Noun: палец перст штифт стрелка
Verb: указывать трогать пальцами указывать аппликатуру перебирать пальцами


to catch one's finger in a door - прищемить себе палец дверью

to put one's finger on the crux - попасть в самую точку

to cut one's finger - порезать себе палец

to point a finger at smth. - указывать пальцем на что-л.

to prick a finger - уколоть палец

to turn / twist smb. round one's (little) finger - вить верёвки из кого-л.

not to move / stir / lift a finger - палец о палец не ударить

to lose a finger - лишиться пальца

to put the finger on smb. - сообщить сведения о ком-л. (в полицию)

finger bar - пальцевый брус

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I had a cut finger. - Я порезал палец.

We ate with our fingers. - Мы ели руками.

I shut my finger in the door. - Я прищемил дверью палец.

My fingers itch (to do smth.). - У меня руки чешутся (сделать что-л.).

She got the splinter out of my finger. - Она вытащила мне занозу из пальца.

I dipped my finger in the blessed water. - Я окунул палец в святую воду.

She pointed her finger at the door. - Она указала пальцем на дверь.

The baby held onto my thumb with her tiny fingers. - Малышка ухватила меня за большой палец своими крохотными пальчиками.

He crooked his index finger. - Он изогнул указательный палец.

she had rings on every finger - Она носила кольца на каждом пальце.

He lost the end of his finger. - Он потерял кончик пальца.

her fingers were long and thin - её пальцы были длинными и тонкими

He jabbed his finger into her ribs. - Он ткнул пальцем ей в рёбра.

He was fingered as a suspect. - Он был опознан в качестве подозреваемого.

The customer fingered the sweater. - Покупатель пощупал свитер пальцами.

She jammed her finger in the door. - Она прищемила палец дверью.

The boy stuck his finger up his nose. - Мальчик засунул палец себе в нос.

I swear I didn't lay a finger on him. - Клянусь, я и пальцем его не тронул.

The finger of scorn is pointed at you. - Над тобой насмехаются.

He stood up and pointed his finger at me. - Он встал и указал на меня пальцем.

I noticed he'd cut his finger quite badly. - Я заметил, что он очень сильно порезал палец. / Я заметил у него на пальце очень глубокий порез.

His eyes lingered on her diamond ring on her finger. - Его взгляд задержался на её кольце с бриллиантами.

I got a splinter in my finger. - Я загнал в палец занозу.

Finger the binding of the book. - Потрогайте пальцем переплёт этой книги.

He got a splinter in his finger. - Он загнал в палец занозу.

I've got a splinter in my finger. - У меня заноза в пальце.

Slide your finger along the seam. - Проведите пальцем по шву.

I jump when she snaps her fingers. - Я подчиняюсь ей беспрекословно.

He gave it a flick with his finger. - Он щёлкнул по нему /по ней/ пальцем.

She licked the sauce off her finger. - Она слизнула соус с пальца.

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Связанные термины:

fat-finger: to make a mistake by pressing the wrong key on a keyboard or number pad

finger bowl: a small bowl to hold water for rinsing the fingers at table after a meal

finger-dry: to dry hair by lifting it and running it between the fingers from roots to ends

finger food: food that may be picked up with the fingers, such as canapés or vol-au-vents

finger hole: one of a set of holes for the finger on the rotating dial of a telephone

finger mark: a mark, esp. a smudge or stain, made by a finger

finger post: a post with a sign, often shaped like a pointing finger or hand, indicating a direction

finger wave: a wave set in wet hair by using fingers and comb only

fish finger: Fish fingers are small long pieces of fish covered in breadcrumbs. They are usually sold in frozen form.

five-finger: any of various plants having five-petalled flowers or five lobed leaves, such as cinquefoil and Virginia creeper

long finger: → put something on the long finger

ring finger: Your ring finger is the third finger of your left or right hand, without counting your thumb . In some countries, people wear a ring on this finger to show that they are engaged or married .

finger buffet: a buffet meal at which food that may be picked up with the fingers ( finger food ), such as canapés or vol-au-vents, is served

finger grass: any of various grasses of the genus Chloris, having several narrow spikes in a terminal cluster

Finger Lakes: group of long, narrow glacial lakes in WC N. Y .

finger paint: paint made from starch, glycerine, and pigments and applied with the fingers, hand, or arm

finger puppet: a miniature puppet fitting over and manipulated by one finger

finger tight: made as tight as possible by hand

first finger: the finger next to the thumb ; index finger

fourth finger: the third finger, esp of the left hand, on which a wedding ring is traditionally worn

index finger: Your index finger is the finger that is next to your thumb.

lady's finger: → same as ladies' fingers

little finger: Your little finger is the smallest finger on your hand.

middle finger: the finger on the hand which is usually the longest and is between the index finger and the ring finger

sponge finger: a ladyfinger

third finger: the finger next to the little finger; ring finger

white finger: a condition of a finger that results in a white appearance caused by a spasm of the blood vessels. It occurs with Raynaud's disease and with the long-term use of percussion tools

finger alphabet: a series of shapes made by the fingers that indicate letters of an alphabet and can be used in finger spelling for deaf people

finger painting: the process or art of painting with finger paints of starch, glycerine, and pigments, using the fingers, hand, or arm

finger-pointing: the act of assigning blame as for a harmful policy or unwise decision to another or others, often in an effort to deflect blame from oneself

finger spelling: a method of communicating with or among deaf people in which different shapes made with the fingers represent different letters of the alphabet

finger trouble: trouble caused by operator error, such as striking the wrong key

trigger finger: the finger a shooter or gunman uses to pull the trigger

finger exercises: exercises that are intended to increase the flexibility and dexterity of a player's fingers

lay a finger on: to harm

six-finger country: an isolated area considered as being inhabited by people who practise inbreeding

fingertip: Your fingertips are the ends of your fingers.

not lift a finger: to not do something or not help someone at all

put the finger on: to inform on or identify, esp for the police

split-finger fastball: a type of fastball that sinks abruptly as it nears home plate, thrown with the grip used for a forkball

fingernail: Your fingernails are the thin hard areas at the end of each of your fingers.

finger on the pulse: If you have your finger on the pulse of something, you know all the latest opinions or developments concerning it.

get one's finger out: to begin or speed up activity, esp after initial delay or slackness

lay one's finger on: to indicate, identify, or locate accurately

point the finger at: to accuse or blame

pull your finger out: to start working harder or to start dealing with something

vibration white finger: a condition affecting workers using vibrating machinery, which causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves of the fingers and leads to a permanent loss of feeling

a finger in every pie: If you say that someone has a finger in every pie, you mean they are involved in a lot of things.

give (someone) the finger: to express contempt for by or as by the obscene gesture of pointing the middle finger upward while folding the other fingers against the palm

put one's finger on sth: If you put your finger on something, for example a reason or problem, you see and identify exactly what it is.

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Однокоренные слова:

fingering - аппликатура, прикосновение пальцев, игра на инструменте, тонкая шерсть
fingered - пальчатый, пальцевидный, захватанный пальцами
fingerer - вор, взяточник

Связанные слова: