Noun: парусиновые брюки


ducks quack - утки крякают

ducks waddle - утки переваливаются

to get one's ducks in a row - расставить кегли перед первым ударом шара

duck's weather, fine day for ducks - дождливая погода

to get one's ducks in a row разг. - привести в порядок свои мысли

ducks go❝quack - утки делают «кряк-кряк»

to make ducks and drakes - проматывать, разбазаривать

decoy ducks into a net - приманить уток в сеть

make ducks and drakes of - разбазаривать; проматывать; расточать

play ducks and drakes with smth - относиться к чему-л. легкомысленно; проматывать что-л; расточать

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Ducks swam in the pond. - Утки плавали в пруду.

The ducks quacked. - Утки крякали.

The dog was paddling furiously after the ducks. - Собака плыла за утками, бешено работая лапами.

The ducks dabbled in the stream. - Утки плескались в ручье.

There were ducks among the geese. - Cреди гусей были утки.

Half a dozen ducks waddled up the bank. - Полдюжины уток вперевалочку поднимались по берегу.

The other day I saw a goose in white ducks. - На днях я видел одного придурка в белых парусиновых брюках.

Several children were feeding bread to the ducks. - Несколько детей кормили хлебом уток.

A couple of ducks made away with a great splutter. - Пара уток шумно снялась и улетела, подняв кучу брызг.

The hunters waded into the flats, looking vainly for ducks. - Охотники бродили по низине в бесплодных поисках уток.

Crumble up these pieces of bread and give them to the ducks. - Раскроши эти кусочки хлеба и скорми их уткам.

All ducks upholster their nests in the same singular manner. - Все утки обустраивают свои гнёзда одинаково.

The migration of the ducks southward showed that winter was close. - Утки летели на юг, это означало, что зима уже близко.

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Связанные термины:

duck: A duck is a very common water bird with short legs, a short neck, and a large flat beak .

shelduck: any of various large, usually brightly coloured, gooselike ducks, such as Tadorna tadorna ( common shelduck ), of the Old World

ducks and drakes: a game in which a flat stone is bounced across the surface of water

blue duck: a mountain duck, Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos, of New Zealand having a mostly lead-blue plumage

cold duck: an alcoholic beverage made from equal parts of burgundy and champagne

dead duck: If you describe someone or something as a dead duck, you are emphasizing that you think they have absolutely no chance of succeeding .

duck out: If you duck out of something that you are supposed to do, you avoid doing it.

fish duck: any of several fish-eating diving ducks of the subfamily Merginae, having a narrow bill hooked at the tip and serrated at the edges; merganser

gray duck: any of several ducks in which certain immature or female plumages are predominantly gray, as the gadwall and the pintail

grey duck: a New Zealand duck, Anas superciliosa, with grey-edged brown feathers

lame duck: If you describe someone or something as a lame duck, you are critical of them because they are not successful and need to be helped a lot .

Muscovy duck: a large crested widely domesticated South American duck, Cairina moschata, having a greenish-black plumage with white markings and a large red caruncle on the bill

musk duck: a duck, Biziura lobata, inhabiting swamps, lakes, and streams in Australia. The male has a leathery pouch beneath the bill and emits a musky odour

sea duck: any of various large diving ducks, such as the eider and the scoter, that occur along coasts

surf duck: any of various scoters, esp. the surf scoter

surf scoter: a North American scoter, Melanitta perspicillata, having white patches on the head

wood duck: a duck, Aix sponsa, of wooded swamps, lakes, etc, in North America, having a very brightly coloured plumage in the male

black duck: a sooty brown, wild duck ( Anas rubripes ) of E North America

decoy duck: a duck, or an image of one, used to lure other ducks into a trap or within shooting range

duck's arse: a hairstyle in which the hair is swept back to a point at the nape of the neck, resembling a duck's tail

eider: any of several sea ducks of the genus Somateria, esp S. mollissima, and related genera, which occur in the N hemisphere . The male has black and white plumage, and the female is the source of eiderdown

ruddy duck: a small duck, Oxyura jamaicensis, that inhabits marshes, ponds, etc, in North America and N South America and has a stiff upright tail . The male has a reddish-brown body and blue bill in the breeding season

scaup: either of two diving ducks, Aythya marila ( greater scaup ) or A. affinis ( lesser scaup ), of Europe and America, having a black-and-white plumage in the male

Barbary duck: the flesh of a Muscovy duck used as food

Bombay duck: a teleost fish, Harpodon nehereus, that resembles and is related to the lizard fishes : family Harpodontidae . It is eaten dried with curry dishes as a savoury

diving duck: any of various ducks, such as the pochard, scaup, redhead, and canvasback, that inhabit bays, estuaries, lakes, etc, and can dive and swim beneath the surface of the water

Peking duck: a Chinese dish consisting of roast duck with a crispy skin; the meat is served with strips of vegetables, steamed pancakes, and hoisin sauce

pressed duck: the breast and legs of a roast duck served with a sauce made from juices obtained by squeezing the remaining parts in a special press

sitting duck: If you say that someone is a sitting duck, you mean that they are easy to attack, cheat, or take advantage of.

Trojan duck: a duck that is a carrier of avian flu and is therefore a threat to other birds and also to humans, but which shows no outward signs of infection

tufted duck: a European lake-dwelling duck, Aythya fuligula, the male of which has a black plumage with white underparts and a long black drooping crest

dabbling duck: any of numerous shallow-water ducks, esp. of the genus Anas, that typically feed by upending and dabbling ( contrasted with diving duck )

harlequin duck: a northern sea duck, Histrionicus histrionicus, the male of which has a blue and red plumage with black and white markings

mandarin duck: an Asian duck, Aix galericulata, the male of which has a brightly coloured and patterned plumage and crest

paradise duck: a large duck, Casarca variegata, of New Zealand, having a brightly coloured plumage

get your ducks in a row: to get everything properly organized and under control

make ducks and drakes of: to use recklessly; squander or waste

play ducks and drakes with: to handle recklessly; squander

ferruginous duck: a common European duck, Aythyra nyroca, having reddish-brown plumage with white wing bars

ring-necked duck: a North American duck ( Aythya collaris ), the male of which has a black breast, neck, and back with a faint coppery ring around the neck

merganser: any of several typically crested large marine diving ducks of the genus Mergus, having a long slender hooked bill with serrated edges

parera: a New Zealand duck, Anas superciliosa, with grey-edged brown feathers

play ducks and drakes with someone: to treat someone badly, by being dishonest with them or not taking them seriously

Cayuga: a member of a Native American people (one of the Iroquois peoples) formerly living around Cayuga Lake

ducktail: a style of young man's haircut in which the hair is cut long on the sides and swept back so as to resemble a duck's tail

sitting target: A sitting target is the same as a → sitting duck .

hareld: a type of sea duck, Clangula hyemalis

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Однокоренные слова:

duck out - скрыться, улизнуть, скрываться

Связанные слова: