Verb: пить выпивать пьянствовать впитывать
Noun: питье напиток глоток пьянство


ready-to-drink beverage - готовый к употреблению напиток

to drink till all's blue - допиться до белой горячки

Drink as you have brewed. - Сам заварил кашу, сам и расхлёбывай. (посл.)

to drink champagne - пить шампанское

to drink hot chocolate - выпить горячего шоколада

cold drink - холодная выпивка

to drink the bitterest cup of humiliation - выпить горькую чашу унижения

diet drink - низкокалорийный напиток

to drink hard / heavily - пить беспробудно, пить запоем

to drink oneself unconscious - напиться до потери сознания

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I need a drink. - Мне надо выпить.

Oh for a drink! - Ах, как хочется пить!

Drink up your milk. - Допивай своё молоко.

I don't drink. - Я не пью.

Let's go for a drink. - Пойдём выпьем.

I don't drink much. - Я почти не пью.

I owe you a drink. - Я должен тебе выпивку.

Do you want a drink? - Хочешь чего-нибудь выпить?

Have a drink of water. - Попейте воды.

I really want a drink. - Я очень хочу пить.

Let me buy you a drink. - Разреши мне угостить тебя выпивкой. / Позвольте вас угостить.

He has a drink problem. - У него проблемы с алкоголем.

Have another drink. - Выпейте ещё.

Would you like a drink? - Хочешь что-нибудь выпить?

I drink your good health. - Я пью за ваше здоровье.

Can I refresh your drink? - Можно освежить ваш напиток?

He poured himself a drink. - Он налил себе выпить.

I could drink the sea dry. - Я страшно хочу пить.

He bought me a drink. - Он угостил меня выпивкой. / Он купил мне выпивку.

Don't drink and drive. - Не садитесь за руль выпивши.

Does anyone want a drink? - Кто-нибудь хочет выпить?

Can I freshen your drink? - Я могу освежить ваш напиток?

I'll drink to that! разг. - Я полностью с этим согласен!

I could use a drink. - Я бы выпил. / Не худо бы выпить.

Let me fix you a drink. - Давай я сделаю тебе что-нибудь выпить.

You need a stiff drink. - Тебе нужно выпить чего-нибудь покрепче.

I asked for a hot drink. - Я попросил /заказал/ горячий напиток.

I can't drink brandy neat. - Я не могу пить бренди в чистом виде.

Fancy a quick drink, Emma? - Может, выпьем по-быстренькому, Эмма?

He wasted his pay on drink. - Он потратил всю зарплату на выпивку.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you drink in something that you see or hear, you pay a lot of attention to it and enjoy it.

When people drink to someone or something, they wish them success, good luck, or good health before having an alcoholic drink.

When you drink up an amount of liquid, you finish it completely.

Связанные термины:

drink in: If you drink in something that you see or hear, you pay a lot of attention to it and enjoy it.

drink tea: Tea is a drink made by adding hot water to tea leaves or tea bags . Many people add milk to the drink and some add sugar .

drink to: When people drink to someone or something, they wish them success, good luck, or good health before having an alcoholic drink.

drink up: When you drink up an amount of liquid, you finish it completely.

the drink: the sea

cool drink: any soft drink

diet drink: a type of drink, usually a version of an existing drink, that is marketed as being good for slimmers because it is low in calories

drink-drive: Drink-drive means relating to drink-driving.

drink wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

fruit drink: a (non-alcoholic) beverage made from fruit

lemon drink: a drink made from lemon juice or that tastes of lemon

long drink: a drink containing a large quantity of non-alcoholic beverage

mixed drink: a drink of alcoholic liquor combined with one or more other ingredients, as wine, water, or another liquor

smart drink: a nonalcoholic drink, with a base such as fruit juice, containing one or more smart drugs

soft drink: A soft drink is a cold, non-alcoholic drink such as lemonade or fruit juice, or a fizzy drink.

tall drink: a beverage consisting of liquor and a sparkling soda, fruit juice, or the like, to which may be added other ingredients, served in a tall glass, usually with ice

bedtime drink: a drink before bed, often made with milk

drink-driver: A drink-driver is someone who drives after drinking more than the amount of alcohol that is legally allowed .

drink-driving: driving a car after drinking alcohol

drink problem: If someone is said to have a drink problem, they are thought to drink too much alcohol

energy drink: a soft drink containing ingredients designed to boost the drinker's energy, esp after exercise

health drink: a drink that claims to be beneficial to health

sports drink: a drink containing sugar and salts, etc designed to help replace fluid and energy lost through the physical exertion of sport

strong drink: alcoholic drink

mix a drink: If you mix a drink, you prepare it by mixing other drinks together.

drink to that: People say ' I'll drink to that ' to show that they agree with and approve of something that someone has just said .

meat and drink: a source of pleasure

order a drink: When a customer orders a drink, they ask for it to be brought to them.

take to drink: If someone takes to drink, they start to drink a lot of alcohol regularly, usually because they are depressed or worried about something.

after-dinner drink: a drink such as port and brandy taken after dinner

drink deep (of): to take in a large amount (of) by or as by drinking

drink-drive limit: the maximum blood alcohol level permitted for someone driving a vehicle

drink like a fish: to regularly drink a lot of alcohol

drink the Kool-Aid: to accept dogmatic teachings without question

drink the health of: to salute or celebrate with a toast

drink with the flies: to drink alone

to drink someone's health: When you drink to someone's health or drink their health, you have a drink as a sign of wishing them health and happiness.

be meat and drink to sb: If you say something is meat and drink to someone, you mean that they enjoy it very much.

drink someone under the table: If someone drinks you under the table, they drink more alcohol than you are able to on a particular occasion .

drink yourself into a stupor: If you drink yourself into a stupor or drink yourself into oblivion, you drink so much alcohol that you lose consciousness or fall deeply asleep .

meat and drink to someone: something you find easy to cope with and enjoy doing

can drink someone under the table: to be able to drink much more alcohol than someone else can without getting drunk

you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink: said to mean that you can give someone the opportunity to do something, but you cannot force them to do it if they do not want to

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Однокоренные слова:

drink away - пропивать, пить стакан за стаканом
drink down - выпивать залпом, запивать что-л., запить что-л.
drink in - впитывать, жадно впитывать, упиваться, внимать
drink off - пить залпом, выпивать залпом
drink up - допить, допивать, распивать, выпивать до дна, осушить залпом, выпивать залпом

Связанные слова: