Noun: ноги стопы лапы


to have feet of clay / clay feet - стоять на глиняных ногах

to be dead on one's feet - валиться с ног от усталости.

to put one's feet up - бездельничать

billions standard cubic feet daily - млрд. нормальных кубических футов в день

pull the carpet away from under feet - выбивать почву из-под ног; выбить почву из-под ног

carry somebody off his feet - сильно взволновать кого-либо; сильно возбудить кого-либо

cattle feet handling - обработка ног крупного рогатого скота

chafe numbed feet - растирать окоченевшие ноги

closing the feet - приставляющий ногу; приставление ноги

get cold feet - смалодушничать; трусить

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Your feet smell! - Твои ноги воняют!

The dog lay at her feet. - Собака лежала у неё в ногах.

Take your feet off the seats. - Уберите ноги с сидений.

Joan unshod her feet. - Джоан сняла обувь.

He bounced to his feet - Он вскочил на ноги.

Wipe your feet on the mat. - Вытирайте ноги о коврик.

a fall of three feet - падение с высоты трёх футов

She is five feet tall. - Её рост — пять футов.

She stands 6 feet tall. - Её рост — шесть футов.

He stands six feet three. - Его рост шесть футов три дюйма. (примерно 190 см)

All Paris was at his feet. - Весь Париж был у его ног.

He is unsteady on his feet. - Его пошатывает.

My feet were encased in mud. - Мои ступни были все в грязи.

He's only 5 feet tall. - Он всего лишь 5 футов в высоту.

He lurched to his feet. - Он, шатаясь, поднялся на ноги.

John stood 6 feet tall. - Джон был шести футов ростом (чуть больше 180 см).

a robust man of six feet - крепкий мужчина, ростом шесть футов

Gulf yawned at our feet. - Бездна разверзлась у наших ног.

30 feet of annual snowfall - годовая норма осадков в виде снега, составляющая тридцать футов

My feet are very ticklish. - Мои ноги очень боятся щекотки.

The bush is six feet high. - Высота этого куста — шесть футов.

Dig a hole three feet deep. - Выкопайте яму глубиной три фута.

The whale was 50 feet long. - Кит был 50 футов в длину.

The bridge is 140 feet long. - Длина этого моста — сто сорок футов.

The desk is three feet wide. - Ширина этого стола — три фута.

Mud was sucking at her feet. - Её ноги увязали в грязи. (букв. грязь засасывала её ноги)

This horse can clear 5 feet. - Эта лошадь берёт барьер в пять футов.

Keep your feet on the floor. - Не отрывайте ноги от пола.

The well was forty feet deep. - Глубина колодца составляла 40 футов.

The trunk is ten feet around. - Этот ствол — десяти футов в обхвате.

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Связанные термины:

foot: Your feet are the parts of your body that are at the ends of your legs, and that you stand on.

Blackfoot: a member of a group of Native American peoples formerly living in the northwestern Plains

acre-feet: the volume of water that would cover an area of 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot: equivalent to 43 560 cubic feet or 1233.5 cubic metres

cold feet: loss or lack of courage or confidence

flat feet: feet affected by a condition in which the entire sole of the foot is able to touch the ground because of flattening of the instep arch

web feet: webbed feet or toes have a piece of skin between the toes

cat's-feet: a European plant, Antennaria dioica, with whitish woolly leaves and heads of typically white flowers: family Asteraceae ( composites )

change feet: to put on different shoes, boots, etc

crow's feet: Crow's feet arewrinkles which some older people have at the outside corners of their eyes.

itchy feet: If you have itchy feet, you have a strong desire to leave a place and to travel .

webbed feet: webbed feet or toes have a piece of skin between the toes

stocking feet: → another name for stockinged feet

feet of clay: If you say that a person who is respected or admired has feet of clay or has clay feet, you mean that they have serious faults which you or other people did not know about before.

on your feet: If you are on your feet, you are standing up.

stockinged feet: → in your stockinged feet

to your feet: If you get or rise to your feet, you stand up.

drag your feet to drag your heels: If you drag your feet or drag your heels, you delay doing something or do it very slowly because you do not want to do it.

find your feet: to become more confident and learn what to do in a new situation

get cold feet: to be unsure whether you want to do something, or to become too nervous and worried to do it

get itchy feet: to become bored with the place or situation that you are in, and want to move somewhere new or start doing something new

on one's feet: standing up

to one's feet: to a standing position

ice foot: a narrow belt of ice permanently attached to the coast in polar regions

at someone's feet: as someone's disciple

drag one's feet: to act with deliberate slowness

find one's feet: to become capable or confident, as in a new job

have itchy feet: to be restless ; have a desire to travel

put your feet up: If you put your feet up, you relax or have a rest, especially by sitting or lying with your feet supported off the ground .

to get cold feet: If you get cold feet about something, you become nervous or frightened about it because you think it will fail .

under your feet: If you say that someone is under your feet, you are annoyed because they are with you or near you, and are bothering you.

acre-foot: the volume of water that would cover an area of 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot : equivalent to 43 560 cubic feet or 1233.5 cubic metres

back foot: → on the back foot

bird's-foot: a European leguminous plant, Ornithopus perpusillus, with small red-veined white flowers and curved pods resembling a bird's claws

board foot: a unit of board measure: the cubic content of a piece of wood one foot square and one inch thick

claw foot: a foot with claws

club foot: If someone has a club foot, they are born with a badly twisted foot.

polt-foot: having a club foot

spade foot: a spadelike projection at the end of a chair leg

tube foot: any of numerous tubular outgrowths of the body wall of most echinoderms that are used as organs of locomotion and respiration and to aid ingestion of food

caa the feet frae: to send (a person) sprawling

dead on your feet: extremely tired

fall on one's feet: to emerge unexpectedly well from a difficult situation

fall on your feet: to find yourself in a good situation, which you think is the result of luck and not your own efforts

get one's feet wet: to begin to participate in something

get your feet wet: to get involved in something or experience something for the first time

have two left feet: to be very clumsy

out on one's feet: dazed or stunned, but still standing

put one's feet up: to rest

self-levelling feet: (on furniture, washing-machines, etc) a foot that adjusts to let the item in question stand in a steady position

think on your feet: to make good decisions and achieve things without having to think about them or plan them first

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Однокоренные слова:

feetless - безногий

Связанные слова: