Adjective: первый ранний ведущий выдающийся
Adverb: сперва сначала впервые в первую очередь
Noun: начало первое число первый экземпляр прима-вексель


to catch a ball on the first bounce - поймать мяч после первого отскока

set of first category - множество первой категории

to come in first - победить, прийти первым

the first batch of the competitioners - первая группа участников соревнований

at one / a / (the) first dash - с одного раза, с первой попытки

first date - первое свидание

first day (of the week) - воскресенье

degeneracy of the first kind - вырождение первого рода

first class degree - диплом с отличием

first division team - команда первой лиги

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I was here first. - Я был здесь первым.

He wanted to be the first. - Он хотел быть первым.

We sat in the first row. - Мы сидели в первом ряду.

He was first in his class. - Он был лучшим учеником в классе.

I have to pay him first. - Сперва я должен ему заплатить.

Turn left at the first intersection. - Поверни налево на ближайшем перекрёстке.

It rained during the first few days of the trip. - В течение первых нескольких дней поездки шёл дождь.

She was the first to arrive. - Она приехала первой.

He said the first thing that came into his head. - Он сказал первое, что пришло ему в голову.

The first time I flew on a plane I was really nervous. - Когда я в первый раз летел на самолёте, то ужасно нервничал.

Helen got a first in Law. - Хелен получила "отлично" по правоведению.

I only read the first two chapters of the book. - Я прочёл только первые две главы этой книги.

I'll join you in a minute but I need to make a phone call first. - Я присоединюсь к вам через минуту, но сперва мне нужно позвонить.

Let's do this job first. - Давайте сперва выполним эту работу.

I loved her when I first saw her. - Я полюбил её с первого взгляда.

The 3 — 0 defeat was a first for the team. - Это поражение со счетом 3 — 0 стало для команды первым.

I shall get back to Moscow by the first train. - Я вернусь в Москву первым же поездом.

There's a meeting on the first Monday of every month. - Каждый первый понедельник каждого месяца проводится совещание.

As I see it, my first responsibility is to my family. - Как мне кажется, моя первая обязанность — это моя семья.

Cindy and Joe arrived first. - Синди и Джо прибыли первыми.

Ella was his first girlfriend. - Элла была его первой девушкой.

She succeeded on her first attempt. - Ей повезло с первой же попытки.

I couldn't get the car out of first. - У меня не получалось снять машину с первой передачи.

I still remember the first time I saw her. - До сих пор помню, как я впервые её увидел.

We first became friends when we worked together. - Мы впервые подружились, когда работали вместе.

These problems are not as simple as they first appear. - Эти проблемы не так просты, как кажется на первый взгляд.

The first thing that fixes our eye is the noble river covered with boats. - Первое, на чем задерживается взгляд — это величественная река, усеянная лодками.

when Felix first saw a garter snake - когда Феликс впервые увидел садового ужа

The book was first published in 2000. - Эта книга была впервые опубликована в 2000 году.

'I think he'll agree to it.' 'That will be a first.' - — Я думаю, он согласится. — Это будет здорово.

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Связанные термины:

at first: You use at first when you are talking about what happens in the early stages of an event or experience, or just after something else has happened, in contrast to what happens later .

first aid: First aid is simple medical treatment given as soon as possible to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill .

First day: Sunday

first off: You use first off to introduce the first of a number of things that you want to say .

first-run: designating or of:

come first: If you say that someone or something comes first for a particular person, you mean they treat or consider that person or thing as more important than anything else.

first aider: someone in an organization who has been trained to give immediate medical help in an emergency

first base: the base that a runner must reach safely to score a hit, and the first of the three bases the runner must reach safely on the way to home plate in order to score a run

first blood: the first killing or wounding in a fight or war

first born: Someone's first born is their first child.

first cause: a source or cause of something

first class: If you describe something or someone as first-class, you mean that they are extremely good and of the highest quality.

first down: the first play of the set of four downs allowed to the offensive team

first ever: Something that is the first ever one of its kind has never happened before.

First Fleet: the fleet of convict ships that arrived at Port Jackson in 1788

first floor: The first floor of a building is the floor immediately above the one at ground level.

first-foot: the first person to enter a household in the New Year . By Hogmanay tradition a dark-haired man who crosses the threshold at midnight brings good luck

first form: the first class that children go into at school

first grade: the first school year after kindergarten when children are six or seven years old

first hand: First hand information or experience is gained or learned directly, rather than from other people or from books.

first lady: The First Lady in a country or state is the wife of the president or state governor, or a woman who performs the official duties normally performed by the wife.

first light: First light is the time in the early morning when light first appears and before the sun rises .

first-line: acting or used as a first resort

first mate: an officer second in command to the captain of a merchant ship

First Mover: the Aristotelian conception of God as the unmoved mover of everything else

first name: Your first name is the first of the names that were given to you when you were born. You can also refer to all of your names except your surname as your first names .

first-named: → the first-named

first night: The first night of a show, play, or performance is the first public performance of it.

first-order: quantifying only over individuals and not over predicates or clauses : first-order predicate calculus studies the logical properties of such quantification

first post: the first of two military bugle calls ordering or giving notice of the time to retire for the night . The second is called last post

first-rate: If you say that something or someone is first-rate, you mean that they are extremely good and of the highest quality.

First Reich: the Holy Roman Empire ( First Reich )

First State: → the First State

first thing: If you do something first thing, you do it at the beginning of the day, before you do anything else. If you do it last thing, you do it at the end of the day, before you go to bed or go to sleep .

first-timer: A first-timer is someone who does something for the first time.

first water: the finest quality of diamond or other precious stone

First World: The most prosperous and industrialized parts of the world are sometimes referred to as the First World . CompareThird World .

first year: the first year when someone is at university or college

head-first: If you move head-first in a particular direction, your head is the part of your body that is furthest forward as you are moving.

sixty-first: being between sixty and sixty-two in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc: often written 61st

double first: a first-class honours degree in two subjects

first baseman: the infielder who plays near first base and usually covers first base, esp. on ground balls

first couple: → the first couple

first cousin: Someone's first cousin is the same as theircousin . Comparesecond cousin .

first degree: People who have gained a higher qualification after completing a basic university degree such as a BA or a BSc refer to that basic degree as their first degree .

first edition: one of the first printed copies of a book or newspaper

First Empire: the period of imperial rule in France (1804–14) under Napoleon Bonaparte

first estate: the first of the three estates of the realm, such as the Lords Spiritual in England or the clergy in France until the revolution

first family: a family considered to have prestige because of descent, social status, etc.

first finger: the finger next to the thumb ; index finger

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Однокоренные слова:

firstly - во-первых

Связанные слова: