Adjective: окончательный конечный заключительный последний
Noun: выпускные экзамены решающая игра в матче последний выпуск газеты последний заезд


irreversible / irrevocable / final decision - окончательное решение

one's final / ultimate destination - конечный пункт чьего-л. маршрута

final determination - окончательное решение

final edition - заключительный выпуск

external / final examination - выпускной экзамен

closing / final phase - заключительная стадия

as the final result - в конечном итоге

final returns - окончательные результаты выборов

final answer - окончательный ответ

final tape - выходная лента

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I fear the results of the final exams. - Я опасаюсь за результаты выпускных экзаменов.

He had just completed his final solo album. - Он только что закончил свой последний сольный альбом.

Is that your final answer? - Это ваш окончательный ответ?

He coasted through his final exams. - Выпускные экзамены он сдал без труда.

The war was entering its final phase. - Война вступала в свою заключительную стадию.

the final act of the play - заключительный акт пьесы

You need to tackle the final part first. - В первую очередь вам нужно проработать заключительную часть.

What is the final tally? - Каков окончательный счёт?

The judges' decision is final. - Решение судей является окончательным.

a final run-through of the play - финальный прогон спектакля

Pisces is the 12th and final Sign of the Zodiac. - Рыбы — это двенадцатый и последний знак Зодиака.

What was the final score? - Каков был окончательный счёт?

Let me make one final point. - Позвольте мне сделать одно последнее замечание.

The judge's decision is final - Решение судьи является окончательным.

They won their final four games. - Они выиграли заключительные четыре игры.

in the final minutes of the game - на последних минутах игры

The final runners were far behind. - Последние бегуны были далеко позади.

He failed his history final. - Он завалил выпускной экзамен по истории.

The final tally was $465,000. - Окончательная сумма составила четыреста шестьдесят пять тысяч долларов.

He failed his history finals. - Он завалил выпускной экзамен по истории.

The judge's decision is final. - Решение судьи является окончательным.

They murdered us in the final. - В финале нас просто уничтожили.

He gave a final set to his hat. - Он закончил поправлять на голове шляпу.

Does anyone know the final score? - Кто-нибудь знает итоговый счёт?

We got a real licking in the final. - В финале нас просто вынесли. (о спорте)

the final draft of the constitution - окончательный проект Конституции

his final, straining burst of speed - его последнее, натужное ускорение

a final push to win over the waverers - последнее усилие с целью привлечь неопределившихся на свою сторону

The judgment of the editors is final. - Решение редакторов является окончательным.

She messaged the final report by fax. - Итоговый отчёт она передала по факсу.

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Связанные термины:

Cup Final: the final of any cup competition

final cut: the final edited version of a film, approved by the director and producer

final cause: the end or purpose of a thing or process, as opposed to its efficient cause

final drive: The final drive is an assembly of gears in the back axle of rear-wheel drive (= with engine power going to the rear wheels ) vehicles and in the front axle of front-wheel drive (= with engine power going to the front wheels) vehicles.

Final Four: → the Final Four

final hours: An hour is a period of sixty minutes .

final month: A month is one of the twelve periods of time that a year is divided into, for example January or February .

final phase: A phase is a particular stage in a process or in the gradual development of something.

grand final: the final game of the season in any of various sports, esp football

semi-final: A semi-final is one of the two matches or races in a competition that are held to decide who will compete in the final .

final chance: If you have a chance to do something, you have the opportunity to do it.

final clause: a clause expressing intention or purpose

final curtain: → the final curtain

final demand: the last in a series of requests for payment of money owed, which usually contains a threat of legal action if the demand is ignored

final edition: the last version of a particular issue of a daily newspaper

final episode: An episode of something such as a series on radio or television or a story in a magazine is one of the separate parts in which it is broadcast or published .

final notice: a final letter or other communication sent to somebody by a creditor warning that if an obligation is not met by a specific date (usually if payment is not made) legal action will be taken

final-salary: denoting an occupational pension scheme that guarantees a specified payout, usually based on an employee's final salary and years of service

final whistle: → the final whistle

quarter-final: A quarter-final is one of the four matches in a competition which decides which four players or teams will compete in the semi-final.

final dividend: the dividend paid on the basis of a company's results for a whole financial year . The final dividend is usually voted on at a company's AGM

Final Solution: the Nazi program for killing all Jews in German-controlled lands

final examinations: educationanother term for finals (sense 2 )

the Cup Final: the annual final of the FA Cup soccer competition, played at Wembley, or the Scottish Cup, played at Hampden Park

the Final Four: the last four teams remaining in a tournament

the final curtain: the closing of the curtain at the end of the action of a play

the Final Solution: the code name used by the Nazis to refer to the plan of mass murder of the Jews

the final straw: the latest in a series of unpleasant or difficult events that makes you feel that you cannot tolerate a situation any longer

the final whistle: a blast on a referee's whistle to indicate that a game is over

the last word/the final word: If someone has the last word or the final word in a discussion, argument, or disagreement, they are the one who wins it or who makes the final decision .

in the last analysis: after everything has been given due consideration

in the final analysis/in the last analysis: You use the expression in the final analysis or in the last analysis to indicate that the statement you are making is the most important or basic aspect of an issue.

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Однокоренные слова:

finality - окончательность, завершение, законченность, заключительное действие
finalize - завершать, заканчивать, придавать окончательную форму
finally - окончательно, в конце концов, в конечном счете, в конце, в заключение, под конец
finals - выпускные экзамены
finalist - финалист

Связанные слова: