Adjective: окрашенный крашеный выкрашенный


dress dyed blue - платье, выкрашенное в синий цвет

dyed canvas - выкрашенный холст

dyed cotton - окрашенный хлопок; крашеный хлопок

differential-dyed yarn - разноцветная пряжа

dip-dyed - полотном крашенный

discharges on dyed cottons - вытравки на крашеных хлопчатобумажных тканях

dyed finish - нанесение красочного покрытия

dyed fluid - окрашенная жидкость

dyed laser - лазер на растворе органических соединений

dyed piece - окрашенный кусок ткани; окрашенное изделие

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Priscilla's hair was dyed jet black. - Волосы Присциллы были окрашены в черный как смоль цвет.

His hair was dyed blond. - Его волосы были окрашены в светлый цвет.

The fabric was dyed a vivid red. - Ткань была окрашена в ярко-красный цвет.

The fabric is bleached, dyed, and then washed. - Ткани отбеливают, окрашивают, а затем стирают.

Связанные термины:

dye: If you dye something such as hair or cloth, you change its colour by soaking it in a special liquid.

deep-dyed: thoroughgoing ; absolute ; complete

dyed hair: Your hair is the fine threads that grow in a mass on your head.

tie-dyed: (of textiles ) given a pattern by tie-dyeing

yarn-dyed: (of fabric ) dyed while still in yarn form, before being woven

double-dyed: confirmed ; inveterate

piece-dyed: (of fabric ) dyed after weaving

tie-dye: If a piece of cloth or a garment is tie-dyed, it is tied in knots and then put into dye, so that some parts become more deeply coloured than others.

dyed-in-the-wool: If you use dyed-in-the-wool to describe someone or their beliefs, you are saying that they have very strong opinions about something, which they refuse to change.

vat dye: a dye, such as indigo, that is applied by first reducing it to its leuco base, which is soluble in alkali, and then regenerating the insoluble dye by oxidation in the fibres of the material

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Однокоренные слова:

undyed - невыкрашенный, неокрашенный, неподкрашенный

Связанные слова: