Noun: лицо грань лик сторона
Verb: сталкиваться стоять лицом наталкиваться стоять перед лицом


biliary face - желтушное лицо

burning face - разгорячённое лицо

to face the challenge - столкнуться с проблемой

beaming, cherubic face - сияющее ангельское личико

without one cognizable face before me - ни одного знакомого лица передо мной

to take / accept / bear / face / suffer the consequences of - отвечать, нести ответственность за последствия

craggy face - грубое, морщинистое лицо

angry face - злой вид

sad / long face - печальный, мрачный вид

at / in / on the first face - на первый взгляд

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Let's face it! - Давайте посмотрим правде в глаза!

Turn and face to the east. - Обратитесь лицом к востоку.

Her face lit. - Она просияла (от радости).

You've got to face facts. You can't survive on a salary that low. - Посмотри правде в глаза: на такую низкую зарплату не проживёшь.

His face is peeling. - Его лицо шелушится.

She spat in his face. - Она плюнула ему в лицо.

Many couples refuse to face the fact that there are problems in their marriage. - Многие пары отказываются признать тот факт, что в их браке существуют проблемы.

Get out of my face! - Вон с глаз моих!

He has a round face. - У него круглое лицо.

He sat facing the wall. - Он сидел лицом к стене.

Tenants face a 20% rent rise. - Арендаторы сталкиваются с 20% процентным ростом арендной платы.

The sun burned his face. - Его лицо обгорело на солнце.

She had a lovely face. - У неё было прелестное личико.

He averted his face. - Он отвернулся.

What a sour face she has! - Какое кислое у нее выражение лица!

Sue's face reddened. - Лицо Сью покраснело.

A cube has six faces. - У куба шесть граней.

She has a childish face. - У неё детское лицо.

He made a sour face. - Он скривился.

She has a ruddy face. - У неё румяное лицо.

Hair sprouted on his face. - На его лице выросли волосы.

If he is found guilty, he faces up to 12 years in jail. - В случае признания виновным, ему грозит до двенадцати лет лишения свободы.

She has a homely face. - У неё обычное, ничем не примечательное лицо.

Tears streaked her face. - На её щеках были следы от слёз.

His face was ashen. - Его лицо было мертвенно-бледным.

A smile lit her face. - Её лицо осветила улыбка.

Her face thinned down. - Её лицо похудело.

Dirt had coated her face - Её лицо было покрыто грязью.

She had a drawn face. - У неё было измождённое лицо.

He caressed her face. - Он погладил её по лицу.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you face someone down, you oppose them or defeat them by being confident and looking at them boldly.

to accept (an unpleasant fact, reality, etc)

Связанные термины:

O face: the facial contortions typically displayed by a person during sexual climax

en face: facing forwards

baby-face: a smooth round face like a baby's

bold face: a weight of type characterized by thick heavy lines, as the entry words in this dictionary

face-ache: neuralgia

face card: (in a pack of playing cards ) a king, queen, or jack of any suit

face cord: a measure of wood cut for fuel, as arranged in a pile 8 feet wide, 4 feet high, and with pieces 12 to 18 inches in length

face down: If you face someone down, you oppose them or defeat them by being confident and looking at them boldly.

face fly: a dipterous fly ( Musca autumnalis ) that feeds on the eye secretions of cattle

face-lift: a cosmetic surgical operation for tightening sagging skin and smoothing unwanted wrinkles on the face

face mask: A face mask is a device that you wear over your face, for example to prevent yourself from breathing bad air or from spreading germs, or to protect your face when you are in a dangerous situation .

face-off: the method of starting a game, in which the referee drops the puck, etc between two opposing players

face out: to endure (trouble)

face pack: A face pack is a thick substance which you spread on your face, allow to dry for a short time, and then remove, in order to clean your skin thoroughly.

face time: Face-time is time that you spend talking directly to someone, rather than talking by phone or email.

full face: a round full face

game face: a facial expression that suggests a strong determination to succeed

long face: a disappointed, solemn, or miserable facial expression

lose face: to be made to look foolish or to do something which damages your reputation

new face: Someone who is new in a particular public role can be referred to as a new face .

old face: a type style that originated in the 18th century, characterized by little contrast between thick and thin strokes

rock face: a perpendicular side of a rock

save face: to do something so that people continue to respect you and your reputation is not damaged

face to face: If you come face to face with someone, you meet them and can talk to them or look at them directly .

about-face: An about-face is a complete change of attitude or opinion .

change face: to rotate the telescope of a surveying instrument through 180° horizontally and vertically, taking a second sighting of the same object in order to reduce error

cliff face: the vertical face of a cliff

clock face: the dial of an analogue clock, marked with divisions representing units of time

face action: Action is doing something for a particular purpose.

face cloth: a small towelling cloth used for washing

face court: A court is a place where legal matters are decided by a judge and jury or by a magistrate .

face cream: Face cream is a thick substance that you rub into your face in order to keep it soft.

face danger: Danger is the possibility that someone may be harmed or killed.

face death: Death is the permanent end of the life of a person or animal.

face facts: Facts are pieces of information that can be discovered .

face guard: a guard used to protect a player's face

face-harden: to harden the surface of ( steel or iron ) by the addition of carbon at high temperature

face powder: Face powder is a very fine soft powder that you can put on your face in order to make it look smoother.

face-saver: A face-saver is an action or excuse which prevents damage to your reputation or the loss of people's respect for you.

face-saving: A face-saving action is one which prevents damage to your reputation or the loss of people's respect for you.

face towel: a small towel for the face

face value: The face value of things such as coins, paper money, investment documents, or tickets is the amount of money that they are worth, and that is written on them.

kissy-face: an engaging in kissing, caressing, etc.

light face: a weight of type characterized by light thin lines

poker face: A poker face is an expression on your face that shows none of your feelings .

smiley face: a stylized representation of a smiling face, typically a yellow circle with dots for eyes and a curved line for a smile, used as in a memo to suggest approval, a joking tone, etc.

volte-face: If you say that someone's behaviour is a volte-face, you mean that they have changed their opinion or decision completely, so that it is the opposite of what it was before.

face-centred: (of a crystal) having a lattice point at the centre of each face of each unit cell as well as at the corners

face flannel: A face flannel is a small cloth made of towelling which you use for washing yourself.

face painting: decorative painting of the face, esp for children

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Однокоренные слова:

face about - поворачиваться кругом, обернуться
face down - осадить, запугивать
face off - вбрасывать шайбу, вбросить шайбу между двумя противниками, сделать начальный бросок
face out - выполнять
face up - быть готовым встретить

Связанные слова: