Noun: рыба рыбная ловля крабы устрицы
Adjective: рыбный
Verb: ловить рыбу рыбачить удить удить рыбу


bony piece of fish - костлявый кусок рыбы

to catch a fish - поймать рыбу

fish chowder - рыбный суп

to chum the fish with cut-up shrimp - приманивать рыбу измельчёнными креветками

to dine off / on fish and fresh vegetables - есть на обед рыбу со свежими овощами

baked fish - печёная рыба

fresh fish - свежая рыба

frozen fish - мороженая рыба

to catch (a) fish - ловить рыбу

to fish a stream - ловить рыбу в ручье

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Did you catch any fish? - Ты что-нибудь поймал? (о рыбалке)

Does Rob eat fish? - Роб еcт рыбу?

I like to go fishing on weekends - Я люблю ходить на рыбалку по выходным.

He hooked a large fish. - Он поймал крупную рыбу.

Fish bite at bait. - Рыба клюёт на приманку.

Dad really loves to fish. - Папа просто обожает рыбачить.

Chris fished in his pocket for a coin. - Крис выудил (достал) из кармана монету.

He likes to hunt and fish. - Он любит охотиться и ловить рыбу.

Other nations are forbidden to fish the waters within 200 miles of the coast. - Другим странам запрещено ловить рыбу в пределах двухсот миль от берега.

a catch of about 20 fish - улов штук в двадцать рыб

Fish are slippery to hold. - Рыбы слишком скользкие, чтобы их удержать.

The shark is a large fish. - Акула является крупной рыбой.

He threw the fish overboard. - Он выбросил рыбу за борт.

We're having fish for dinner. - На ужин у нас (будет) рыба.

Is there any fish on the menu? - Есть ли в меню что-нибудь из рыбы?

Fry the fish in batter. - Обжарьте рыбу в кляре.

Worms make excellent fish bait. - Червяки - отличная наживка для рыбы.

The fish wouldn't take the bait. - Рыба не клевала.

'Are you here with your wife?' she asked, fishing. - — Вы здесь с женой? — спросила она, прощупывая почву.

a great quantity of fish - большое количество рыбы

We bagged 10 fish today. - Мы сегодня поймали десять рыб.

He's rather an odd fish. - Он довольно-таки странный тип.

The fish is eviscerated. - Рыба выпотрошена.

Are the fish biting today? - (Рыба) сегодня клюёт?

He cannot stomach raw fish. - Он терпеть не может сырую рыбу.

a pond full of silvery fish - водоём, полный серебристой рыбы

splat fish over an open fire - распластать рыбу над открытым огнём

They exist on a diet of fish. - Они живут на рыбной диете. / Они питаются одной рыбой.

the bicameral heart of a fish - двухкамерное сердце рыбы

The pond was alive with fish. - Пруд изобиловал рыбой. (в пруду было полно рыбы)

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you fish something out from somewhere, you take or pull it out, often after searching for it for some time.

If you fish something out from somewhere, you take or pull it out, often after searching for it for some time.

Связанные термины:

pisci-: fish

anglerfish: a bony fish with a growth on its head which can be wiggled to attract prey

baitfish: any small fish used as bait for larger fish

boxfish: any tropical plectognath fish of the family Ostraciidae, having the body encased in bony plates with openings for the fins, eyes, mouth, etc

buffalofish: any of several freshwater North American hump-backed cyprinoid fishes of the genus Ictiobus : family Catostomidae ( suckers )

cardinalfish: any of the perchlike fishes of the family Apogonidae, many species of which are bright red with black markings

cavefish: any of various small freshwater cyprinodont fishes of the genera Amblyopsis, Chologaster, etc, living in subterranean and other waters in S North America

cutlassfish: any of a family (Trichiuridae) of very long, thin percoid fishes with a wide mouth and sharp, pointed teeth, found near the surface in tropical seas

dollarfish: any of various fishes that have a rounded compressed silvery body, esp the moonfishes or the American butterfish

dragonfish: any marine fish of the family Bathydraconidae, of Antarctic seas, having an elongated body and flattened head and being biochemically adapted to extremely low temperatures

finfish: fish with fins, as opposed to shellfish

grayfish: a dogfish

hatchetfish: any deep-sea fishes of the genera Argyropelicus, Sternoptyx, and related genera, of tropical and temperate waters, having a silvery, hatchet-shaped body

jackfish: the pike fish, esp when small

jawfish: any of several large-mouthed fishes of the family Opisthognathidae, common along sandy bottoms of warm seas

lanternfish: any of a family (Myctophidae) of deep-sea bony fishes (order Myctophiformes) with a large mouth, large eyes, and luminescent organs along each side of the body

lionfish: any of various scorpion fishes of the tropical Pacific genus Pterois, having a striped body and elongated spiny fins

lizardfish: any of a family (Synodontidae) of small, brightly colored, marine bony fishes (order Myctophiformes) with a slender body, lizardlike head, and large mouth

mosquitofish: a small gambusia fish ( Gambusia affinis ) sometimes introduced into a body of water to control mosquito larvae

porcupinefish: any of a family (Diodontidae, order Tetraodontiformes) of tropical, marine bony fishes that can erect the long spines on their body by inflating themselves with air or water

queenfish: a marine fish, Seriphus politus, found off the coast of California

razorfish: a mollusc with a long, narrow shell

sablefish: a dark-skinned fish of the family Anoplopomatiae, esp Anoplopoma fimbria, found off the western coast of North America

saltfish: salted cod

sandfish: a burrowing Pacific fish, Trichodon trichodon

scarfish: a fish in the family Scaridae

scorpionfish: any of various small, marine scorpaenids (esp. genus Scorpaena ) with poisonous spines in the dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins

snailfish: any small spiny-finned fish of the family Liparidae, esp Liparis liparis, of cold seas, having a soft scaleless tadpole-shaped body with the pelvic fins fused into a sucker

snakefish: a term for any fish resembling a snake

squirrelfish: any tropical marine brightly coloured teleost fish of the family Holocentridae

studfish: a type of American minnow or small fish

trumpetfish: any of several fishes of the family Aulostomidae, having a long, tubular snout, as the slender, brown-flecked Aulostomus maculatus, inhabiting waters on both sides of the tropical Atlantic Ocean, having the habit of orienting vertically in the water and capturing its prey from that position

viperfish: a predatory deep-sea fish of the family Chauliodontiae, with long, sharp, needle-shaped teeth

wreckfish: a large sea perch, Polyprion americanus, of the Atlantic and Mediterranean

big fish: If you describe someone as a big fish, you believe that they are powerful or important in some way .

bony fish: any fish of the class Osteichthyes, including most of the extant species, having a skeleton of bone rather than cartilage

cold fish: If you say that someone is a cold fish, you think that they are unfriendly and unemotional.

fish ball: a fried ball (or patty ) of minced fish, often mixed with mashed potatoes

fish bass: a bast fibre bag for holding an angler's catch

fish cake: A fish cake is a mixture of fish and potato that is made into a flat round shape, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried .

fish crow: a fish-eating crow ( Corvus ossifragus ) of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the U.S.

fish-eye: a very small lens in a door that enables a person inside to see a visitor

fish farm: a place where fish are reared for commercial purposes

fish fork: a fork used for eating fish

fish fry: a meal that includes battered, fried fish, chips

fish glue: a type of glue made by prolonged boiling of the connective tissue of fish

fish hawk: → osprey

fish hook: a bent piece of metal, often barbed and baited, which is used for catching fish

fish line: a line, usually with a hook at one end, used in fishing

fish meal: ground, dried fish, used as fertilizer or fodder

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Однокоренные слова:

fish out - вылавливать, выплывать, выуживать, выпытывать, доставать, вытаскивать
fish up - вытаскивать

Связанные слова: