Noun: ферма хозяйство хутор крестьянское хозяйство
Adjective: сельскохозяйственный
Verb: заниматься сельским хозяйством обрабатывать землю брать на откуп брать на воспитание детей


on a farm - на ферме

private farm - частная ферма

sheep farm - овцеферма

farm lobby - сельскохозяйственное лобби

stud farm - конный завод

to farm taxes - отдавать на откуп сбор налогов

farm boundary adjustment - внутрихозяйственное землеустройство

farm adviser - сельскохозяйственный консультант

farm loan - сельскохозяйственная ссуда

farm operator - сельскохозяйственный рабочий

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She grew up on a dairy farm. - Она выросла на молочной ферме.

Running a farm is hard work. - Работа на ферме — тяжёлый труд.

The old farm is a good mile from here. - Старая ферма находится в доброй миле отсюда.

He told us a story involving life on a farm. - Он рассказал нам историю, связанную с жизнью на ферме.

This farm covers some 200 acres - Площадь этого фермерского хозяйства составляет акров двести.

Joe had worked on the farm all his life. - Джо проработал на ферме всю свою жизнь.

This farm has suddenly become a goldmine. - Эта ферма неожиданно начала приносить большой доход.

He lived simply on the farm. - Он жил простой жизнью на ферме.

My son is farming in California. - Мой сын занимается сельским хозяйством в Калифорнии.

We made our way through the village to the farm. - Мы шли на ферму через всю деревню.

He was born on a farm. - Он родился на ферме.

Farm Credit Administration - Администрация по делам фермерского кредита (в США)

the homely appeal of farm life - уютная привлекательность сельской жизни

He left his farm to his survivors. - Он оставил своё хозяйство тем, кто его переживёт.

He had let the farm go to ruin. - Он позволил ферме превратиться в руины.

a full complement of farm animals - полный набор сельскохозяйственных животных

He took control of the family farm. - Он взял под свой контроль семейную ферму.

He runs a pig farm in Lincolnshire. - Он управляет свинофермой в Линкольншире.

The farm grows a variety of grains. - На ферме выращивают разные виды зерновых.

We use only organic fertilizers on our farm. - На нашей ферме мы используем только органические удобрения.

He was left to work the farm alone. - Его оставили работать на ферме в одиночку.

Farm work can be a good conditioner. - Работа на ферме может быть хорошей тренировкой.

The farm lacks even basic equipment. - На ферме отсутствует даже самое элементарное оборудование.

We clashed over the new farm policies. - Мы резко разошлись во мнениях по поводу новой сельскохозяйственной политики.

They decided to farm the old homestead. - Они решили сдать в аренду старую усадьбу.

He nursed the farm back to productivity. - Его стараниями и заботой ферма вновь стала продуктивной.

It takes several people to work the farm. - Для работы на ферме нужно несколько человек.

The farm workers' strike is in its third week. - Идёт третья неделя забастовки работников сельского хозяйства.

Two farm workers died when a barn caught fire. - Двое работников фермы погибли, когда загорелся сарай.

I pass by the farm every day on my way to work. - Я проезжаю мимо фермы каждый день по дороге на работу.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

baby farm: a place that houses and takes care of babies for a fee

cube farm: an office which is divided up by mid-height partitions to create separate work spaces

farm-bike: a motorcycle built for off-road travel

farm out: If you say that someone farms out work, especially work that you would normally expect them to do themselves, you mean that they give it to other people to do.

farm shop: a shop that sells farm produce

farm team: a sports team in a smaller or lower league that is affiliated to one in a larger or higher league

farm-toun: a farmhouse together with its outbuildings

fat farm: a health farm or similar establishment to which people go to lose weight

fish farm: a place where fish are reared for commercial purposes

hill farm: a farm in a high area, usually concentrating on sheep, because of the lack of winter fodder

home farm: (esp formerly) a farm belonging to and providing food for a large country house

pig farm: a farm where pigs are kept and reared

poor farm: a farm for paupers, supported by a county or other local government

stud farm: A stud farm is a place where horses are bred.

tank farm: an expanse of land on which a number of fuel oil storage tanks are located

tree farm: an area of forest in which the growth of the trees is managed on a commercial basis

wave farm: a collection of machines designed to generate electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of sea waves

web farm: a large website that uses two or more servers to handle user requests

wind farm: A wind farm is a place where windmills are used to convert the power of the wind into electricity.

work farm: a farm on which the workers are short-term prisoners convicted of less serious crimes

Brook Farm: an experimental communist community established by writers and scholars in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, from 1841 to 1847

cattle farm: a farm on which cattle are raised

click farm: an office where a group of people are hired to fraudulently obtain revenue for a website that uses pay-per-click online advertising

dairy farm: a farm which has cows producing milk, rather than for beef

family farm: A farm is an area of land, together with the buildings on it, that is used for growing crops or raising animals, usually in order to sell them.

farm animal: an animal that is reared on a farm

farm cheese: a mild, firm pressed cheese

farm worker: a person who is hired to work on a farm

fruit farm: a farm where fruit is grown

funny farm: a psychiatric hospital

granny farm: a home where old people are cared for

health farm: A health farm is a hotel where people go to get fitter or lose weight by exercising and eating special food.

mixed farm: a farm which combines arable and livestock farming

oyster farm: a place where oysters are cultivated for food or pearls

prison farm: a farm attached to a prison, where prisoners carry out hard labour

puppy farm: an establishment, often with poor conditions for housing the animals, where puppies are bred for profit

remote farm: A farm is an area of land, together with the buildings on it, that is used for growing crops or raising animals, usually in order to sell them.

salmon farm: an enclosed area of water devoted to the rearing of salmon for food

server farm: a collection of computer servers (usually in a business, organization, etc) used to accomplish tasks for which multiple machines are needed

sewage farm: a place where sewage is treated, esp for use as manure

sheep farm: an area of land used for raising sheep

stock farm: a farm on which livestock is bred

troll farm: an organized group of internet trolls aiming to disrupt an online community

trout farm: a lake or other enclosed area of water where trout are bred for food

truck farm: a market garden

battery farm: a farm that uses batteries for raising poultry

factory farm: a farm in which animals are bred and fattened using modern industrial methods

farm labourer: a person engaged in physical work on a farm

farm produce: agricultural products regarded collectively

organic farm: a farm where organic methods are used for agriculture and animal husbandry

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Однокоренные слова:

farm out - сдавать в аренду, отдавать на откуп, отдавать часть работы другому

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