Adjective: упавший павший падший опавший
Noun: павшие


fallen acorns - упавшие жёлуди

fallen cheeks - ввалившиеся щёки

price has fallen - цена упала

fallen angel - падший ангел

new-fallen snow - пороша

she would have fallen but he caught her - она упала бы, если бы он не удержал её

dead-fallen wood - валежник

word has fallen into disuse - это слово стало неупотребительным

a fallen idol - павший идол

fallen fruit - падалица

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A fallen tree soon rots. - Поваленное дерево быстро гниёт.

A fallen tree is blocking the road. - Упавшее дерево перекрыло дорогу.

The temperature has fallen below zero. - Температура упала ниже нуля.

My top button has fallen off. - У меня оторвалась и упала верхняя пуговица.

A button had fallen off her jacket. - С её куртки оторвалась пуговица.

He lay insensible where he had fallen - Он лежал без чувств там, где упал.

The child has fallen down and hurt his knee. - Ребёнок упал и ушиб колено.

One of the sailors had fallen overboard. - Один из матросов выпал за борт.

The old lady had fallen and broken her hip. - Старушка упала и сломала себе бедро.

The house has fallen into decrepitude. - Дом обветшал.

Fallen leaves covered the forest floor. - Земля в лесу была покрыта опавшими листьями.

Rome had fallen into moral putrefaction - Рим начал морально разлагаться.

The project has fallen behind schedule. - Проект выбился из графика.

The euro has fallen to a new low against the dollar. - Евро достиг нового минимума по отношению к доллару.

Moss covered the fallen logs. - Поваленные деревья были покрыты мхом.

He sat on a fallen tree trunk. - Он сел на упавший ствол дерева.

The city has fallen on evil days. - Город постигла череда несчастий. / В городе настали чёрные дни.

Labor costs have actually fallen. - Стоимость трудозатрат и в самом деле снизилась.

A light coating of snow had fallen. - К тому времени уже выпало немного снега.

The road was blocked by a fallen tree. - Дорогу перегородило упавшее дерево.

Even Frank had fallen under her spell. - Даже Фрэнк был ею очарован.

Several deer have fallen to the same gun. - От одного и того же оружия пало несколько оленей.

The house has fallen into a ruinous state. - Дом пришёл в состояние разрухи.

The child was pinned under the fallen tree. - Ребёнка придавило упавшим деревом.

The keys must have fallen out of my pocket. - Ключи, должно быть, выпали у меня из кармана.

The house has fallen considerably in value. - Дом значительно упал в цене.

The pound has fallen 10% against the dollar. - Фунт упал на 10% по отношению к доллару.

Enough rain had fallen to flood the grounds. - Дождя выпало столько, что участок затопило.

A detail was sent to remove the fallen trees. - Для уборки поваленных деревьев отрядили бригаду рабочих.

The number of subscribers had fallen to 1000. - Количество подписчиков сократилось до тысячи.

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Связанные термины:

fall: If someone or something falls, they move quickly downwards onto or towards the ground, by accident or because of a natural force.

fallen arch: collapse of the arch formed by the instep of the foot, resulting in flat feet

fallen idol: If you refer to someone as a fallen idol, you mean that they have lost people's respect and admiration because of something bad that they have done.

a fallen angel: someone once good or successful who has become bad or unsuccessful

fall for: If you fall for someone, you are strongly attracted to them and start loving them.

fall in: If a roof or ceiling falls in, it collapses and falls to the ground.

fall off: If something falls off, it separates from the thing to which it was attached and moves towards the ground.

fall on: If you fall on something when it arrives or appears, you eagerly seize it or welcome it.

fall out: If something such as a person's hair or a tooth falls out, it comes out.

fall to: If a responsibility, duty, or opportunity falls to someone, it becomes their responsibility, duty, or opportunity.

fall away: If something falls away from the thing it is attached to, it breaks off.

fall back: If you fall back, you move backwards a short distance away from someone or something.

fall down: If an argument, organization, or person falls down on a particular point, they are weak or unsatisfactory on that point.

fall into: If you fall into conversation or a discussion with someone, usually someone you have just met, you start having a conversation or discussion with them.

fall over: If a person or object that is standing falls over, they accidentally move from their upright position so that they are then lying on the ground or on the surface supporting them.

free fall: If the value or price of something goes into free fall, it starts to fall uncontrollably.

fall about: If you say that people are falling about, you mean that they are laughing a lot about something.

fall among: to enter the company of (a group of people), esp by chance

fall apart: If something falls apart, it breaks into pieces because it is old or badly made.

fall behind: If you fall behind, you do not make progress or move forward as fast as other people.

fall through: If an arrangement, plan, or deal falls through, it fails to happen .

fall back on: If you fall back on something, you do it or use it after other things have failed .

fall in with: If you fall in with an idea, plan, or system, you accept it and do not try to change it.

fallout: Fallout is the radiation that affects a particular place or area after a nuclear explosion has taken place.

the scales have fallen from someone's eyes: said to mean that someone suddenly realizes the truth about something after a long period of not understanding it or of being deceived about it

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