Noun: поле область сфера месторождение
Adjective: полевой военно-полевой
Verb: выдвигать сушить на открытом воздухе отвечать экспромтом принимать мяч


field levelling book - нивелирный журнал

field record book - реферативный журнал

field without characteristic - поле без характеристик

field choked (up) with briars - поле, заросшее вереском

under field conditions - в условиях эксплуатации

to cut across the field - пойти напрямик через поле

electrical field energy - энергетика электрического поля

establish electrical field - возбуждать электрическое поле

equivalence of field ideals - эквивалентность идеалов поля

to exchange the luxury of a palace for the dangers of the field - сменить дворцовую роскошь на опасности поля битвы

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Let's cut across the field. - Давайте срежем (дорогу) через поле.

I am ignorant in this field. - Я несведущ в этой области.

The field lies back from the road. - Поле лежит за дорогой.

a field planted with corn - поле, засеянное кукурузой

The field was surrounded by trees. - Поле было окружено деревьями.

We seeded the field with corn. - Мы засеяли поле кукурузой.

advances in the field of biology - достижения в области биологии

She is a leader in the field of cosmetics. - Она является лидером в области косметики.

The newspaper had a field day with the scandal. - Благодаря скандалу газета имела невероятный успех.

The Minister fielded questions on the Middle East. - Министр ответил на вопросы по Ближнему Востоку.

I accept him as the greatest expert in this field. - Я признаю, что он является крупнейшим специалистом в этой области.

He is tops in his field. - Он мастер своего дела.

The press office fielded numerous calls from the media. - Пресс-служба ответила на многочисленные звонки от СМИ.

They will level the field. - Они выровняют поле.

The Ecology Party fielded 109 candidates. - Экологическая Партия выдвинула 109 кандидатов.

The Buckeyes fielded a young new quarterback for the Rose Bowl. - В игре за Роуз Боул (приз в студенческом американском футболе) «Бакайс» выпустили на поле нового молодого квотербека.

He planted a field of wheat. - Он посадил поле пшеницы.

Peter's an expert in his field. - Питер является экспертом в своей области.

He worked in the field during most of the day. - Большую часть дня он проработал в поле.

working in his chosen field - работая в выбранной им сфере

Fire had blackened the field. - Поле было чёрным от огня.

Roman relics found in a field - реликвии Древнего Рима, найденные в поле

He gazed out across the fields. - Он долго смотрел через поля.

The football field was 300 feet across. - Футбольное поле было триста футов в поперечнике.

a field nigh the church - поле близ церкви

Poppies dotted the field. - Поле было усеяно маками.

He tripled to right field. - Он выбил трипл (т.е. выполнил удар, после которого смог добежать до третьей базы) в правую часть поля.

He singled to right field. - Он выбил сингл (т.е. выполнил удар, после которого смог занять первую базу) в правую часть поля.

Mr Field was a real gentleman. - Мистер Филд был настоящим джентльменом.

He hit a single to right field. - Он выбил сингл в правую часть поля. (о бейсболе)

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Связанные термины:

far-field: denoting the part of an electromagnetic field that is farthest from the source

field day: a day spent in some special outdoor activity, such as nature study or sport

field gun: a gun specially designed for service in direct support of front-line troops

field pea: a strain of the common pea ( Pisum sativum var . arvense ) with mottled leaves and purplish flowers, grown for forage

gas field: A gas field is an area of natural gas underground, produced by decay of organic material.

gum field: an area of land containing buried fossilized kauri gum

ice field: a very large flat expanse of ice floating in the sea; large ice floe

oil field: an area having valuable deposits of petroleum, often, specif., one with a number of active oil wells

color-field: designating or of a style of abstract painting in which colors are applied to a canvas, often in large patches, with little variation in tone and little emphasis on form

field army: the largest formation of a land force, usually consisting of two or more corps with supporting arms and services

field corn: any variety of corn that is grown as a feed for livestock

field crop: any of the herbaceous plants grown on a large scale in cultivated fields : primarily a grain, forage, sugar, oil, or fiber crop

field drain: an underground earthenware pipe used for draining fields

field event: A field event is an athletics contest such as the high jump or throwing the discus or javelin, rather than a race .

field glass: a small telescope often incorporating a prism and held in one hand

field goal: a goal scored while the ball is in normal play rather than from a free throw

field grown: (of a plant) grown in a field rather than in a pot or other artificial environment

field guide: a handbook, usually illustrated, for use in identifying birds, plants, etc., as while hiking or camping

field hand: A field hand is someone who is employed to work on a farm .

field house: a building in which athletes can get changed, showered, etc

field judge: an official who makes rulings regarding pass receptions, fair catches, field goals, etc.

field label: a descriptive word or phrase for a field in a record, such as ' surname ', ' postcode ', etc

field layer: a thickness of some homogeneous substance, such as a stratum or a coating on a surface

field line: Physics See line of force

field mint: an herb, Mentha arvensis, of North America, having downy leaves and small flowers that grow in circles in the leaf axils

field mouse: A field mouse is a mouse with a long tail that lives in fields and woods.

field poppy: a poppy, Papaver rhoeas, that has bright red flowers and grows in cornfields . Since World War I it has been the symbol of fallen soldiers

field rank: the rank of major, lieutenant colonel, or colonel

field sport: Hunting, shooting birds, and fishing with a rod are referred to as field sports when they are done mainly for pleasure .

field study: a research project carried out in the field

field term: a university term spent in the field, such as a term spent in another country as part of a foreign language course

field test: If you field-test a new piece of equipment, you test it in a real, natural environment.

field tile: an earthenware drain used in farm drainage

field trial: a test of or contest between gun dogs to determine their proficiency and standard of training in retrieving or pointing

field trip: an expedition, as by a group of students or research workers, to study something at first hand

field vole: a small rodent, Microtus agrestis, also known as the short-tailed vole

force field: A force field is an area of energy, such as magnetic energy, that surrounds an object or place.

gold field: an area or district where gold is mined

home field: A sports team's home field is their own playing field, as opposed to that of other teams .

left-field: If you say that someone or something has come out of left field or is out in left field, you mean that they are untypical, unusual, or strange in some way.

lens field: an open tract of uncultivated grassland ; meadow

near-field: denoting the part of an electromagnetic field that is closest to the source

open-field: of or denoting the system in which an arable area was divided into unenclosed strips, esp cultivated by different tenants

paddy field: a flooded piece of land used for growing rice

right field: the area in the outfield behind the first and second basemen

wheat field: a field in which wheat is grown

barley field: a piece of land cleared of trees and undergrowth, usually enclosed with a fence or hedge and used for growing barley

broken-field: of or having to do with running in which the ball carrier zigzags so as to go past defenders and avoid being tackled by them

center field: the middle area of the outfield

Coulomb field: the electrostatic field around an electrically charged body or particle

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Однокоренные слова:

fielder - принимающий игрок
infield - часть поля у ворот, пахотная земля, обрабатываемая земля
enfield - Энфилд, город в США, Энфилд, энфилдский
fielded - сражающийся, находящийся на поле, выставлять
fielding - перемещение игрока по полю, выставлять

Связанные слова: