Adjective: одетый заправленный отделанный


to get dressed up - принаряжаться

blind old man, dressed in grey - слепой старик, одетый в серое

hammer-dressed ashlar masonry - кладка из грубо отёсанного камня; тесовая кладка

dressed meat - мясо боенской разделки

dressed up to the nine - разодетый в пух и прах

dressed ore - обогащённая руда

square dressed pavement - брусчатая мостовая

hammer-dressed rustic ashlar - рустика

be dressed in sad colours - носить платья тёмных тонов

dressed and shod - одет и обут

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Go and get dressed! - Иди и оденься!

Look at the way he's dressed! - Посмотри, как он одет!

A lady dressed in red - Дама, одетая в красное

I dressed quickly. - Я быстро оделся.

He came out dressed in white. - Он вышел, одетый во всё белое.

Dad dressed up as Santa Claus. - Папа оделся в костюм Санта-Клауса.

She was dressed very ordinarily. - Она была одета очень просто.

She always dressed in good taste. - Она всегда одевалась со вкусом.

Alice dressed swiftly. - Алиса быстро /мгновенно, поспешно/ оделась.

Aren't you dressed yet? - Ты что, ещё не оделась?

He was smartly dressed. - Он был нарядно одет.

She was dressed in black. - Она была одета в чёрное.

He was dressed real sharp. - Он был очень круто одет.

She always dressed very tight. - Она всегда одевалась очень аккуратно.

She dressed warmly for skiing. - Для катания на лыжах она оделась тепло.

She's always expensively dressed. - Она всегда дорого одета. (одета в дорогую одежду)

I shaved and showered and dressed. - Я побрился, принял душ и оделся.

He was handsome and nicely dressed. - Он был красив и хорошо одет.

They dressed themselves in a hurry. - Они торопливо оделись.

The twins were dressed alike. - Близнецы были одеты одинаково.

We were dressed up as pirates. - На нас были костюмы пиратов.

We dressed him up as a gorilla. - Мы одели его в костюм гориллы.

I dressed quickly and went out. - Я быстро оделся и вышел (на улицу).

He dressed in a slovenly manner. - Он одевался неряшливо.

He dressed up in a suit and tie. - Он нарядился в костюм и галстук.

She had arrived dressed in pink. - Она пришла, одетая в розовое.

She was dressed in black velvet. - Она была одета в чёрный бархат.

She dressed with simple elegance. - Она одевалась с простой элегантностью.

His widow was dressed in mourning. - Его вдова была одета в траур.

He dressed the child in a snowsuit. - Он одел ребёнка в зимний комбинезон.

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Связанные термины:

dress: A dress is a piece of clothing for a woman or girl that covers the body and part or all of the legs.

national costume: to put clothes on (oneself or another); attire

misaddress: to address incorrectly

side-dress: to place fertilizers on or in the soil near the roots of (growing plants)

top-dress: to spread manure or fertilizer on the surface of (land) without working it into the soil

all-dressed: (of a hot dog, hamburger, etc) served with all available garnishes

dressed up: If someone is dressed up, they are wearing special clothes, in order to look smarter than usual or in order to disguise themselves.

dressed crab: cooked crabmeat that has been taken out of the shell

half-dressed: partially clothed

well-dressed: Someone who is well-dressed is wearing smart or elegant clothes.

dressed to kill: If someone is dressed to kill, they are wearing very smart or fashionable clothes because they want people to notice them and think they are attractive .

dress up: If you dress up or dress yourself up, you put on different clothes, in order to make yourself look smarter than usual or to disguise yourself.

re-dress: to dress (someone or something) again

dressed up as sth: portrayed as

dressed to the nines: wearing very smart or glamorous clothes

cross-dress: If someone cross-dresses, they wear the clothes usually worn by the opposite sex.

dress down: If you dress down, you wear clothes that are less smart than usual .

dressed up to the nines: If you say that someone is dressed up to the nines or dressed to the nines, you mean that they are wearing very smart or elegant clothes.

mutton dressed as lamb: If you describe a woman as mutton dressed as lamb, you are criticizing her for trying to look younger than she really is, in a way that you consider unattractive .

armed (or dressed) to the teeth: as armed (or dressed up) as one can be

all dressed up with nowhere to go: prepared for something, but with no opportunity to do it

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Однокоренные слова:

undressed - раздетый, необработанный, неодетый, неубранный, без гарнира, неприправленный
redressed - исправленный, восстановленный

Связанные слова: