Noun: файл досье архив дело
Verb: подавать хранить регистрировать подшивать


cross-cut file - поперечный напильник

file expiration date - срок хранения файлов

thin file - тонкая папка

to copy a file - скопировать файл

to create a file - создать файл

to edit a file - редактировать файл

to print a file - распечатывать файл

file-shared network - сеть с файлом коллективного пользования

file cabinet - картотека

accounting file - учетный файл

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His wife's filing for divorce. - Его жена подает на развод.

These documents are kept on file. - Эти документы подшиты к делу.

She failed to file the paperwork on time. - Она не смогла подать документы вовремя.

The Morrisons have filed for divorce. - Моррисоны подали на развод.

How many people have filed for this office? - Сколько людей изъявили желание занять это место?

I attached the file to the e-mail. - Я прикрепил файл к электронному письму.

The mourners filed past the coffin. - Присутствующие на похоронах по очереди прошли мимо гроба.

The jury filed out of the courtroom. - Присяжные друг за другом вышли из зала суда.

They had the insolence to file a complaint. - У них хватило наглости подать жалобу.

She sat filing her nails. - Она сидела, обрабатывая ногти пилочкой.

File down the sharp edges. - Обработайте острые края напильником.

He had the temerity to file a grievance. - У него хватило смелости написать жалобу.

data-word-id="25">All data is stored on a central file server. - Все данные хранятся на центральном файловом сервере.

I performed a search for the file. - Я произвёл поиск файла (на компьютере).

Click on the icon to open the file. - Чтобы открыть файл, щёлкните мышкой по иконке.

She filed an application with several employment agencies. - Она послала заявление в несколько агентств по трудоустройству.

When there is a fire, it is important that people file out of the building in an orderly way. - При пожаре очень важно, чтобы люди покидали здание без паники.

The students filed into the classroom. - Студенты, один за другим, вошли в аудиторию.

She took a file from her desk drawer. - Она взяла папку с бумагами /документами/ из ящика своего письменного стола.

Key in the file name and press return. - Введите с клавиатуры название файла и нажмите "return".

Remember to save the file to your hard disk. - Не забудьте сохранить файл на жёстком диске.

To copy a file, press F3. - Чтобы скопировать файл, нажмите клавишу F3.

The file is locked for editing. - Этот файл заблокирован для редактирования.

She pulled a blue file from the shelf. - Она достала с полки синюю папку.

The Chief Inspector took a thin file out of the desk. - Старший инспектор достал из письменного стола тонкую папку.

The file is saved in MP3 format. - Файл сохраняется в формате MP3.

Copy the file to your hard drive. - Скопируйте этот файл на жёсткий диск.

It was dark as we set off in file. - Было темно, когда мы, друг за дружкой, отправились в путь.

The file was labelled 'Top Secret'. - Папка была помечена грифом "Совершенно секретно".

This type of file compresses easily. - Этот тип файла легко сжимается.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you file away a document, you put it in the correct file.

If you file away a document, you put it in the correct file.

Связанные термины:

in file: in line, one behind another

on file: recorded or catalogued for reference, as in a file

box file: a rigid file which opens like a box, usually made of strong cardboard and able to hold a large quantity of documents

card file: a data-word-id="8523">collection data-word-id="7">of cards containing data or records, arranged systematically, as in alphabetical order, in boxes or drawers

case file: a file kept on a person who is involved in a medical, legal, or social work investigation

data file: a data-word-id="9722">file containing data that is used by a computer program

file away: If you file away a document, you put it in the correct file.

file card: a card with information written on it used in a filing system

file name: an arrangement of characters that enables a computer system to permit the user to have access to a particular file

log file: a file that records all the activity that has occurred on a system

nail file: A nail file is a small strip of rough metal or card that you rub across the ends of your nails to shorten them or shape them.

text file: a file, readable by a person, that doesn't contain any codes but only contains text and numbers

work file: a data-word-id="8504">temporary data-word-id="9722">file data-word-id="6">that holds data during processing

zip file: A data-word-id="7040">zip data-word-id="9722">file data-word-id="9794">is a data-word-id="9919">computer data-word-id="9722">file containing data that has been compressed.

ASCII file: a file that uses the ASCII code

batch file: a computer file with sequential commands to be executed when the file is read

cross-file: to register as a candidate in more than one party's primary election

file clerk: a person hired to keep office files in order

file folder: a thin cardboard folder of a size to be stored in the drawer of a file cabinet and for containing correspondence and other files

file server: data-word-id="4">the data-word-id="8378">central data-word-id="9261">unit data-word-id="7">of a data-word-id="9512">local data-word-id="9916">area data-word-id="8978">network data-word-id="6">that controls data-word-id="6084">its data-word-id="9462">operation data-word-id="5">and provides data-word-id="9354">access data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="3256">separately stored data files

Indian file: → single file

master file: an original file from which duplicates are made

round file: a wastepaper basket

setup file: a file needed to set up or install a computer program

single file: a line of persons, animals, or things ranged one behind the other, either stationary or moving

sound file: an audio file that can be played by a computer or other electronic device

archive file: a single computer file that contains one or more files that have been compressed

circular file: a wastebasket

crosscut file: a file having two intersecting rows of teeth

file cabinet: A file cabinet is a piece of office furniture, usually made of metal, which has drawers in which files are kept.

file manager: a program that organizes and arranges files in a computer

file sharing: File-sharing is a method of distributing computer files, for example files containing music, among a large number of users .

floatcut file: file with rows of parallel teeth

scratch file: A scratch file is a temporary computer file which you use as a work area or as a store while a program is operating .

student file: a file containing information about each student in a school, college, etc, such as demographic information and information about grades, etc

tickler file: a difficult or delicate problem

accordion file: an expanding file made of ridged paper with separate compartments for different types of document

file a claim: If you file a claim, you make a request to an insurance company for payment of a sum of money according to the terms of an insurance policy .

file extension: a set of letters such as . doc added to the end of its name that identifies what type of file something is

file management: the work of organizing and arranging files in a computer

suspension file: a folder for documents that has protruding ends that can be hung over rails for storage

in single file: A group of people who are walking or standing in single file are in a line, one behind the other.

rank and file: The rank and file are the ordinary members of an organization or the ordinary workers in a company, as opposed to its leaders or managers .

dead-smooth file: the smoothest grade of file commonly used

file a complaint: A complaint is a statement in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular situation.

half-round file: a file having a semicircular cross-section

single-cut file: a file with teeth in one direction only: used for filing soft material

card index: A card index is a number of cards with information written on them which are arranged in a particular order, usually alphabetical, so that you can find the information you want easily .

electronic file cabinet: a device, controlled by software, for the storage and retrieval of information

file transfer protocol: file transfer protocol ; the standard protocol used to transfer files across the internet, or a similar network, between computer systems

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Однокоренные слова:

file away - спиливать, обрабатывать, отшлифовывать, уходить гуськом, уходить по одному
file down - спиливать, отшлифовывать, обрабатывать
file in - входить шеренгой
file off - спиливать, уходить гуськом, отшлифовывать, обрабатывать, уходить по одному
file out - выходить шеренгой

Связанные слова: