Noun: перья


make the feathers fly - создать дисгармонию; создать беспорядок; создать путаницу

preen feathers - наводить красоту; прихорашиваться

preen one's feathers - прихорашиваться; охорашиваться; прихорошиться

smooth one's ruffled feathers - прийти в себя; оправиться

saddle feathers - поясничные перья; перья коченя

straight silky feathers - прямые шелковистые щётки

smooth rumpled feathers - привести себя в порядок; прийти в себя; успокоиться

stiff feathers - жёсткие перья; грубые перья

main tail feathers - большие рулевые перья хвоста

ruffle feathers - раздражать; огорчать

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Stick some feathers in the turkey before you serve it. - Перед подачей на стол украсьте индейку несколькими перьями.

Fine feathers make fine birds. посл. - Одежда красит человека.

The hunter plucked the bird's feathers. - Охотник ощипал птичьи перья.

Birds puff up their feathers to keep warm. - Птицы топорщат перья, чтобы удержать тепло.

Her round hat was surcharged with feathers. - Её круглая шляпа была перегружена перьями.

The robin shook its feathers and flew away. - Малиновка отряхнула пёрышки и улетела.

the shimmer of colors on iridescent feathers - мерцание цветовых оттенков на радужном оперенье (птицы)

Eagles moult off their feathers, and so become bald. - Орлы сбрасывают перья и становятся лысыми.

Three young owls with their feathers turned wrong end to. - Три совёнка с перьями, развёрнутыми не туда.

The oil in a duck's feathers repels the water from its body. - Жир на перьях утки отталкивает воду.

When the weather is cold, birds fluff out their feathers so as to keep warm. - Когда становится холодно, птицы распушают перья, чтобы согреться.

the hawk's reddish hind feathers - красноватые хвостовые перья этого ястреба

A bird's body is covered in feathers. - Птичье тело покрыто перьями.

a subterminal band of color on the tail feathers - цветная полоса почти в самом конце хвостового оперения

The bird's colorful feathers are used to attract a mate. - Красочные перья эти птицы используют для привлечения партнёра.

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Связанные термины:

feather: A bird's feathers are the soft covering on its body. Each feather consists of a lot of smooth hairs on each side of a thin stiff centre.

feather key: a rectangular key connecting the keyways of a shaft and a hub of a gear, pulley, etc., fastened in one keyway and free to slide in the other so that the hub can drive or be driven by the shaft at various positions along it

ice feathers: a delicate structure of crystals of ice that builds on the windward side of objects

ruffle feathers: to cause upset or offence

contour feathers: feathers that form the surface plumage of a bird and determine the outer contour, including the wing and tail feathers

fuss and feathers: an excessively elaborate or pretentious display; ostentation

smooth ruffled feathers: to make people who are angry or offended by what someone has said feel calmer and happier

cock feather: the odd-coloured feather set on the shaft of an arrow at right angles to the nock

feather cut: a way of cutting hair into spiky, feather-like points

sea feather: any of several anthozoans with the skeleton branched into a featherlike form, as the sea pen

tail feather: one of the feathers making up a bird's tail

ruffle someone's feathers: to say or do something which upsets or annoys someone

contour feather: any of the feathers that cover the body of an adult bird, apart from the wings and tail, and determine its shape

flight feather: any of the large stiff feathers that cover the wings and tail of a bird and are adapted for flying

peacock feather: a ( distinctive and brightly coloured) feather from the peacock

primary feather: any of the flight feathers growing from the manus of a bird's wing

prince's feather: an amaranthaceous garden plant, Amaranthus hybridus hypochondriacus, with spikes of bristly brownish-red flowers

shaft feather: one of the two fletchings on an arrow

sickle feather: any of the elongated tail feathers of certain birds, esp the domestic cock

white feather: a symbol or mark of cowardice

to ruffle someone's feathers: To ruffle someone's feathers means to cause them to become very angry, nervous, or upset .

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Однокоренные слова:

feather in - сработаться, с коллективом, перо

Связанные слова: