Verb: чувствовать себя чувствовать ощущать испытывать
Noun: ощущение вкус чутье осязание


to express / feel consternation - пугаться, чувствовать испуг

to feel contrition - раскаиваться, сожалеть

to feel delight - наслаждаться

to feel depressed about the future - не ждать от будущего ничего хорошего

to feel a desire - испытывать желание

to feel disagreeable - чувствовать себя неловко

to feel disgust - чувствовать отвращение

to feel dismay - пугаться

to feel dissatisfaction - чувствовать недовольство

to feel a distaste - испытывать отвращение

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I really feel for you. - Я вам искренне сочувствую.

It feels like rain. - Вероятно, будет дождь.

I feel dizzy. - У меня сильное головокружение.

Velvet feels soft. - Бархат мягок на ощупь.

Feel free to ask questions. - Не стесняйтесь задавать вопросы.

I feel achy all over. - Мне нездоровится.

I feel it my duty to help the poor. - Я считаю своим долгом помогать бедным.

I feel a lot better. - Я чувствую себя намного лучше.

Do you feel all right? - Вы нормально себя чувствуете?

I feel so cold! - Мне так холодно! / Я так замёрз!

I don't feel very well. - Я не очень хорошо себя чувствую. / Что-то мне нехорошо.

I feel stuffed. - Я чувствую, что переел / наелся до отвала.

I feel ready to drop. - Я падаю с ног от усталости.

Play slowly until you feel the house. - Играй не спеша, пока не поймёшь настроение собравшихся.

Your hand feels cold. - У тебя холодная рука.

I feel worse today. - Сегодня мне хуже.

I feel a bit better now. - Сейчас я чувствую себя немного лучше.

I feel lousy today. - Я сегодня паршиво себя чувствую.

It feels nice to be home again. - Как хорошо снова быть дома.

The skin doesn't feel alike everywhere. - Кожа не везде имеет одинаковую чувствительность.

Do you still feel hungry? - Вы всё ещё голодны? / Всё ещё хочешь есть? / Ты ещё не наелся?

She let me have a quick feel. - Она позволила мне чуть-чуть пощупать себя.

I feel very bitter it. - Мне это очень больно.

I feel there right at home. - Там я чувствую себя совершенно как дома.

Do you feel a draft? - Чувствуешь сквозняк? / Чувствуешь, каким холодом веет? (неприязнь со стороны окружающих)

Did you feel a bump? - Ты почувствовал удар /толчок/?

"I feel sick," he told his mom. - — Мне плохо /Меня тошнит/, — сказал он маме.

I feel a kinda groggy. - Что-то меня пошатывает. / Что-то голова кружится.

The heat made him feel quite faint. - Из-за жары он чувствовал себя на грани обморока.

The whole nation feels with the families of those who were drowned in the great floods. - Вся страна сострадает семьям погибших от наводнения.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

feel up: to fondle sexually

feel-bad: causing or characterized by feelings of unhappiness or depression

feel for: If you feel for something, for example in the dark, you try to find it by moving your hand around until you touch it.

feel free: You say ' feel free ' when you want to give someone permission to do something, in a very willing way .

feel-good: A feel-good film is a film which presents people and life in a way which makes the people who watch it feel happy and optimistic.

feel like: to have an inclination (for something or doing something)

feel out: to find out the opinions or attitude of by a cautious and indirect approach

feel pride: Pride is a feeling of satisfaction which you have because you or people close to you have done something good or possess something good.

feel small: to be humiliated or inferior

feel cheated: If you feel cheated, you feel that you have been let down or treated unfairly.

feel sympathy: If you have sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation, you are sorry for them, and show this in the way you behave towards them.

feel up to: to be fit enough for (something or doing something)

feel oneself: to be fit and sure of oneself

artificial feel: a system, used in aircraft that have fully powered control surfaces, providing the pilot with simulated aerodynamic forces on the controls

feel compelled: If you feel compelled to do something, you feel that you must do it, because it is the right thing to do.

feel no pain: to be drunk

feel constrained: If you feel constrained to do something, you feel that you must do it, even though you would prefer not to.

feel one's way: to move or advance cautiously, by or as if by groping

feel the pinch: If a person or company is feeling the pinch, they do not have as much money as they used to, and so they cannot buy the things they would like to buy.

feel an obligation: If you have an obligation to do something, it is your duty to do that thing.

feel-good factor: When journalists refer to the feel-good factor, they mean that people are feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future.

feel one's oats: to feel exuberant

feel the benefit: The benefit of something is the help that you get from it or the advantage that results from it.

feel the draught: to be short of money

get the feel of: If you get the feel of something, for example a place or a new activity, you become familiar with it.

feel a responsibility: If you think that you have a responsibility to do something, you feel that you ought to do it because it is morally right to do it.

feel (like) oneself: to feel normally healthy, fit, etc.

feel strongly about: to have decided opinions concerning

feel the effect of: The effect of one thing on another is the change that the first thing causes in the second thing.

feel the weight of: If you talk about the weight of something, you mean that it is large in amount or has great power, which means that it is difficult to oppose or fight against.

to feel your oats: to feel exuberant or high-spirited

feel in one's bones: to have an intuition of

feel a million dollars: to feel very healthy and happy

make someone feel small: to deliberately say or do something which makes someone look or feel stupid, especially in front of other people.

to feel obliged to do: to feel obligated to do

be/feel/look (half) dead: If you say that you feel dead or are half dead, you mean that you feel very tired or ill and very weak .

feel something in your bones: to feel very strongly that you are right about something, although you cannot explain why

I know (how you feel, etc): You use ' I know ' to express sympathy and understanding towards someone.

look or feel (like) a million dollars: to look or feel extremely well

take someone's pulse/feel someone's pulse: When someone takes your pulse or feels your pulse, they find out how quickly your heart is beating by feeling the pulse in your wrist .

to feel something in your bones in o's bones: If you say that you feel or know something in your bones, you are indicating that you are certain about it, although you cannot explain why.

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Однокоренные слова:

feel about - нащупывать, шарить, двигаться ощупью
feel out - выяснять мнение, выпускать щупальце, выведывать, разузнавать
feel up to - быть в состоянии

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