Noun: обязанность долг пошлина служба
Adjective: служебный официальный


in bounden duty - по долгу, по чувству долга

to collect duty - взимать пошлину

derelict in one's duty - нарушающий свои обязанности

dereliction of duty - нарушение долга

duty of diligence - обязанность проявлять старательность

civic duty - гражданский долг

moral duty - моральный долг

sense of duty - чувство долга

to contract a duty - принять на себя обязанность

course of duty - исполнение служебных обязанностей

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I promise I will do my duty. - Я обещаю, я выполню свой долг.

I regard it as my duty. - Я считаю это своим долгом.

He's on night duty. - Он на ночном дежурстве.

I feel it my duty to help the poor. - Я считаю своим долгом помогать бедным.

He has a duty to support his family. - Он обязан содержать свою семью.

He assigned them to light duty. - Он назначил их на лёгкую должность.

I'm obliged to do my duty. - Я обязан исполнять свой долг.

I was on duty morning, noon, and night. - Я был круглые сутки на дежурстве.

I'll be ready when duty calls. - Я буду готов, когда того потребует долг.

We feel it is our duty to help her. - Мы считаем своим долгом помочь ей.

Voting is your civic duty. - Голосование — это ваш гражданский долг.

He can only do light duties . - Он может делать только лёгкую работу.

They called him to active military duty. - Его призвали на действительную воинскую службу.

The prison guard neglected his duty. - Тюремщик пренебрегал своим долгом / обязанностью.

She has a strong sense of moral duty. - Она обладает сильным чувством морального долга.

They helped her out of a sense of duty. - Они помогли ей из чувства долга.

A Bill has passed the H.R. repealing the duty on salt with only 5 nays. - Палата представителей утвердила законопроект, отменяющий пошлину на соль, при всего пяти голосах против.

A man has a moral duty to obey the law. - У человека есть моральная обязанность подчиняться закону.

He's too conscientious to shirk his duty. - Он слишком сознательный, чтобы уклоняться от своих обязанностей.

His interest happily coincided with his duty. - К счастью, его интерес полностью совпадал с его обязанностями.

He was found guilty of gross dereliction of duty. - Его признали виновным в преступной халатности.

It is our duty to fend off a thief from obtaining his gains. - Наш долг не дать возможности вору добиться успеха.

You have a duty as a scientist to communicate your discovery to the world. - Как учёный, вы обязаны сообщить миру о своём открытии.

I was excused from jury duty. - Меня освободили от исполнения обязанностей присяжного.

He never shirked from doing his duty. - Он никогда не уклонялся от выполнения своего долга / от исполнения своих обязанностей/.

A monarch has a duty to his subjects. - Монарх имеет обязанности перед своими подданными.

He never flinched from doing his duty. - Он никогда не уклонялся от исполнения своих обязанностей

a tractor suitable (or fit) for heavy duty - трактор, который подходит для работы в тяжёлых условиях эксплуатации

She has a variety of adminsitrative duties. - У неё множество административных обязанностей.

The soldier's brave deed was beyond the call of duty. - Храбрый поступок солдата превосходил обычное представление о долге.

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Связанные термины:

on duty: at work

duty call: a visit made for reasons of obligation rather than for social reasons

duty-free: Duty-free goods are sold at airports or on planes or ships at a cheaper price than usual because you do not have to pay import tax on them.

duty paid: on which duty has been paid

feu duty: a fixed annual payment granting the right to the use of land

join duty: to report for work after a period of leave or a strike

jury duty: civic duty to serve on a jury

off duty: When someone such as a soldier or police officer is off-duty, they are not working.

active duty: Active duty means the same asactive service .

combat duty: active service

death duty: a tax on property inheritances : in Britain, replaced in 1975 by capital transfer tax and since 1986 by inheritance tax

dinner duty: → to be on dinner duty

duty-bound: If you say you are duty-bound to do something, you are emphasizing that you feel it is your duty to do it.

duty-frees: goods sold in a duty-free shop

escort duty: a military duty in which one or more servicemen accompany a person, group of people, or vehicle, for protection, guidance, restraint, or as a mark of honour

estate duty: a tax on property inheritances : in Britain, replaced in 1975 by capital transfer tax and since 1986 by inheritance tax

export duty: a government tax paid on goods exported from a country

guard duty: the work of guarding a place or person

heavy-duty: A heavy-duty piece of equipment is very strong and can be used a lot .

import duty: a tax or duty imposed on imported goods

legacy duty: estate tax; inheritance tax

picket duty: the activity of standing outside an establishment to make a protest, to dissuade or prevent employees or clients from entering, etc

point duty: the stationing of a police officer or traffic warden at a road junction to control and direct traffic

sentry duty: the duty of serving as a sentry

stamp duty: In Britain, stamp duty is a tax that you pay to the government when you buy a house .

bounden duty: duty one has a moral obligation to perform

customs duty: a tax payable to customs when importing or exporting goods

duty chemist: a dispensing chemist's that is open to the public for a specific period when other chemists are closed

duty manager: A duty manager is a person who is in charge at a particular time.

duty officer: an officer (in the armed forces, police, etc) on duty at a particular time

fatigue duty: any of the mainly domestic duties performed by military personnel, esp as a punishment

traffic duty: an assignment to help the flow of traffic and enforce traffic regulations

do duty for: to act as a substitute for

duty of care: the legal obligation to safeguard others from harm while they are in your care, using your services, or exposed to your activities

tour of duty: A soldier's tour of duty is a period of time when the soldier is involved in a particular duty or stationed in a particular place such as a war zone .

duty-free shop: A duty-free shop is a shop, for example at an airport, where you can buy goods at a cheaper price than usual, because no tax is paid on them.

off duty, on duty: If someone such as a police officer or a nurse is off duty, they are not working . If someone is on duty, they are working.

countervailing duty: an extra import duty imposed by a country on certain imports, esp to prevent dumping or to counteract subsidies in the exporting country

duty-free shopping: the making of duty-free purchases

in line of duty: in the performance of authorized or prescribed military duty

on (or off) duty: at (or temporarily relieved from) one's work, duty, etc.

dereliction of duty: Dereliction of duty is deliberate or accidental failure to do what you should do as part of your job .

stamp duty avoidance: Avoidance of someone or something is the act of avoiding them.

active service: Someone who is on active service is taking part in a war as a member of the armed forces.

in the line of duty: If you do something or if it happens to you in the line of duty, you do it or it happens as part of your regular work or as a result of it.

fatigue: Fatigue is a feeling of extreme physical or mental tiredness.

to be on dinner duty: to be responsible for preparing an evening meal

tour: A tour is an organized trip that people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies go on to several different places, stopping to meet people or perform.

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