Verb: управлять автомобилем управлять приводить вести
Noun: езда привод драйв накопитель


to drive a bus - водить автобус

to drive / operate a car - управлять автомобилем

to drive a person distracted - сводить кого-л. с ума

to drive a herd - гнать стадо

to drive off an attack - отбить атаку

to drive off the feeling of sadness - прогонять грусть

to drive away tourists / customers - отпугивать туристов, клиентов

to drive a nail into the wall - вбивать гвоздь в стену

to drive a railway through the desert - строить железную дорогу через пустыню

to put / bring / drive / reduce to a nonplus - привести в замешательство

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He drives me mad. - Он сводит меня с ума. / Он меня бесит.

I'll drive you home. - Я отвезу вас домой.

She is driven by her passion. - Ею движет страсть.

He has a lot of drive. - Он очень энергичен и настойчив.

He drives a taxi. - Он работает таксистом.

A car drove by us slowly. - Мимо нас медленно проехал автомобиль.

He drives 12 miles to work. - Он проезжает до работы двенадцать миль.

Just what are you driving at? - К чему это ты клонишь?

Can you drive? - Водить умеешь?

Bye! Drive carefully! - Пока! Езжай осторожно!

Don't drive me too hard. - Не наседай на меня.

Don't drink and drive. - Не садитесь за руль выпивши.

The car drives well. - Эту машину легко водить. / Эта машина (хорошо) слушается руля.

Drive the cows into the barn. - Загони коров в хлев.

It's enough to drive you crazy! - С ума можно сойти от этого!

Louie isn't an easy one to drive. - Луи не тот человек, которым легко управлять.

She is learning to drive. - Она учится водить машину.

She drove me to the station. - Она довезла меня до станции.

We have to drive down costs. - Нам придётся сократить издержки.

Hop in — I'll drive you home. - Садитесь, я отвезу вас домой.

The wind is driving the clouds. - Ветер гонит тучи.

Copy the file to your hard drive. - Скопируйте этот файл на жёсткий диск.

Hunger drove them to steal. - Голод заставил их пойти на воровство.

I drive this route every day. - Я езжу по этому маршруту каждый день.

The nail won't drive. - Гвоздь что-то не забивается.

My new truck drives well. - Мой новый грузовик хорошо слушается руля.

She drives a car skillfully. - Она прекрасно водит машину.

Shall we drive or go by train? - Мы на машине поедем или на поезде?

They drove back to Woodside. - Они поехали обратно в Вудсайд.

She drove Anna to London. - Она подвезла Анну в Лондон.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

CD drive: a device that plays CDs

co-drive: to take alternate turns driving (a vehicle) with another person

drive at: to intend or mean

drive-by: A drive-by shooting or a drive-by murder involves shooting someone from a moving car .

drive-in: A drive-in is a restaurant, cinema, or other commercial place which is specially designed so that customers can use the services provided while staying in their cars.

drive-off: If you drive someone or something off, you force them to go away and to stop attacking you or threatening you.

drive out: To drive out something means to make it disappear or stop operating .

fly-drive: On a fly-drive holiday, you travel part of the way to your destination by aeroplane, and collect a hired car at the airport so that you can drive the rest of the way.

key drive: a very small, portable storage device that plugs into a computer and facilitates moving data between machines

let drive: to hit or aim

pen drive: a very small, portable storage device that plugs into a computer and facilitates moving data between machines

sex drive: psychic energy emanating from the id

USB drive: a pocket-sized portable computer hard drive and data storage device

zip drive: A zip drive is a piece of computer equipment that you use for storing large amounts of data .

belt drive: a transmission system using a flexible belt to transfer power

chain drive: a chain of links passing over sprockets that transmits rotation from one shaft to another

disc drive: the controller and mechanism for reading and writing data on computer disks

disk drive: The disk drive on a computer is the part that contains the disk or into which a disk can be inserted . The disk drive allows you to read information from the disk and store information on the disk.

drink-drive: Drink-drive means relating to drink-driving.

drive away: To drive people away means to make them want to go away or stay away.

drive chain: a roller chain that transmits power from one toothed wheel to another

drive home: to cause to penetrate to the fullest extent

drive shaft: A drive shaft is a shaft in a car or other vehicle that transfers power from the gear box to the wheels .

drive-thru: a takeaway restaurant, bank, etc designed so that customers can use it without leaving their cars

drive-time: the time of day when many people are driving to or from work, regarded as a broadcasting slot

drive train: A drive train is a system including all the parts linking the engine of a vehicle to the wheels .

final drive: The final drive is an assembly of gears in the back axle of rear-wheel drive (= with engine power going to the rear wheels ) vehicles and in the front axle of front-wheel drive (= with engine power going to the front wheels) vehicles.

flash drive: a pocket-sized portable computer hard drive and data storage device

fluid drive: a type of coupling for transmitting power from the engine of a motor vehicle to the transmission, using a torque converter

hard drive: A computer's hard drive is its hard disk, or the part that contains the hard disk.

line drive: a hard-hit ball that travels close to, and nearly parallel with, the ground

motor drive: a battery-operated motorized system to give fast film advance between exposures

sales drive: a period of events or activities aimed to promote sales of a particular product or services

self-drive: A self-drive car is one which you hire and drive yourself.

stern drive: Nautical inboard-outboard (sense 2 )

tape drive: a device for reading from or writing to magnetic tape

test drive: a limited period of driving a car or other motor vehicle in order to assess its capabilities and limitations

thumb drive: a thumb-sized portable computer hard drive and data storage device

whist drive: a social gathering where whist is played; the winners of each hand move to different tables to play the losers of the previous hand

worm drive: a gear arrangement in which a worm meshes with a worm gear

beetle drive: a social occasion at which a progressive series of games of beetle is played

Bendix drive: A Bendix drive is a drive consisting of a pinion wheel (= a gear with a small number of teeth ) carried on a shaft . The shaft rotates, causing the pinion to move.

cattle drive: the process of moving cattle across country, often carried out by cowboys on horseback

drive-through: A drive-through shop or restaurant is one where you can buy things without leaving your car.

economy drive: a campaign by the government or a firm to reduce expenditure and make savings

export drive: a united effort to increase a country's exports

keyring drive: a small portable memory device that can be plugged into the USB port of many different types of computer

pocket drive: a small portable memory device that can be plugged into the USB port of many different types of computer

tractor drive: a mechanism that feeds paper through a printer, using studs on a rotating wheel that engage with holes along the side of the paper

acquired drive: a drive, like the desire for money, that has not been inherited but is learned, presumably because it leads to the satisfaction of innate drives

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Однокоренные слова:

drive along - ехать на машине, вести машину
drive away - прогнать, отгонять, согнать, прогонять, угонять, разгонять, гнать, оттеснять
drive back - возвращаться, ехать обратно, отбросить, заставить отступить, отбрасывать
drive down - выезжать за город, уменьшать частоту вращения, забивать
drive in - вогнать, въехать, загонять, воткнуть, вбивать, забивать, вколотить
drive off - отвадить
drive on - продолжать путь, затягивать, подгонять
drive out - изгонять, вытеснять, выгонять, прогонять, гнать, выбивать, прокатиться, загнать
drive over - подъезжать, приезжать
drive through - вести, проводить, проезжать, через город, пронзать, пробивать
drive up - подъехать, подъезжать, подкатывать, подкатить

Связанные слова: