Adjective: немного немногие немногочисленные
Noun: незначительное число малое число меньшинство


visits are few and far between - посещения редки

a blitz of commercials every few minutes - реклама врывается каждые пять минут

a few stars - несколько звёзд

in a few days - через несколько дней

starting with a few abstract principles - отталкиваясь от нескольких теоретических принципов

a few weeks in early summer - несколько недель в начале лета

one of our few pleasures - одно из немногих наших удовольствий

every few miles - через каждые несколько миль

for the past few years - за последние несколько лет

precious / very few - очень немногие, совсем незначительное количество

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I have a few friends in this town. - В этом городе у меня есть несколько друзей.

The fewer the better. посл. - Чем меньше, тем лучше.

Many are invited but few are chosen. - Много званных, но мало избранных.

His ideas are very difficult, and few people understand them. - Его идеи очень сложны, и мало кто их понимает.

They may be fewer in number than was supposed. - Их может оказаться меньше, чем предполагалось.

There are precious few of them left. - Их осталось очень мало.

Not many people came, but the few people who did enjoyed themselves. - Народу было немного, но те, кто всё же пришёл, повеселились от души.

a few more wagons than usual - несколько больше вагонов, чем обычно

He caught fewer fish than the rest of us. - Он поймал меньше рыбы, чем все остальные из нас.

Each volunteer spent one night a week in the cathedral. A few spent two. - Каждый из добровольцев один раз в неделю ночевал в соборе. Некоторые ночевали два раза в неделю.

Few women have led troops in battle. - Мало кто из женщин вёл войска в бой.

There are fewer children at the school this year. - В этом году в школе меньше детей.

An invalid's pleasures are few and far between. - Удовольствий у инвалидов мало, и случаются они редко.

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Связанные термины:

the few: a small number of people considered as a class

few quid: A quid is a pound in money.

few thing: You can use thing to refer to any object, feature, or event when you cannot, need not, or do not want to refer to it more precisely .

as few as: You use as few as before a number to suggest that it is surprisingly small.

chosen few: → the chosen few

not a few: several

a good few: You use not a few when you are referring to quite a lot of things or people. You can also use a good few in this way, mainly in British English.

have a few: to consume several ( or too many) alcoholic drinks

few exceptions: An exception is a particular thing, person, or situation that is not included in a general statement, judgment, or rule.

of few words: not talkative

the chosen few: a small group who are treated better than other people

catch a few zeds: to have a nap

say a few words: to give a brief speech

sb of few words: A person of few words says very little, especially about their opinions or feelings.

few and far between: Things that are few and far between are very rare or do not happen very often.

have a few too many: If you say that someone has had a few too many or has had a few, you mean that they have drunk too many alcoholic drinks.

of many (or few) words: talkative (or not talkative)

precious little/precious few: If you say that there is precious little of something, you are emphasizing that there is very little of it, and that it would be better if there were more. Precious few has a similar meaning.

quite a few (or bit, etc.): more than a few (or bit, etc.)

the chosen few/a chosen few/someone's chosen: The chosen few are a small group who are treated better than other people. You sometimes use this expression when you think this is unfair .

in a few etc minutes'/days'/weeks' etc time: If you say that something will happen, for example, in a week 's time or in two years ' time, you mean that it will happen a week from now or two years from now.

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Однокоренные слова:

fewness - немногочисленность
fewer - меньше, меньшее количество

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