Adjective: каждый всякий
Pronoun: любой


to cancel each other - взаимно уничтожаться

considering each circumstance in turn - разбирая каждую частность одну за другой

to do to each according to his deserts - воздать каждому по его заслугам

each of us - каждый из нас

the emplacement of each pyramid - расположение каждой пирамиды

to fall over one another / each other - драться, бороться, соперничать друг с другом

to sit opposite each other - сидеть друг против друга

to save part of one's salary each month - ежемесячно откладывать с зарплаты некоторую сумму

each single word - каждое отдельное слово

each other - друг друга

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They cost 50 cents each. - Они стоят по пятьдесят центов каждый.

Each student has to learn it by heart. - Каждый студент должен выучить это наизусть.

They received ten cents each. - Каждый получил по десять центов.

We were allowed two tries each. - Каждому из нас было дано две попытки.

Each student had a different explanation. - У каждого студента было своё объяснение.

A rope was tied to each end of the boat. - К каждому концу лодки была привязана верёвка.

He took shot after shot, each missing by inches. - Он делал выстрел за выстрелом, и каждый раз промахивался на считанные сантиметры.

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Связанные термины:

each way: If you bet money each way on the result of a horse race or a dog race, you will win some money if the animal you bet on comes first, second, third, or sometimes fourth .

each other: You use each other when you are saying that each member of a group does something to the others or has a particular connection with the others.

each and every: You can refer to each and every member of a group to emphasize that you mean all the members of that group.

at each other's throats: If two people or groups are at each other's throats, they are quarrelling or fighting violently with each other.

cut each other's throats: to ruin each other, as by underselling in business

be at each other's throats: if two people or groups are at each other's throats, they are continually arguing or fighting

live in each other's pockets: to spend a great deal of time together, perhaps too much

strike sparks off each other: if people who are trying to achieve something together strike sparks off each other, they react to each other in a very exciting or creative way

with each passing year/with every passing year: If something changes with each passing year or with every passing day, it changes continuously.

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