Verb: кормить кормиться питать питаться
Noun: корм подача питание кормление
Adjective: кормовой загрузочный


to feed a child - кормить ребёнка

data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="9481">feed data-word-id="9">in data - вводить, загружать данные

to feed the baby on demand - кормить ребёнка столько раз, сколько он попросит

to feed a dog - кормить собаку

to feed / flatter smb.'s ego - льстить кому-л., льстить чьему-л. самолюбию

to feed a family - содержать семью

to feed suspicions - подогревать подозрения

data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="9481">feed data into a computer - вводить данные в компьютер

to throw in feed - включать подачу

to feed on dead flesh - питаться падалью

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Have you fed the cat? - Ты покормил кошку?

She's had a good feed. - Её хорошо накормили.

Frogs generally feed at night. - Лягушки, как правило, питаются в ночное время.

Visitors must not feed the animals. - Посетителям запрещается кормить животных.

He feeds on her insecurity - Он пользуется её беззащитностью.

Feed the tomatoes once a week. - Подкармливайте помидоры раз в неделю.

The farmer is feeding up the chickens for Christmas. - Фермер откармливает цыплят к Рождеству.

We fed the horses with apples, oats, and hay. - Мы накормили лошадей яблоками, овсом и сеном.

The sound is fed directly to the headphones. - Звук подаётся непосредственно в наушники.

Her success feeds her vanity. - Успех подпитывает её тщеславие.

Blood vessels feed blood to the brain. - Кровеносные сосуды снабжают мозг кровью.

A whole family can feed off a chicken as big as this! - Целая семья может прокормиться такой огромной курицей!

Let your baby feed as long as she wants. - Пусть ваша малышка ест, сколько хочет.

We feed a lawyer to act for us. - Мы взяли адвоката для ведения нашего дела.

Certain animals feed on insects. - Некоторые животные питаются насекомыми.

She's too weak to feed herself. - Она слишком слаба, чтобы самостоятельно есть.

He should pay for the feed of his cow. - Ему следует заплатить за корм для коровы.

This dish feeds six. - Этого блюда хватит на шестерых.

He has four mouths to feed. - У него четверо иждивенцев / Ему надо прокормить четверых.

We brought along pieces of old bread and fed the birds. - Мы принесли засохший хлеб и покормили птиц.

They fed erroneous information to us. - Они дали нам неверную информацию.

He is so weak that he cannot feed himself. - Он настолько слаб, что не может сам есть.

Owls feed on mice and other small animals. - Совы питаются мышами и другими мелкими животными.

The drinking and the guilt fed on each other. - Пьянство и чувство вины подпитывали друг друга.

She was feeding documents into a paper shredder. - Она засовывала документы в измельчитель бумаги.

US intelligence had been feeding false information to a KGB agent. - Американская разведка сливала ложные сведения агенту КГБ.

Dogs fed on oil or sugar become diseased. - Собаки, которых кормят растительным маслом или сахаром, заболевают.

Cholera feeds upon impurities of every sort. - Любая грязь является питательной средой для холеры.

He could not feed us, only lodge and drink us. - Он не мог нас кормить, только давал нам пристанище и снабжал выпивкой.

He needed money to feed his addiction to gambling. - Ему нужны были деньги, чтобы утолить свою страсть к игре.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you feed someone up, you encourage them to eat extra food so that they put on weight.

If you feed someone up, you encourage them to eat extra food so that they put on weight.

Связанные термины:

fee: A fee is a sum of money that you pay to be allowed to do something.

feed on: to take as food; eat

feed up: If you feed someone up, you encourage them to eat extra food so that they put on weight .

drip-feed: If you drip-feed money into something, you pay the money a little at a time rather than paying it all at once.

feed bag: a bag filled with grain, fastened over a horse's muzzle for feeding

feed pump: A feed pump is a pump that moves a fluid such as a fuel at a controlled rate .

feed type: The feed type is the type of hydrocarbon which a refinery uses for a particular product.

form feed: a printer command that causes the printer to start printing on a new sheet of paper

hand-feed: to feed by hand

line feed: the action of making paper on printer move by one line

red feed: any of several red, surface-living, saltwater copepods (esp. Calanus finmarchicus ), used as food by fishes

bottle-feed: If you bottle-feed a baby, you give it milk or a liquid like milk in a bottle rather than the baby sucking milk from its mother's breasts .

breast-feed: When a woman breast-feeds her baby, she feeds it with milk from her breasts, rather than from a bottle .

feed grains: grains used to feed livestock

float-feed: (of a fuel system) controlled by a float operating a needle valve

foliar feed: a substance containing nutrients that is applied to the leaves of a plant

force-feed: If you force-feed a person or animal, you make them eat or drink by pushing food or drink down their throat .

sheet feed: the part of a computer printer where sheets of paper can be inserted and are then fed through the machine one at a time

spoon-feed: If you think that someone is being given too much help with something and is not making enough effort themselves, you can say they are being spoon-fed .

stall-feed: to keep and feed (an animal) in a stall, esp as an intensive method of fattening it for slaughter

stream feed: (on a photocopier, printer ) a continuous supply of paper

chicken feed: If you think that an amount of money is so small it is hardly worth having or considering, you can say that it is chicken feed .

cracker feed: Cracker feed is the raw materials used in different cracking processes.

friction feed: a device for feeding paper into a printer by gripping sheets between rollers

pressure-feed: a system in which the supply of material is maintained by applied pressure

feed a habit: A habit is an action which is considered bad that someone does repeatedly and finds it difficult to stop doing.

cut sheet feed: the automatic movement of single sheets of paper through the platen of the printer

feed a family: A family is a group of people who are related to each other, especially parents and their children.

feed-in tariff: a payment above the market rate paid to a small-scale producer of renewable energy by a large energy provider

mouths to feed: If you have a number of mouths to feed, you have the responsibility of earning enough money to feed and look after that number of people.

off one's feed: without appetite for food; somewhat sick

single-sheet feed: a mechanism for feeding or taking single sheets of paper into a printer

feedback: If you get feedback on your work or progress, someone tells you how well or badly you are doing, and how you could improve . If you get good feedback you have worked or performed well.

feedwater: water, previously purified to prevent scale deposit or corrosion, that is fed to boilers for steam generation

force-fed: to force (a person or animal) to eat or swallow food

put on the feed bag: to eat a meal

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Однокоренные слова:

feed back - возвращать, обеспечивать обратной, оборот продукта, обратная связь
feed down - использовать
feed off - откармливать на убой или на продажу, откармливать на убой, сматывать с барабана
feed on - питать, питаться
feed out - делать боковую передачу, передавать мяч в сторону, откармливать животное,
feed up - подкармливать, откармливать, усиленно питать

Связанные слова: