Adverb: быстро скоро крепко часто
Adjective: быстрый скорый крепкий прочный
Verb: поститься голодать говеть
Noun: пост причал говенье штрек


fast-food chain - сеть ресторанов быстрого обслуживания

fast hardening concrete - быстротвердеющий бетон

to observe a fast - соблюдать пост

fast and loose - непостоянный, изменчивый, ненадёжный

to sleep fast - крепко спать

to lay fast - заключать в тюрьму

at a fast pace - на большой скорости

brisk pace, fast pace, rapid pace - скорый, быстрый шаг

fast pace - скорый, быстрый шаг

he is a fast worker - он быстро работает

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My watch is fast. - Мои часы спешат.

I'm a fast learner. - Я быстро учусь.

How fast can you run? - Как быстро вы бегаете?

He ran as fast as he could. - Он бежал так быстро, как только мог.

Before the medical exam, you must fast. - Перед медосмотром необходимо воздержаться от пищи.

We are going too fast. - Мы идём слишком быстро.

They held fast to their beliefs. - Они твёрдо держались своих убеждений.

His hands were tied fast. - Его руки были крепко-накрепко связаны.

Catholics sometimes fast during Lent - Католики иногда постятся во время Великого поста

He lived at a fast pace. - Он жил в быстром темпе.

How fast can he get here? - Как быстро он может оказаться здесь?

News travels fast. - Новости распространяются быстро.

How fast can you type? - Как быстро вы можете печатать (набирать текст)?

The car was going too fast. - Автомобиль ехал слишком быстро.

The dog runs really fast. - Эта собака очень быстро бегает.

How fast the years run by! - Как быстро летят годы!

He is a fast study. - Он быстро учится.

She's a very fast runner. - Она бегает очень быстро.

The window was stuck fast. - Окно заклинило.

She was driving pretty fast. - Она ехала довольно быстро.

Kids grow up fast these days. - В наше время дети растут быстро.

The next bush was fast beside me. - Следующий куст был как раз рядом со мной.

The cake went fast. - Пирог был тут же съеден.

He ran powerful fast. - Он бежал очень быстро.

We took the faster route. - Мы выбрали самый быстрый маршрут.

Her heart was beating fast. - Её сердце быстро билось.

He matured fast. - Он быстро повзрослел.

His car goes wicked fast. - Его автомобиль едет угрожающе быстро.

She walks plagu(e)y fast. - Она ходит ужасно быстро.

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Связанные термины:

fast by: close or hard by; very near

acid-fast: (of bacteria and tissues ) resistant to decolorization by mineral acids after staining

fast buck: money made easily or quickly and sometimes unscrupulously

fast day: a religious holy day, etc. observed by fasting

fast food: Fast food is hot food, such as hamburgers and chips, that you obtain from particular types of restaurant, and which is served quickly after you order it.

fast lane: On a motorway, the fast lane is the part of the road where the vehicles that are travelling fastest go .

fast one: a shrewd action, esp. when unscrupulous or dishonest ; an unfair trick, deceitful practice, dishonest dealing, etc

fast pace: The pace of something is the speed at which it happens or is done.

fast talk: fervent, deceptive patter

fast time: → daylight saving time

tub-fast: (in the past ) a period of fasting and sweating in a hot tub, intended as a cure for venereal disease

fast-acting: taking effect quickly

fast-action: taking effect quickly

fast asleep: Someone who is fast asleep or sound asleep is sleeping deeply.

fast bowler: a bowler who characteristically delivers the ball rapidly

fast break: a play, as in basketball, in which a team quickly moves down the playing area in an attempt to score before an adequate defense can be set up

fast casual: a style of fast food involving healthier, fresher, and more varied dishes than traditional fast food, served in more attractive surroundings

fast motion: action that appears to have occurred at a faster speed than that at which it was filmed

fast-moving: moving or capable of moving quickly

fast pitch: a variety of softball in which the ball is pitched at a high speed with an underhand motion

fast speed: The speed of something is the rate at which it moves or travels .

fast track: The fast track to a particular goal, especially in politics or in your career, is the quickest route to achieving it.

fast worker: a person who achieves results quickly, esp in seductions

light-fast: (of a dye or dyed article ) unaffected by light

relay fast: (esp in India ) a form of protest in which a number of persons go without food by turns

stand fast: to maintain one's position firmly

a fast one: a deceptive act

fast breeder: a nuclear reactor that uses little or no moderator and produces more fissionable material than it consumes

fast dissolve: a transition that fades out one scene and replaces it with another, merging the two scenes imperceptibly

fast fashion: the reproduction of highly fashionable clothes at high speed and low cost

fast-flowing: flowing rapidly

fast follower: a company that is quick to pick up good new ideas from other companies

fast-forward: When you fast forward the tape in a video or tape recorder or when you fast forward, you make the tape go forwards. Comparerewind .

fast-growing: growing very quickly

fast neutron: a neutron produced by nuclear fission that has lost little energy by collision ; a neutron with a kinetic energy in excess of 0.1 MeV

fast reactor: a nuclear reactor using little or no moderator, fission being caused by fast neutrons

fast-selling: selling quickly and in large quantities

fast-tracker: a person who is being fast-tracked for promotion

fast-tracking: the practice of speeding up the progress of a project or person

a fast buck: easily gained money

to hold fast: If you hold something fast, you hold it tightly and firmly. If something is stuck fast, it is stuck very firmly and cannot move.

hard and fast: If you say that there are no hard and fast rules, or that there is no hard and fast information about something, you are indicating that there are no fixed or definite rules or facts .

the fast lane: If you say that someone lives their life in the fast lane, you mean that they live in a way which seems full of activity and excitement but which often involves a lot of pressure .

thick and fast: If things happen thick and fast, they happen very quickly and in large numbers .

break one's fast: to eat food for the first time after fasting, or for the first time in the day

fast-food chain: a chain of restaurants serving fast food

fast-food industry: the industry surrounding fast-food restaurants

pull a fast one: to succeed in tricking someone in order to get an advantage

fast-breeder reactor: A fast-breeder reactor or a fast-breeder is a kind of nuclear reactor that produces more plutonium than it uses.

fast-food restaurant: A restaurant is a place where you can eat a meal and pay for it. In restaurants your food is usually served to you at your table by a waiter or waitress .

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Однокоренные слова:

fasten - скрепить, закреплять, прикреплять, прикрепляться, застегиваться, застегивать
fasting - пост, натощак, постящийся
fastness - стойкость, прочность, крепость, цитадель, оплот, твердыня
faster - быстрее
unfast - стойкий, непрочный, легколиняющий

Связанные слова: