Adverb: даже ровно точно как раз
Adjective: четный ровный равномерный равный
Verb: выровнять выравнивать сглаживать уравнивать
Noun: вечер склон дня


even chance - равные шансы, равные возможности

even dozen, round dozen - ровно дюжина

he's not even dry behind the ears - у него молоко на губах не обсохло

even rhythm of the breathing - равномерное дыхание

an even chance of winning - равный шанс на выигрыш

even exchange - справедливый обмен

so simple even a child can do it - такой простой, что даже ребёнок сможет это сделать

to even up on smb. - расквитаться с кем-л.

even / straight furrow - прямая борозда

to go even - передвигаться спокойным ровным шагом

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Don't even try. - Даже не пытайся.

He did even better. - Он поступил даже лучше.

He looked content, even happy. - Он выглядел довольным, и даже счастливым.

His disposition was even. - Он отличался ровным характером.

The even beat of the drum - Равномерный ритм барабана.

He read most of the speech in an even tone. - Большую часть речи он прочитал монотонно.

The first half was very even, and neither side scored. - Первый тайм был очень равным, и ни одна из команд не забила.

2, 4, 6 and 8 are even numbers. - Два, четыре, шесть и восемь являются чётными числами.

Even when he is sick, he works. - Он работает, даже когда болеет.

I don't have even a dollar! - У меня нет ни доллара!

Things were beginning to even out a little. - Ситуация начала потихоньку выправляться.

She spoke with a calm, even voice. - Она говорила спокойным, ровным голосом.

At the end of the first half the score is even. - После первой половины игры /после первого тайма/ счёт — равный.

He had lovely white, even teeth. - У него были прекрасные белые ровные зубы.

The sky was of an even lead colour. - Небо было ровного свинцового цвета.

She did not even bother to phone us. - Она даже не удосужилась нам позвонить.

even amounts of butter and sugar - равное количество масла и сахара

He now had a wonderful chance to even old scores. - Ему предоставился прекрасный шанс свести старые счёты.

We must even out the differences between social classes. - Нужно сгладить разницу между социальными группами.

Even as Jane said this, she knew it was not true. - Даже когда Джейн говорила об этом, она знала, что это неправда.

Prices should even off when the crops are gathered. - Цены должны выровняться, когда соберут урожай.

I feel that I can never get quite even with him again. - Я чувствую, что никогда не смогу с ним расквитаться.

If you two sit at the other table, that should even up the groups. - Если вы двое сядете за другой стол, это уравновесит группы.

She looked sick and felt even worse. - Она выглядела ужасно, а чувствовала себя ещё хуже.

We finally reached even ground after the long climb. - После долгого подъёма мы наконец-то добрались до равнины.

the even rhythm of his breathing - его ровное дыхание

an even (or still) more interesting problem - даже (или ещё) более интересная проблема

The ground evens out on the other side of the mountain. - На другой стороне горы начинается равнина.

The horses went at a steady even trot. - Лошади шли спокойной, ровной рысью.

During his second day Edward looked even more pale and quiet than on his first. - На второй день Эдвард был ещё более бледным и молчаливым, чем в первый.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If something evens out, or if you even it out, the differences between the different parts of it are reduced.

To even up a contest or game means to make it more equally balanced than it was.

Связанные термины:

even as: at the very same moment or in the very same way that

even if: supposing that; though

even so: You use even so to introduce a surprising fact which relates to what you have just said .

even up: To even up a contest or game means to make it more equally balanced than it was.

even odds: a bet in which the potential winnings are the same amount as the original stake .

even out: If something evens out, or if you even it out, the differences between the different parts of it are reduced.

even then: You use even then to say that something is the case in spite of what has just been stated or whatever the circumstances may be.

get even: If you say that you are going to get even with someone, you mean that you are going to cause them the same amount of harm or annoyance as they have caused you.

break even: to attain a level of activity, as in commerce, or a point of operation, as in gambling, at which there is neither profit nor loss

even-handed: If someone is even-handed, they are completely fair, especially when they are judging other people or dealing with two groups of people.

even money: a bet in which the winnings are the same as the amount staked

even-steven: having no balance of debt ; neither owing or being owed

even though: You use even if or even though to indicate that a particular fact does not make the rest of your statement untrue .

even-pinnate: with pinnate leaflets that are symmetrically paired

even-stevens: British and Australian → another name for even-steven

even-tempered: If someone is even-tempered, they are usually calm and do not easily get angry .

odd or even: any of various games of chance in which one bets on an odd or even number, as one in which two players alternately draw from a pile of an odd number of counters any desired number up to a prearranged limit, the object being to have drawn an odd number of counters at the end of the game

of even date: of the same or today's date

get even with: → even 1 (sense 15 )

to break even: When a company or a person running a business breaks even, they make neither a profit nor a loss .

break-even point: When a company reaches break-even point, the money it makes from the sale of goods or services is just enough to cover the cost of supplying those goods or services, but not enough to make a profit .

on an even keel: calm or progressing steadily, especially during or after a period of troubles or difficulties

don't even go there: said to mean that a topic is considered to be too unpleasant or controversial to be mentioned

don't get mad, get even: said to mean that, if someone harms you, you should not waste your energy on being angry, but you should concentrate on harming them in return

to be on an even keel: If you say that someone or something is on an even keel, you mean that they are working or progressing smoothly and steadily, without any sudden changes .

Allhallows Eve: Halloween

parity check: a check made of computer data to ensure that the total number of bits of value 1 (or 0) in each unit of information remains odd or even after transfer between a peripheral device and the memory or vice versa

never be given an even break: to not get the same chances or opportunities to do something as other people

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Однокоренные слова:

even up - сравнивать, уравнивать, сглаживать

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