Noun: имущество движимость предметы имущества


portable effects - движимое имущество

have certain effects - иметь определенное влияние

having certain effects - имеющий определенное влияние

chemical effects - химические эффекты

special-effects cinematography - киносъёмка специальных эффектов; комбинированная киносъёмка

cliff edge effects - пороговые эффекты

climatic effects - климатические воздействия

effects of hydrodynamic coupling on cluster size - влияние гидродинамическое взаимодействия на размер кластеров

optically induced quantum coherence effects - оптически индуцированные квантовые эффекты когерентности

counteract the effects of bad influence - свести на нет результаты дурного влияния

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I could feel the effects of the thin mountain air. - Я мог ощущать воздействие прозрачного горного воздуха.

the negative effects of the drug - отрицательное воздействие данного препарата

the side effects of the medication - побочные эффекты этого препарата

the deterrent effects of high prices - сдерживающее воздействие высоких цен

This treatment causes fewer ill effects. - Это лечение вызывает меньше побочных эффектов.

the crippling effects of war on the economy - разрушительное влияние войны на экономику

The sound effects lend realism to the scene. - Звуковые эффекты прибавляют сцене реализма.

The drug may have other undesirable effects. - Препарат может иметь и другие нежелательные эффекты.

the effects of the war on the local populace - воздействие войны на местное население

the damaging effects of the sun on your skin - вредное воздействие солнца на вашу кожу

a natural remedy with no harmful side effects - натуральное средство без вредных побочных эффектов

If you take this drug, side effects may result. - Если принимать этот препарат, могут возникнуть побочные эффекты.

The drug has no deleterious effects on patients. - Препарат не оказывает вредного воздействия на пациентов.

She left some of her personal effects in the house. - Она оставила в доме несколько личных вещей.

It will produce its due effects. - Это произведёт надлежащий эффект.

The effects of the drug soon wore off. - Действие препарата скоро закончилось.

He achieves amazing effects with wood. - Он достигает невероятных эффектов с помощью дерева.

the baleful effects of water pollution - пагубные последствия загрязнения воды

the residual effects of drug treatment - остаточные эффекты медикаментозного лечения

a great movie with groovy special effects - отличный фильм с клёвыми /чумовыми/ спецэффектами

The drug has some undesirable side effects. - Данный препарат обладает нежелательными побочными эффектами.

the beneficial effects of a temperate climate - благотворное влияние умеренного климата

the devastating effects of economic depression - разрушительные последствия экономической депрессии

Exercise may mediate the effects of a bad diet. - Физические упражнения могут смягчить последствия плохого питания.

Exercise can help combat the effects of stress. - Физические упражнения могут помочь в борьбе с последствиями стресса.

Exercise helps to counter the effects of stress. - Физические упражнения помогают бороться с последствиями стресса.

She is studying the effects of sleep deprivation. - Она изучает последствия бессонницы.

measuring the effects of stresses on the material - измерение влияния нагрузок на материал

a master's thesis on the effects of global warming - магистерская диссертация о влиянии глобального потепления

The drug's side effects should diminish over time. - С течением времени побочные эффекты данного препарата должны уменьшиться.

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Связанные термины:

effect: The effect of one thing on another is the change that the first thing causes in the second thing.

ill effects: If something has ill effects, it causes problems or damage .

after-effects: harmful consequences, effects

light effects: the illumination of a play, film, etc

sound effects: any sounds artificially produced, reproduced from a recording, etc, to create a theatrical effect, such as the bringing together of two halves of a hollow coconut shell to simulate a horse's gallop ; used in plays, films, etc

special effects: techniques used in the production of scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques

household effects: privately owned goods consisting chiefly of furniture, appliances, etc., for keeping house

lighting effects: the illumination of a play, film, etc

personal effects: personal possessions ; property

sound effects man: a person who produces sounds artificially or reproduces them from a recording, etc, to create a theatrical effect, such as the bringing together of two halves of a hollow coconut shell to simulate a horse's gallop . Such sound effects are used in plays, films, etc

sound effects woman: a woman who produces sounds artificially or reproduces them from a recording, etc, to create a theatrical effect, such as the bringing together of two halves of a hollow coconut shell to simulate a horse's gallop . Such sound effects are used in plays, films, etc

adverse health effects: Adverse decisions, conditions, or effects are unfavourable to you. [...]

suffer the effects of: The effect of one thing on another is the change that the first thing causes in the second thing.

after-effect: The after-effects of an event, experience, or substance are the conditions which result from it.

Auger effect: the spontaneous emission of an electron instead of a photon by an excited ion as a result of a vacancy being filled in an inner electron shell

blast effect: the damage caused by the force of an explosive blast

Gunn effect: a phenomenon observed in some semiconductors in which a steady electric field of magnitude greater than a threshold value generates electrical oscillations with microwave frequencies

Hall effect: the production of a potential difference across a conductor carrying an electric current when a magnetic field is applied in a direction perpendicular to that of the current flow

halo effect: the beneficial effect on sales of a company's range of products produced by the popularity or high profile of one particular product

Hertz effect: the effect of ultraviolet radiation in lowering the sparking voltage across a spark gap : an example of photoelectric effect

Joule effect: the production of heat as the result of a current flowing through a conductor

Kerr effect: the production of double refraction in certain transparent substances by the application of a strong electric field

moiré effect: the appearance, when two regularly spaced sets of lines are superimposed, of a new set of lines ( moiré pattern ) passing through the points where the original lines cross at small angles

notch effect: the increase in stress in an area of a component near a crack, depression, etc, or a change in section, such as a sharp angle: can be enough to cause failure of the component although the calculated average stress may be quite safe

pinch effect: the constriction of a beam of charged particles, caused by a force on each particle due to its motion in the magnetic field generated by the movement of the other particles

Raman effect: a change in wavelength of light that is scattered by electrons within a material. The effect is used in Raman spectroscopy for studying molecules

shot noise: the inherent electronic noise arising in an electric current because of the discontinuous nature of conduction by electrons

side effect: The side-effects of a drug are the effects, usually bad ones, that the drug has on you in addition to its function of curing illness or pain .

skin effect: the tendency of alternating current to concentrate in the surface layer of a conductor, esp at high frequencies, thus increasing its effective resistance

sound effect: Sound effects are the sounds that are created artificially to make a play more realistic, especially a radio play.

stage effect: a special effect created on the stage by lighting, sound, etc

Stark effect: the splitting of the lines of a spectrum when the source of light is subjected to a strong electrostatic field, discovered by Johannes Stark (1874–1957) in 1913

toxic effect: an adverse effect of a drug produced by an exaggeration of the effect that produces the therapeutic response

Babinski effect: the reflex curling upwards of the toes ( instead of inwards ) when the sole of the foot is stroked, normal in infants below the age of two but a pathological condition in adults

Bradley effect: the distortion of opinion polls caused by the reluctance of respondents to admit to a preference that is regarded as socially unacceptable

chilling effect: a discouraging or deterring effect, esp. one resulting from a restrictive law or regulation

Compton effect: a phenomenon in which a collision between a photon and a particle results in an increase in the kinetic energy of the particle and a corresponding increase in the wavelength of the photon

Coriolis effect: a deflection in the path of a body moving in latitude relative to the Earth when observed from the Earth. The deflection is due to the Earth's rotation and is to the east when the motion is towards a pole

domino effect: If one event causes another similar event, which in turn causes another event, and so on, you can refer to this as a domino effect .

Doppler effect: a phenomenon, observed for sound waves and electromagnetic radiation, characterized by a change in the apparent frequency of a wave as a result of relative motion between the observer and the source

Edison effect: the phenomenon of the flow of electric current when an electrode sealed inside the bulb of an incandescent lamp is connected to the positive terminal of the lamp

founder effect: the accumulation of random genetic changes in an isolated population as a result of its proliferation from only a few parent colonizers

ground effect: the improvement to the aerodynamic qualities of a low-slung motor vehicle resulting from a cushion of air beneath it

Magnus effect: the thrust on a cylinder rotating about its axis while in motion in a fluid, the thrust being perpendicular to the relative motion of the cylinder in the fluid

Meissner effect: the phenomenon in which magnetic flux is excluded from a substance when it is in a superconducting state, except for a thin layer at the surface

Munroe effect: the reinforcement of shock waves in the concave, hollow end of a shaped charge, producing a greater resultant wave and concentrating the explosion along the axis of the charge

noodle effect: the theoretical process by which an object approaching a black hole is progressively broken down into a long thin string of particles by increasing gravitational forces, esp the vast difference in gravitational strength at either end of the object

oxygen effect: the increased sensitivity to radiation of living organisms, tissues, etc, when they are exposed in the presence of oxygen

Peltier effect: the production of heat at one junction and the absorption of heat at the other junction of a thermocouple when a current is passed around the thermocouple circuit . The heat produced is additional to the heat arising from the resistance of the wires

placebo effect: The placebo effect is the fact that some patients' health improves after taking what they believe is an effective drug but which is in fact only a placebo.

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Однокоренные слова:

effect - эффект, влияние, осуществление, действие, осуществлять, производить, выполнять
effected - осуществленный, выполненный
effectless - безрезультатный, неэффективный

Связанные слова: