Noun: яйцо яйцеклетка зародыш бомба
Adjective: яичный
Verb: науськивать подстрекать смазывать яйцом забрасывать тухлыми яйцами


addled / rotten egg - тухлое яйцо

lightly boiled / soft(-boiled) egg - яйцо всмятку

raw egg - сырое яйцо

as full as an egg - битком набитый

to have an egg on one's face - быть в неудобном положении

to whisk egg whites in a mixer - сбивать яичные белки в миксере

egg sandwich - бутерброд с яйцом

egg whisk - веничек для взбивания яиц

egg cell - яйцеклетка

eat an egg - съесть яйцо

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I bought a carton of eggs. - Я купил упаковку яиц.

Joe always has bacon and egg for breakfast. - Джо всегда завтракает яичницей с беконом.

Their suspicions egged them to cruelty. - Подозрения толкнули их на жестокость.

Beat in two of the egg yolks (=the yellow part). - Взбейте два яичных желтка (т.е. жёлтую часть яйца).

Whisk the egg white (=the white part) until stiff. - Взбейте яичный белок до устойчивой пены.

a batter made from flour and egg - жидкое тесто /кляр/ из муки и яиц

Blackbirds lay their eggs in March. - Чёрные дрозды откладывают яйца в марте.

The egg will hatch about 10 days after it is laid. - Птенец вылупится примерно через десять дней после того, как яйцо было отложено.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you egg a person on, you encourage them to do something, especially something dangerous or foolish.

If you egg a person on, you encourage them to do something, especially something dangerous or foolish.

Связанные термины:

egg on: If you egg a person on, you encourage them to do something, especially something dangerous or foolish .

ant egg: the white pupa or larva of an ant, sold dried as food for pet fish, birds, turtles, etc

bad egg: a bad person

egg cup: An egg cup is a small container in which you put a boiled egg while you eat it.

sea egg: a green sea urchin, Evichinus chloroticus, eaten in New Zealand

tea egg: a device with perforations used to infuse tea in a cup of boiling water

barn egg: an egg laid by a chicken that is allowed to move freely within a barn

egg-bound: describing egg-bearing animals and birds that have difficulty passing their eggs

egg case: ootheca

egg cell: any female gamete ; ovum

egg coal: coal that is about 2 to 4 inches (5.08 to 10.16 cm) in diameter

egg cream: a drink of chocolate syrup, soda water, and milk

egg flip: an alcoholic drink made from egg, sugar and brandy or sherry

egg moon: a traditional name for a full moon occurring in April

egg roll: a Chinese-American dish consisting of egg dough filled with a minced mixture of pork, bamboo shoots, onions, etc, and browned in deep fat

egg slice: a spatula for removing omelettes, fried eggs, etc, from a pan

egg spoon: a small spoon for eating a boiled egg

egg timer: An egg timer is a device that measures the time needed to boil an egg.

egg tooth: (in embryo birds and reptiles ) a temporary tooth or (in birds) projection of the beak used for piercing the eggshell

egg whisk: An egg whisk is a piece of kitchen equipment used for mixing the different parts of an egg together .

egg white: the white of an egg ; albumen

egg yolk: the yellow part in the middle of an egg

fried egg: A fried egg is an egg cooked in oil or fat .

good egg: a good person

goose egg: zero or a score of zero

nest egg: A nest egg is a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose .

over-egg: to do too much of; elaborate on excessively; overdo: used mainly in the phrase over-egg the (or one's) pudding, to mar an undertaking by doing more than is necessary or desirable

battery egg: an egg from a battery hen

boiled egg: an egg cooked in its shell in boiling water

darning egg: a rounded piece of wood or plastic used in darning to support the fabric around the hole

Easter egg: An Easter egg is an egg made of chocolate that is given as a present at Easter. In some countries, Easter eggs are hidden and children then look for them.

egg-binding: a condition with a variety of causes, such as lack of sunlight and a cold damp environment, that causes a female bird to be unable to lay an egg that she is carrying

egg custard: sweet custard made with milk and egg and baked

egg-shaped: in the shape of an egg

egg-slicer: a device used for slicing eggs

ostrich egg: the large egg produced by a fast-running flightless African bird, Struthio camelus, that is the largest living bird, with stout two-toed feet and dark feathers, except on the naked head, neck, and legs : order Struthioniformes

poached egg: A poached egg is an egg cooked gently in boiling water, without its shell.

Scotch egg: A Scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg that is covered with sausage meat and breadcrumbs, then fried.

thunder egg: a small, round, hollow stone of opal, agate, etc., lined with crystals

a nest egg: a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose

cleidoic egg: egg of birds and insects

curate's egg: something that has both good and bad parts

egg donation: If you donate your blood or a part of your body, you allow doctors to use it to help someone who is ill .

egg sandwich: two slices of bread filled with chopped egg

lay an egg: if something lays an egg, it fails because people are not interested in it or do not want it

scrambled egg: eggs cooked as described at sense 7

egg and dart: an ornamental moulding in which a half egg shape alternates with a dart, tongue, or anchor shape

egg foo yong: a Chinese-American dish consisting of eggs beaten and cooked with bean sprouts, onions, minced pork or shrimp, etc.

new-laid egg: an egg that has been freshly laid by a chicken

a curate's egg: something that has both good and bad parts

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Однокоренные слова:

egg on - подстрекать, подбивать

Связанные слова: