Adjective: федеральный союзный правительственный
Noun: федералист


federal budget - федеральный бюджет

federal officials - правительственные чиновники

federal funds - амер. федеральные средства

federal litigation - амер. тяжба в федеральном суде

federal official - амер. федеральный чиновник

federal policy - федеральная политика

federal prison - амер. федеральная тюрьма

federal union - федеральный союз, федерация

federal-chartered - уполномоченный федеральным правительством

federal claimant agency - федеральная организация - заявитель на услуги транспорта

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Federal Work Agency - Федеральное управление по трудоустройству (в США)

The forest is protected by federal law. - Этот лес охраняется общегосударственным законом.

Federal Reserve Bank - Федеральный резервный банк (в США)

Federal Republic of Germany - Федеративная Республика Германия, ФРГ

Federal Reserve Board - Федеральное резервное управление

Federal Republic of Nigeria - Федеративная Республика Нигерия

Federal Energy Administration - Федеральное энергетическое управление (в США)

Federal Housing Administration - Федеральное управление жилищного строительства (в США)

Switzerland is a federal republic. - Швейцария — это федеративная республика.

She works for the federal government. - Она работает на федеральное правительство.

a federal union of the several states - федеративный союз отдельных государств

Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics - Сборник федеральной судебной статистики

We will reduce the federal budget deficit. - Мы сократим дефицит федерального бюджета.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - Федеративная республика Югославия

Federal Highway Administration - Федеральное управление шоссейных дорог (в США)

Federal Aviation Administration - Федеральное управление гражданской авиации (Министерства транспорта США)

an act chargeable under federal law - деяние, наказуемое в соответствии с федеральным законом

Federal Railroad Administration - Федеральное управление железных дорог (в США)

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Федеральное бюро расследований

He was convicted in federal court. - Он был осуждён федеральным судом.

furniture made in the Federal style - мебель, изготовленная в федеральном стиле

Federal Communications Administration - Федеральное управление связи (в США)

Federal rights pre-empt State rights. - Федеральные права имеют преимущество над правами штата.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Федеральная корпорация по страхованию депозитов, ФКСД

the former Federal Republic of Germany - бывшая Федеративная Республика Германия

The city is home to a federal arsenal. - В этом городе располагается государственный арсенал.

We pay federal, state, and local taxes. - Мы платим федеральные, государственные и местные налоги.

Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros - Федеральная Исламская Республика Коморские Острова

No mail is delivered on federal holidays. - Во время государственных праздников почта не доставляется.

Federal agents put a wiretap on his phone. - Федеральные агенты поставили прослушку на его телефон.

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Связанные термины:

Federal court: a court which rules on cases involving the Constitution, federal laws and interstate crimes

federal agency: An agency is a government organization responsible for a certain area of administration .

federal holiday: a day which is a national holiday at the behest of the Federal Government

Federal Reserve: In the United States, the Federal Reserve is the central banking system, which is responsible for setting policy on monetary matters such as money supply and interest rates .

Distrito Federal: a district in S central Brazil, containing Bras ília: detached from Goiás state in 1960. Pop: 2 145 839 (2002). Area: 5815 sq km (2245 sq miles)

federal district: an area used as the seat of central government in a federal system

Federal Government: the national government of a federated state, such as that of Australia located in Canberra

federal funds rate: The federal funds rate is the overnight rate between banks .

federal land bank: one of 12 banks that extends long-term mortgage credit to crop farmers and cattle raisers, to buy land, or for other agricultural purposes

Federal Reserve Bank: the bank operating under the Federal Reserve Board that regulates banks within a Federal Reserve District

Federal Reserve note: a bank note issued by the Federal Reserve Banks and now serving as the prevailing paper currency in circulation in the US

federal crop insurance: insurance against the failure of certain crops provided to farmers and producers by the Federal Government

Federal Maritime Board: the body responsible for regulating commerce by US and international shipping in US waters

Federal Reserve System: (in the US) a banking system consisting of twelve Federal Reserve Districts, each containing member banks regulated and served by a Federal Reserve Bank . It operates under the supervision of the Federal Reserve Board and performs functions similar to those of the Bank of England

Federal Trade Commission: a U.S. federal agency whose duty is to investigate unfair methods of competition in business, fraudulent advertising, etc., and to restrain or prosecute those charged with such practices

Federalist Party: the American political party founded in 1787 and led initially by Alexander Hamilton . It took an active part in the shaping of the US Constitution and thereafter favoured strong centralized government and business interests

Federal Bureau of Prisons: the agency of the US Department of Justice responsible for the administration of prisons

Federal Capital Territory: an administrative division of Nigeria, in the centre. Capital: Abuja ( also national capital). Pop: 1 405 201 (2006). Area: 7315 sq km (2824 sq miles)

Progressive Federal Party: a political party, formed in 1977 by a merger between the Progressive Party and members of the United Party, supporting qualified franchise for all South Africans irrespective of race, colour, or creed ; merged with other parties in 1989 to form the Democratic Party

Federal Aviation Administration: the body which regulates all aspects of civil aviation

Federal Bureau of Investigation: a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice whose duty is to investigate violations of certain federal laws

Federal Communications Commission: a U.S. federal agency whose duty is to regulate communication by telephone, telegraph, radio, TV, cable TV, and satellite

Federal Housing Administration: a federal agency that insures residential mortgages and assists certain groups of home buyers

Federal Republic of Germany: the official name of Germany, formerly used to refer to West Germany

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: a former country in SE Europe, comprising Serbia and Montenegro, that was formed in 1991 but not widely internationally recognized until 2000; it was replaced by the Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003 ( dissolved 2006)

Federal Insurance Contributions Act: a law requiring that employees and employers alike contribute towards the cost of Social Security and Medicare

the Federal Communications Commission: a body which oversees and regulates non-federal broadcast media in the United States, interstate, and international communications

FRB: Federal Reserve Board : the government-appointed board that runs the Federal Reserve Bank and sets interest rates

FDA: Food and Drug Administration : a federal agency responsible for monitoring trading and safety standards in the food and drug industries

Fedwire: The Fedwire is an electronic system for transferring large sums of money and securities between banks .

FRG: Federal Republic of Germany

Fannie Mae: (in the US) an informal name for the Federal National Mortgage Association : a private company that buys and sells mortgage debt

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Freddie Mac: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation : a corporation sponsored by the federal government which issues securities backed by pools of residential mortgages purchased from lending institutions

West Germany: a former republic in N central Europe, on the North Sea: established in 1949 from the zones of Germany occupied by the British, Americans, and French after the defeat of Nazi Germany; a member of the European Community ; reunited with East Germany in 1990

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Однокоренные слова:

federalist - федералист
federalism - федерализм
federally - по принципу федерации, федерально, на федеральном, общегосударственном уровне
federalize - федерализировать, создавать федерацию, образовывать федерацию, союз

Связанные слова: