Noun: ухо слух ушко колос
Verb: колоситься давать початки


deaf of / in one ear - глухой на одно ухо

ear arm - дужка у очков

a fine ear for music - хороший (музыкальный) слух

to be on one's ear - быть раздражённым

to give ear to smb. - выслушать кого-л.

to pierce smb.'s ear - оглушать

to educate the ear to music - развивать музыкальный слух

to gain the ear of smb. - склонить кого-л. на свою сторону

to hang out one's ear - подслушивать

crumpled ear - морщинистое ухо

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In at one ear and out at the other. - В одно ухо вошло, из другого вышло. (посл.)

She tucked her hair behind her ears. - Она заправила свои волосы за уши.

She's had her ears pierced. - Она проколола уши.

They seem to be gaining the ear of the government. - Правительство, похоже, к ним прислушивается.

The rye was beginning to ear. - Рожь начинала колоситься.

She has no ear for languages at all. - У неё нет совершенно никаких способностей к языкам.

Lou whispered something in his ear. - Лу что-то шепнул ему на ухо.

He tried to get her ear. - Он попытался заставить её прислушаться к его словам.

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Связанные термины:

by ear: without reading from written music

dog-ear: to fold down the corner of (a page )

ear tag: an identification tag fastened to the ear of an animal

sea-ear: an edible marine gastropod mollusc, Haliotis tuberculata, that has an ear-shaped shell perforated with holes and occurs near the Channel Islands

tin ear: an inability to perceive differences in musical sounds

cat's-ear: any of various European plants of the genus Hypochoeris, esp H . radicata, having dandelion-like heads of yellow flowers: family Asteraceae ( composites )

cloud ear: → tree ear

ear canal: Your ear canal is the tube that opens in your outer ear and leads inside your ear.

ear candy: pleasant, melodic pop music

ear drops: Ear drops are medicine that you put directly in your ears one drop at a time.

ear shell: → abalone

ear-stone: a calcium carbonate crystal in the ear of vertebrates

give ear: to give attention, esp. favorable attention; listen ; heed

glue ear: accumulation of fluid in the middle ear in children, caused by infection and sometimes resulting in deafness

inner ear: the part of the ear in the temporal bone consisting of the semicircular canals, vestibule, and cochlea

jew's ear: → another name for jelly fungus

mouse-ear: short for mouse-ear chickweed

outer ear: → external ear

pig's ear: something that has been badly or clumsily done; a botched job (esp in the phrase make a pig's ear of ( something ))

thick ear: a blow on the ear delivered as punishment, in anger, etc

tree ear: a basidiomycetous mushroom (genus Auricularia ), used esp. in Chinese cooking, that grows on tree trunks and is rubbery in consistency and crinkled in texture

wood ear: → tree ear

bear's-ear: → auricula

boxer's ear: permanent swelling and distortion of the external ear as the result of ruptures of the blood vessels: usually caused by blows received in boxing

ear stopper: a small piece of soft material, such as wax, placed in the ear to keep out noise or water

ear trumpet: a trumpet-shaped instrument that amplifies sounds and is held to the ear : an old form of hearing aid

middle ear: the sound-conducting part of the ear, containing the malleus, incus, and stapes

ear-grabbing: (of music) immediately capturing and holding the attention of listeners

ear infection: an infection that affects the ear

ear piercing: the making of a hole in the lobe of an ear, using a sterilized needle, so that an earring may be worn fastened in the hole

ear-splitting: An ear-splitting noise is very loud.

external ear: the part of the ear consisting of the auricle and the auditory canal

internal ear: the part of the ear that consists of the cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals

a thick ear: a blow on the ear delivered as punishment, in anger, etc

cauliflower ear: permanent swelling and distortion of the external ear as the result of ruptures of the blood vessels: usually caused by blows received in boxing

elephant's-ear: any aroid plant of the genus Colocasia, of tropical Asia and Polynesia, having very large heart-shaped leaves: grown for ornament and for their edible tubers

half an ear: If you listen to something or someone with only half an ear, you do not give your full attention to what is being said .

lend an ear: to listen

play by ear: to act according to the demands of a situation rather than to a plan ; improvise

eardrum: Your eardrums are the thin pieces of tightly stretched skin inside each ear, which vibrate when sound waves reach them.

earlobe: Your earlobes are the soft parts at the bottom of your ears.

earplug: Earplugs are small pieces of a soft material which you put into your ears to keep out noise, water, or cold air.

bend someone's ear: to keep talking to someone about something, usually in an annoying way

chew someone's ear: to reprimand severely

have someone's ear: to have the attention of a person in power, who listens carefully to your opinions and often follows your advice on important issues

have the ear of: to be in a position to influence

incline one's ear: to listen favourably (to)

out on one's ear: dismissed unceremoniously

out on your ear: If someone says that you will be out on your ear, they mean that you will be forced to leave a job, an organization or a place suddenly .

play it by ear: to deal with things as they happen, rather than following a plan or previous arrangement

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Однокоренные слова:

earless - безухий, лишенный музыкального слуха, без ручки
early - ранний, предыдущий, преждевременный, рано, преждевременно, заблаговременно
earth - земля, заземление, грунт, земной шар, почва, заземлять, окучивать, закапывать
earring - серьга
earful - нагоняй, взбучка, бесконечные разговоры
eared - ушастый, колосящийся, имеющий колосья или початки, имеющий уши
earing - колошение, выколашивание, бензель

Связанные слова: