drag. - Мы остановились у небольшого ручейка для десятиминутной передышки и перекура.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

drag in: When you are talking, if you drag in a subject, you mention something that is not relevant and that other people do not want to discuss .

drag on: You say that an event or process drags on when you disapprove of the fact that it lasts for longer than necessary .

drag up: If someone drags up an unpleasant event or an old story from the past, they mention it when people do not want to be reminded of it.

in drag: If someone is in drag, they are wearing clothes usually worn by people of the opposite sex, especially as part of an entertainment .

drag bunt: a bunt made for a base hit without fully facing the pitcher, but while moving toward first base

drag down: To drag someone down means to reduce them to an inferior social status or to lower standards of behaviour .

drag hunt: a hunt in which hounds follow an artificial trail of scent

drag into: To drag something or someone into an event or situation means to involve them in it when it is not necessary or not desirable .

drag king: a woman who dresses as a man and impersonates male characteristics for public entertainment

drag lift: a lift which drags skiers up to the top of the slope

drag link: a link for conveying motion between cranks on parallel shafts that are slightly offset . It is used in cars to connect the steering gear to the steering arm

drag out: If you drag something out, you make it last for longer than is necessary .

drag race: a type of motor race in which specially built or modified cars or motorcycles are timed over a measured course

drag sail: any device, such as a bucket or canvas funnel, dragged in the water to keep a vessel heading into the wind or reduce drifting

drag shoe: a type of braking device on a vehicle

drag show: a performance by drag artists

form drag: the drag on a body moving through a fluid as a result of the shape of the body. It can be reduced by streamlining

main drag: The main drag in a town or city is its main street.

drag anchor: (of a vessel) to move away from its mooring because the anchor has failed to hold

drag artist: an entertainer who wears drag

drag harrow: a type of harrow consisting of heavy beams, often with spikes inserted, used to crush clods, level soil, or prepare seedbeds

drag queen: a man who dresses as a woman and impersonates female characteristics for public entertainment

drag strip: a straight, paved area or course where drag races are held, as a section of road or airplane runway

fiscal drag: the process by which, during inflation, rising incomes draw people into higher tax brackets, so that their real incomes may fall; this acts as a restraint on the expansion of the economy

vortex drag: drag arising from vortices that occur behind a body moving through a gas or liquid

induced drag: drag arising from vortices that occur behind a body moving through a gas or liquid

parasite drag: the part of the drag on an aircraft that is contributed by nonlifting surfaces, such as fuselage, nacelles, etc

pressure drag: the part of the total drag of a body moving through a gas or liquid caused by the components of the pressures at right angles to the surface of the body

profile drag: the sum of the surface friction drag and the form drag for a body moving subsonically through a fluid

drag out of: to obtain or extract (a confession, statement, etc), esp by force

drag and drop: the process of moving data from one place to another on the screen by manipulating a mouse with its button held down

drag coefficient: a measure of the drag of an object in a moving fluid, esp air

drag your feet to drag your heels: If you drag your feet or drag your heels, you delay doing something or do it very slowly because you do not want to do it.

drag one's feet: to act with deliberate slowness

surface friction drag: the part of the drag on a body moving through a fluid that is dependent on the nature of the surface of the body

trailing vortex drag: drag arising from vortices that occur behind a body moving through a gas or liquid

knock-down, drag-out: characterized by great violence, harshness, animosity, etc.

to drag your feet to drag your heels: If you drag your feet or drag your heels, you delay doing something or do it very slowly because you do not want to do it.

a knock-down drag-out fight: a very emotional, angry, or even violent argument or fight

drag someone's name in the mud: to disgrace or defame someone

haul/drag sb over the coals: If a person in authority hauls or drags someone over the coals, they speak to them severely about something foolish or wrong that they have done.

haul over the coals: to criticize sharply; censure ; scold

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Однокоренные слова:

drag away - с трудом прогнать, оттащить, вытащить, вытянуть, вырвать
drag in - приплетать, притянуть, втащить, втаскивать, вовлечь
drag on - тянуться, скучно тянуться, продолжать все то же
drag out - затянуть, тянуть, вытаскивать, выволакивать, растягивать, медлить
drag up - подтаскивать, втаскивать, плохо воспитывать, грубо воспитывать

Связанные слова: