Noun: полет рейс перелет бегство
Adjective: полетный
Verb: совершать перелет слетаться


flight of money abroad - утечка валюты за границу

domestic flight - внутренний рейс

flight dynamics - динамика полёта

flight of fancy - полёт фантазии

flight from the faraway - полёт издалека

space flight - космический полёт

flight of eloquence - поток красноречия

flight of wit - проблеск остроумия

flight departure - отправление рейса

direct flight - прямой рейс (без промежуточных посадок)

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Our flight departs at 6:15 a.m. - Наш самолет отправляется в 6:15 утра.

Our flight was cancelled. - Наш рейс был отменён.

Our flight was very smooth. - Наш полёт прошел совершенно гладко.

When's her flight due in? - Когда прилетает её рейс?

Their army was put to flight. - Их армии пришлось бежать.

The flight home was uneventful. - Полет домой прошёл без осложнений.

The enemy was in full flight. - Враг поспешно отступал.

She verified her flight number. - Она проверила номер своего рейса.

There are 40 minutes before flight departure. - До вылета (самолета) осталось сорок минут.

a nonstop flight to Los Angeles - беспосадочный перелет в Лос-Анджелес

He is taking a night flight. - У него ночной рейс /перелёт/.

Flight 846 landed five minutes ago. - Рейс восемьсот сорок шесть приземлился пять минут назад.

I've booked you a flight on Saturday. - Я забронировал тебе самолёт на субботу.

The flight is about to begin boarding. - Посадка на этот рейс вот-вот начнётся.

We need to hurry or we'll miss our flight. - Мы должны поторопиться, а то опоздаем на самолёт.

It is always advisable to check in early to get a good seat on your flight. - Всегда лучше регистрироваться на рейс пораньше, чтобы получить хорошее место в самолете.

The flight was badly delayed because of fog. - Вылет был сильно задержан из-за тумана.

I missed the connecting flight. - Я опоздал на стыковочный / пересадочный рейс.

She booked the flight using a false name. - Она забронировала место в самолёте на чужое имя.

There is no way to stop the flight of time. - Остановить течение времени невозможно.

High inflation may cause a flight from money. - Высокая инфляция может вызвать отказ от использования денег.

This flight is now proceeding from New York to London. - Наш рейс отправляется теперь из Нью-Йорка в Лондон.

I was feeling grumpy after my long flight. - После долгого перелёта я испытывал некоторое раздражение.

I was talking to a woman I met on the flight. - Я разговаривал с одной женщиной, которую встретил на самолёте.

The bird is outspreading its wings for flight. - Птица расправляет крылья для полёта.

The flight was overbooked, and I got bumped off. - Рейс был перебронирован, и меня с него сняли.

an airplane in level flight - самолёт в режиме горизонтального полёта

Reserve me a seat on a flight. - Закажи мне билет на самолёт.

the soul in its heavenward flight - душа в своём полёте к небесам

The airline overbooked the flight. - Авиакомпания перебронировала этот рейс.

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Связанные термины:

in-flight: In-flight services are ones that are provided on board an aeroplane .

flight bag: a shoulder bag designed to be carried as hand baggage by an air passenger

flight box: a tool box containing tools and other equipment and necessaries for a person who flies radio-controlled model planes

flight crew: the crew responsible for an aircraft during a flight

flight deck: On an aircraft carrier, the flight deck is the flat open surface on the deck where aircraft take off and land.

flight line: an area of an airfield or airport on which aircraft, esp military aircraft, are parked and serviced

flight log: a record of a particular flight made by a plane or pilot

flight path: the course through the air of an aircraft, rocket, or projectile

flight plan: a written statement of the details of a proposed aircraft flight

flight risk: a person who has been charged with a crime and is considered likely to attempt to escape to another country before his or her trial

flight suit: a long-sleeved jumpsuit made of fire-resistant material, worn typically by members of an aircraft crew

flight test: a test carried out on an aircraft by flying it

free flight: the flight of a rocket, missile, etc, when its engine has ceased to produce thrust

mid-flight: during a flight; whilst airborne

take flight: If someone takes flight, they run away from an unpleasant situation or place.

test flight: the first flight of a plane or rocket for the purposes of testing its equipment

top-flight: of superior or excellent quality; outstanding

budget flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

flight arrow: a long thin arrow used for shooting long distances

flight level: a specified height at which an aircraft is allowed to fly

flight number: the identifying number of a scheduled flight

flight strip: a strip of cleared land used as an emergency runway for aircraft

maiden flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

mercy flight: an aircraft flight to bring a seriously ill or injured person to hospital from an isolated community

night flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

return flight: a flight going back

space flight: A space flight is a trip into space.

white flight: the departure of White residents from areas where people of other ethnic groups are settling

airline flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

balloon flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

charter flight: a flight booked by a holiday company to transport their customers

contact flight: a flight in which the pilot remains in sight of land or water

domestic flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

economy flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

flight capital: funds transferred abroad in order to avoid high taxes or to provide for a person's needs if flight from the country becomes necessary

flight control: control of airborne aircraft by means of messages sent from a ground station to the pilot

flight engineer: the member of an aircraft crew who is responsible for the operation of the aircraft's systems, including the engines, during flight

flight feather: any of the large stiff feathers that cover the wings and tail of a bird and are adapted for flying

flight officer: an officer of the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II, having a rank equivalent to that of a warrant officer junior grade

flight recorder: On an aeroplane, the flight recorder is the same as theblack box .

flight sergeant: a noncommissioned officer in the Royal Air Force junior in rank to a master aircrew

flight shooting: the sport of distance shooting, using a bow ( flight bow ) and arrow ( flight arrow ) designed for maximum distance rather than maximum accuracy

flight surgeon: a medical officer specializing in aviation medicine in the US and certain other air forces

regional flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

torture flight: a flight used to carry out extraordinary rendition

catch a flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

connecting flight: a flight taken from an airport other than that from which the journey began, and which is taken in a different aeroplane from that used for the previous stage of the journey

delay a flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

flight attendant: On an aeroplane, the flight attendants are the people whose job is to look after the passengers and serve their meals .

flight formation: two or more aircraft flying together in a set pattern

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Однокоренные слова:

flighty - ветреный, непостоянный, капризный, взбалмошный, изменчивый, помешанный, пугливый
flightiness - капризность, взбалмошность
flightless - нелетающий, от природы не способный летать, бескрылая
inflight - летный, полетный, происходящий в полете, выход на цель
overflight - перелет, пролет, облет

Связанные слова: