Verb: топить увольнять стрелять вести огонь
Noun: огонь пожар пламя камин
Interjection: пли


to blanket the fire with sand - засыпать огонь песком

cannons fire - пушки палят

to fire a cannon - вести огонь из пушки

to catch fire - загореться, воспламениться

temporary cease-fire - временное прекращение огня

to honor / observe a cease-fire - соблюдать соглашение о прекращении огня

to bank a fire - засыпать огонь

to douse / extinguish / put out a fire - тушить огонь

fire dies out - огонь гаснет

to dismiss / fire a worker - уволить рабочего

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The house is on fire! - В доме пожар! / Дом горит!

Please mind the fire. - Пожалуйста, последите за камином.

Stay away from the fire. - Держись подальше от огня. / Не подходите к огню.

The sky was full of fire. - Всё небо было в огне.

Who goes? Stand, or I fire. - Стой, кто идёт? Стрелять буду.

A fire on the barrier! - Перестрелка на границе!

Turn on the fire, I'm cold. - Зажгите камин, мне холодно.

Fire took the temple. - Огонь охватил храм.

The gun fired. - Пистолет выстрелил.

The house caught fire. - Дом охватило огнём.

He fired at the police. - Он выстрелил в полицейских.

The rain slocked the fire. - Дождь потушил пожар.

I felt the glow of the fire. - Я чувствовал жар от костра.

The fire does not draw well. - Огонь не разгорается.

It's risky to play with fire. - Опасно играть с огнём.

The gun failed to fire. - Пистолет дал осечку.

How did the fire start? - Как начался пожар?

Soft fire makes sweet malt. - Доброе слово и кошке приятно. (посл.)

Out of the pan into the fire. - Из огня да в полымя.

A fire alarm goes off / rings. - Сирена воет.

He fired his camp. - Он поджёг свой лагерь.

Where is the fire? - Где пожар? (обращение с вопросом к очень спешащему человеку)

A shiny red fire truck - Блестящая красная пожарная машина

Fire devoured the house. - Дом сгорел дотла.

The soldiers were fired. - Солдат отогнали путём обстрела.

The fire alarm was reset. - Пожарная сигнализация была сброшена.

Fire gutted the building. - Огонь полностью уничтожил всё внутри здания.

The fire needs stoking up. - Огонь нужно поддерживать.

Quench the fire with water. - Залей костёр водой.

Oil fires the furnace. - Печка работает на мазуте.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you fire up a machine, you switch it on.

If someone wants to say or ask something, you can say ' fire away' as a way of showing that you are ready for them to speak.

If you fire off a shot, you send a bullet or other missile from a gun.

Связанные термины:

fire up: If you fire up a machine, you switch it on.

on fire: If something is on fire, it is burning and being damaged or destroyed by an uncontrolled fire.

coal fire: a mass of burning coal used esp in a hearth to heat a room

draw fire: If you draw fire for something that you have done, you cause people to criticize you or attack you because of it.

fire ant: any mound-building predatory ant of the genus Solenopsis, of tropical and subtropical America, that can inflict a painful sting

fire away: If someone wants to say or ask something, you can say ' fire away ' as a way of showing that you are ready for them to speak.

fire boss: a mine official responsible for safety precautions

fire crew: team of fire fighters

fire-cure: to cure ( tobacco ) by exposure to the smoke and heat of an open fire

fire door: a door made of noncombustible material, the purpose of which is to prevent a fire from spreading within a building

fire exit: a means of exiting a building in the event of fire

fire hose: a powerful hose that can be used to control or extinguish fires, often forming part of the safety equipment of a building

fire line: a strip of open land in forest or prairie, to arrest the advance of a fire

fire off: If you fire off a shot, you send a bullet or other missile from a gun .

fire opal: an orange-red translucent variety of opal, valued as a gemstone

fire pot: the part of a household furnace in which the fire is made

fire pump: A fire pump is a piece of equipment that provides the pressure for a water supply system used if there is a fire on a drilling rig .

fire red: a strong reddish-orange color

fire risk: something which is likely to cause a fire or make a fire worse

fire sale: A fire sale is an event in which goods are sold cheaply because the shop or storeroom they were in has been damaged by fire.

fire ship: a ship filled with explosive materials, set afire and floated among an enemy's ships to destroy them

fire sign: any of the three astrological signs, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, that are grouped together because of the shared attributes of enthusiasm, vitality, and interest in spiritual things

fire wall: a fireproof wall to prevent the spread of fire, as from one room or compartment to the next

fox fire: the luminescence of decaying wood and plant remains, caused by various fungi

gas fire: A gas fire is a fire that produces heat by burning gas.

hang fire: If you hang fire, you delay making a decision about something.

hold fire: If you hold fire in a situation, you delay before taking action.

log fire: a fire on which logs are burned

miss fire: to fail to fire, as a gun

open fire: to start firing a gun, artillery, etc

red fire: any combustible material that burns with a bright red flame : used in flares and fireworks . The colour is usually produced by strontium salts

rim-fire: (of a cartridge ) having the primer in the rim of the base

sure-fire: A sure-fire thing is something that is certain to succeed or win .

take fire: to begin to burn

tank fire: You can use fire to refer to the shots fired from a gun or guns.

brush fire: a fire in brushwood

catch fire: to become exciting or entertaining

cease-fire: a temporary cessation of warfare by mutual agreement of the participants; truce

centre-fire: (of a cartridge ) having the primer in the centre of the base

enemy fire: You can use fire to refer to the shots fired from a gun or guns.

fire alarm: A fire alarm is a device that makes a noise, for example with a bell, to warn people when there is a fire.

fire beetle: any of numerous click beetles of the genus Pyrophorus, of tropical America, having luminous reddish or greenish spots on the body

fire blanks: to fail to achieve anything although you are trying very hard

fire blight: a disease of apples, pears, and similar fruit trees, caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora and characterized by blackening of the blossoms and leaves, and cankers on the branches

fire chief: the person in charge of the fire department of a town

fire damage: damage caused to a building or other object by fire

fire drill: When there is a fire drill in a particular building, the people who work or live there practise what to do if there is a fire.

fire-eater: Fire-eaters are performers who put flaming rods into their mouths in order to entertain people.

fire engine: A fire engine is a large vehicle which carries firefighters and equipment for putting out fires.

fire escape: A fire escape is a metal staircase on the outside of a building, which can be used to escape from the building if there is a fire.

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Однокоренные слова:

fire away - начинать
fire off - выпалить, давать выстрел
fire out - увольнять, выгонять
fire up - вспылить

Связанные слова: