Adjective: прекрасный тонкий хороший мелкий
Noun: штраф пеня штрафная пошлина денежный побор в пользу земельного собственника
Adverb: прекрасно отлично превосходно изящно
Verb: оштрафовать штрафовать очищать очищаться


fine / subtle distinction - тонкое различие

duck's weather, fine day for ducks - дождливая погода

fine / powdery dust - мелкая пыль

a fine ear for music - хороший (музыкальный) слух

delicate / fine features - тонкие черты

to cut a (fine) figure - производить (сильное) впечатление

heavy / stiff fine - большой штраф

mandatory fine - принудительный штраф

fine for illegal parking - штраф за парковку в запрещённом месте

to impose / levy a fine on - налагать штраф

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She was fined for speeding. - Она была оштрафована за превышение скорости.

The court can impose a fine. - Суд может наложить штраф.

I feel fine, really. - Мне хорошо, правда.

You did a fine job. - Вы сделали прекрасную работу. / Вы очень хорошо поработали.

A fine friend you are! - Хорош друг!

The hills afford a fine view. - С холмов открывается прекрасный вид.

Now we have a fine mess. - Теперь у нас настоящий бардак / сам чёрт ногу сломит.

It's a fine idea. - Отличная мысль! / Здорово придумано.

The weather fined a bit. - Прояснилось.

That suits me fine. - Это меня вполне устраивает.

The weather keeps fine. - Стоит хорошая погода.

Relax! Everything's fine. - Успокойся! Все нормально.

My cold is gone — I feel fine today. - Насморк прошёл, и сегодня мне уже хорошо.

He had to pay a fine for littering. - Ему пришлось заплатить штраф за то, что он намусорил.

The house is in fine shape. - Дом находится в хорошем состоянии.

He's a fine young man. - Он прекрасный молодой человек.

A fine is to be collected from you. - На вас должен быть наложен штраф.

Fine feathers make fine birds. посл. - Одежда красит человека.

His fine voice quavered. - Его тонкий голос дрожал.

The dress fitted me fine. - Платье сидело на мне прекрасно.

I think that's a fine idea. - По-моему, придумано здорово. / Я думаю, это отличная мысль.

“Did you hurt yourself?” “No, I'm fine.” - - Ты ушиблась? - Нет, я в порядке.

It's a damned fine day! - Денёк — просто обалденный!

He's a very fine player. - Он очень хороший игрок.

This is all mighty fine. - Всё это очень здорово.

Things are fine for now. - Пока что всё идёт отлично.

This'll do fine for now. - Пока что сойдёт и это.

She did fine on the test. - Она хорошо сдала тест

Palace of Fine Arts - Дворец изобразительного искусства

the fine hand of a master - искусная рука мастера

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Связанные термины:

al fine: to the end

in fine: in short; briefly

fine art: Painting and sculpture, in which objects are produced that are beautiful rather than useful, can be referred to as fine art or as the fine arts .

fine-cut: (of tobacco ) finely cut or shredded

fine-draw: to sew together so finely that the join is scarcely noticeable

fine-drew: to sew together so finely that the join is scarcely noticeable

Fine Gael: one of the major political parties in the Republic of Ireland, formed in 1933

fine job: You use fine to describe something that you admire and think is very good.

fine leg: a fielding position between long leg and square leg

fine-tune: If you fine-tune something, you make very small and precise changes to it in order to make it as successful or effective as it possibly can be.

fine wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

spot fine: a fine imposed immediately, without further legal process

fine-drawn: (of arguments, distinctions, etc) precise or subtle

fine effort: If you make an effort to do something, you try very hard to do it.

fine-grain: having or producing an image with grain of inconspicuous size

fine player: A player in a sport or game is a person who takes part, either as a job or for fun .

fine print: In a contract or agreement, the fine print is the same as thesmall print .

fine-tuning: delicate adjustment

fine-grained: (of wood, leather, etc) having a fine smooth even grain

parking fine: a punishment in which a person is ordered to pay a sum of money because they have parked a vehicle somewhere illegally

speeding fine: a fine for breaking the speed limit while driving a vehicle

a fine line: a point at which it is difficult to distinguish between two different activities or situations, especially when one is acceptable, and the other is not

cut it fine: to not leave much time to get somewhere or do something and so to be nearly late

fine structure: the splitting of a spectral line into two or more closely spaced components as a result of interaction between the spin and orbital angular momenta of the atomic electrons

in fine fettle: If you say that someone or something is in fine fettle, you mean that they are in very good health or condition .

fine-tooth comb: a comb with fine teeth set closely together

fine-toothed comb: a comb with fine, closely set teeth

in fine feather: in very good humor, health, or form

ja well no fine: used to indicate reluctant acceptance

medium-fine pen: a pen with a fairly small point

on-the-spot fine: a fine that is charged immediately upon being caught and found guilty of a crime

small/fine print: The small print or the fine print of something such as an advertisement or a contract consists of the technical details and legal conditions, which are often printed in much smaller letters than the rest of the text .

fixed penalty (fine): a fine of a fixed amount of money for a particular offence

a fine kettle of fish: an awkward situation ; mess

with a fine-tooth comb: very carefully and with great attention to detail

British Standard fine thread: a screw thread having a Whitworth profile but a finer pitch for a given diameter

the small print: the part of a contract, agreement, or advertisement which contains important legal information, often in very small writing

chance would be a fine thing: said to mean that something that you would like to happen is very unlikely

get something down to a fine art: to become highly proficient at something through practice

go over with a fine-tooth comb: to examine very thoroughly

go over with a fine-toothed comb: to examine very carefully and thoroughly

have something down to a fine art: to know the best way of doing something because you have practised it a lot and have tried many different methods

not to put too fine a point on it: said to mean that what you are about to say may sound unpleasant, unkind, or critical

tread a fine/delicate/narrow line/path: If someone is treading a fine line or path, they are acting carefully because they have to avoid making a serious mistake, especially in a situation where they have to deal with two opposing demands .

have got something down to a fine art: If you have got something down to a fine art, you are able to do it in a very skilful or efficient way because you have had a lot of experience of doing it.

go over sth with a fine-tooth comb/go through sth with a fine-tooth comb: If you say that you will go over something with a fine-tooth comb or go through something with a fine-tooth comb, you are emphasizing that you will search it thoroughly or examine it very carefully.

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Однокоренные слова:

fine away - делать изящнее, делать тоньше, уменьшаться, сокращаться
fine down - очищать, очищаться, делать изящнее, делать тоньше, уменьшаться
fine off - делать изящнее, делать тоньше, уменьшаться, сокращаться

Связанные слова: