Noun: фильм пленка кино кинофильм
Adjective: кино-
Verb: снимать экранизировать снимать фильм сниматься в кино


film celebrity - звезда кинематографа

to deposit a film - осаждать плёнку

to develop film - проявлять плёнку

to drop into a film / book - с головой погрузиться в фильм, книгу

to make / produce / shoot a film - снимать фильм

adventure film - приключенческий фильм

pilot film - телепанорама

film converter - пленочный преобразователь

film cooling - пленочное охлаждение

corny film - картина, рассчитанная на мещанский вкус

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The film left me cold. - Кино оставило меня равнодушным.

The film runs 5 hours. - Фильм идёт пять часов.

The film began to run. - Фильм начался.

The film is a real loser. - Фильм — полный отстой.

He had filmed her life story. - Он снял фильм про её жизнь.

We really liked the film. - Фильм нам очень понравился.

The film was quite a hit. - Фильм имел большой успех.

The coronation was filmed. - Процесс коронации был снят на плёнку.

A mist filmed over the stars. - Звёзды скрылись за туманом.

How was the film? - Как фильм?

The film solarized. - Плёнку передержали.

The film was a scream! - Фильм был безумно смешной!

I'd like to see that film. - Я бы хотел увидеть этот фильм.

Filming starts in October. - Съёмки начнутся в октябре.

He studied film in college. - Он изучал кино в колледже.

The film is a sloppy romance. - Этот фильм — слезливая мелодрама.

The film was a complete flop. - Фильм полностью провалился.

The film is on general release. - Фильм вышел в широкий прокат.

A film of dust coated the table. - Стол был покрыт тонким слоем пыли.

a crap film - дерьмовый фильм

How long is the film? - Сколько длится этот фильм?

The film is set in Africa. - Действие фильма происходит в Африке.

We've got the film on tape. - У нас есть этот фильм на кассете /на плёнке/.

The film starts at 8 o'clock. - Фильм начинается в восемь часов.

the closing scene of the film - заключительная сцена фильма

the uncut version of the film - полная версия данного фильма

The film starts at 5 o'clock. - Фильм начинается в пять часов.

That film always makes me cry. - Этот фильм всегда заставляет меня плакать.

What time does the film start? - Когда начинается этот фильм?

a film with an improbable plot - кино с невероятным сюжетом

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Связанные термины:

art film: a film characterized primarily by content and technique that reflect an artistic sensibility, by psychological or social realism, etc.

cine film: photographic film, wound on a spool, usually 8, 16, or 35 millimetres wide, up to several hundred metres long, and having one or two lines of sprocket holes along its length enabling it to be used in a cine camera

cult film: a film that a certain group of people admire very much

disc film: a film in the shape of a disc made for a disc camera

film buff: a connoisseur of or expert on cinema and films

film clip: a short extract from a film

film crew: a group of people who are involved in the practical and technical business of shooting a film

film fan: a person who is very fond of watching cinema films

film noir: Film noir refers to a type of film or a style of film-making which shows the world as a dangerous or depressing place where many people suffer, especially because of the greed or cruelty of others.

film pack: a box containing several sheets of film for use in a plate camera

film role: A role is one of the characters that an actor or singer can play in a film, play, or opera .

film set: the scenery and props as arranged for shooting a film

film star: A film star is a famous actor or actress who appears in films.

film test: a filmed audition of a prospective actor or actress to test suitability

news film: a film showing main events in the news

roll film: a length of photographic film backed with opaque paper and rolled on a spool

test film: a short film that serves as an example of a longer work

thin-film: (of an electronic component, device, or circuit ) composed of one or more extremely thin layers of metal, semiconductor, etc, deposited on a ceramic or glass substrate

action film: a film with a fast-moving plot, usually containing scenes of violence

colour film: a film for use in cameras that produces coloured pictures

film badge: a strip of photographic film in a holder that is used to measure the amount of radiation to which the wearer has been exposed

film camera: a camera for taking moving pictures for a cinema film

film colour: a misty appearance produced when no lines or edges are present in the visual field

film critic: a person who reviews films, e. g . for a newspaper

film-maker: A film-maker is someone involved in making films, in particular a director or producer .

film-making: the activity or business of producing and directing films

film rating: a rating imposed by the British Board of Film Censors that indicates the minimum age of people allowed to view the film

film rights: the rights purchased from the author of a work that enable a film maker to make a film of it

film script: a script containing dialogue and directions for a film; a screenplay

film speed: the sensitivity to light of a photographic film, specified in terms of the film's ISO rating

film studio: a place where films are made

horror film: a film with a frightening storyline and atmosphere

movie film: photographic film, wound on a spool, usually 8, 16, or 35 millimetres wide, up to several hundred metres long, and having one or two lines of sprocket holes along its length enabling it to be used in a movie camera

pilot film: a film of short duration serving as a guide to a projected series

safety film: photographic film consisting of a nonflammable cellulose acetate or polyester base

sound film: a film on which sound has been or is to be recorded, as for the soundtrack of a motion picture

travel film: a filmed documentary showing travel in a certain country or region

cooking film: a plastic film used for wrapping or covering food

feature film: a full-length film, the main item in a programme

film-coating: Film-coating is a process in which a tablet, capsule, or pellet is covered by a thin layer of film to protect it or make it easier to swallow .

film company: a company dedicated to the making of motion pictures

film festival: a festival devoted to film

film industry: all the companies, studios, people etc involved in making commercial films collectively

film library: a collection of films as archives or for loan or hire

film location: A location is the place where something happens or is situated .

film première: the first performance of a particular film in a cinema

film sequence: a short piece of film or extract from a film, depicting a specific action or event

freezer film: a thin polythene material used to wrap food that is to be frozen

nitrate film: film stock using a base of cellulose nitrate : extremely flammable and tending to erode at a relatively early age

reversal film: photographic film that can be processed to produce a positive transparent image for direct projection, rather than a negative for printing

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Однокоренные слова:

filming - экранизация
filmable - фотогеничный, подходящий для экранизации, о романе
filmic - кинематографический, кинематографичный
filmily - неясно, смутно, туманно, сквозь дымку

Связанные слова: