Adjective: мучной
Noun: мука порошок пудра крупчатка
Verb: молоть размалывать посыпать мукой превращать в муку


family flour - домашняя мука, семейная мука

bleached flour - белёная мука

unbleached flour - неотбеленная мука

cake flour - мука для сдобы

white flour - белая мука

to mix flour with water until you get a uniform mass - смешивать муку с водой до получения однородной массы

to sift flour - просеивать муку

grade B flour - мука второго сорта

to grind wheat into flour - перемалывать зерно в муку

contaminated flour - заражённая мука

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Mix the flour and butter well. - Хорошо перемешайте муку со сливочным маслом.

Dust the pan with flour. - Присыпьте сковородку мукой.

Dust it with flour. - Обсыпьте его мукой.

Measure out 100 grams of flour. - Отмерьте сто граммов муки.

Beat the eggs into the flour. - Смешайте взбитые яйца с мукой.

The mill can flour two hundred barrels a day. - Эта мельница намалывает двести баррелей муки в день.

a batter made from flour and egg - жидкое тесто /кляр/ из муки и яиц

Bread is made from flour, water, and yeast. - Хлеб делается из муки, воды и дрожжей.

Blend the sugar, eggs, and flour. - Соедините сахар, яйца и муку.

Remove the dough from the bowl and put it on a floured surface. - Выложите тесто из миски на посыпанную мукой поверхность.

Coat the chicken with flour. - Обваляйте курятину в муке.

This soup needs to be thickened up with some flour: it's so watery. - Суп очень водянистый - нужно добавить немного муки, чтобы он стал гуще.

I thickened the gravy with flour. - Я загустил соус /подливку/ мукой.

Roll the pastry out on a lightly floured board. - Раскатайте тесто на слегка присыпанной мукой доске.

For a thicker gravy, add more flour. - Чтобы соус стал более густым /погуще/, добавьте ещё муки.

These cookies are made without flour. - Эти печенья сделаны без использования муки.

Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl. - Просейте муку и какао-порошок в миску.

Turn the flour onto a plate. - Высыпьте муку на тарелку.

Roll the chicken breasts in flour. - Обваляйте куриные грудки в муке.

Stir the flour and water to a paste. - Перемешайте муку и воду до получения кашицеобразной массы.

Mix the flour and butter, then add the eggs. - Смешайте муку с маслом, затем добавьте яйца.

Mix some water with the flour to make a paste. - Смешайте муку с водой, чтобы получилась кашица.

Add two tablespoons of flour. - Добавьте две столовые ложки муки.

Work the butter into the flour. - Тщательно смешайте масло с мукой.

The wheat is pounded into flour. - Зёрна пшеницы растираются в муку.

The cake consisted of flour, butter, eggs and sugar. - Пирог готовился из муки, масла, яиц и сахара.

The fish should be lightly floured before it's fried. - Перед жаркой рыбу следует слегка присыпать мукой.

Unleavened bread is often simply flour mixed with water. - Пресный хлеб — это часто просто мука, смешанная с водой.

First put the flour in the bowl, and then beat the eggs in. - Сначала насыпьте муки, затем взбейте яйца.

You mix the flour and eggs like this, see (=used to check that someone is listening and understands). - Смешай муку и яйца вот так, видишь? (используется, чтобы убедиться, что человек слушает и понимает, что ему говорят)

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Связанные термины:

flour bin: a small container for flour

soy flour: flour made from soya beans

bread flour: wheat flour from which a large part of the starch has been removed, thus increasing the proportion of gluten

brown flour: wheat flour that uses approximately 85% of the whole grain

corn flour: flour made from corn

fish flour: fish-protein concentrate in pulverized form

flour mill: a building in which grain is crushed and ground to make flour

flour mite: any of several mites that infest flour and other stored organic materials and may be a serious pest ; some may cause itching in persons handling infected material

flour moth: a pyralid moth, Ephestia Kuehniella, the larvae of which are an important pest of flour mills and granaries

gram flour: flour prepared from the gram seeds

plain flour: Plain flour is flour that does not make cakes and biscuits rise when they are cooked because it has no chemicals added to it.

rock flour: very finely powdered rock, produced when rocks are ground together (as along the faces of a moving fault or during the motion of glaciers ) and are thus chemically unweathered

soya flour: flour made from soya beans

wheat flour: flour made from wheat grain

white flour: flour that consists substantially of the starchy endosperm of wheat, most of the bran and the germ having been removed by the milling process

flour beetle: any of several brown darkling beetles, esp. of the genus Tribolium, that infest, breed in, feed on, and often pollute flour, stored grain, and other stored produce

flour shaker: a container, often with a perforated top, from which flour is shaken

flour sifter: a container in which flour is sifted

graham flour: unbolted wheat flour ground from wholewheat grain, similar to wholewheat flour

potato flour: a type of flour made from potatoes

all-purpose flour: All-purpose flour is flour that does not make cakes and cookies rise when they are baked because it has no chemicals added to it.

self-raising flour: Self-raising flour is flour that makes cakes rise when they are cooked because it has chemicals added to it.

self-rising flour: Self-rising flour is flour that makes cakes rise when they are cooked because it has chemicals added to it.

Mediterranean flour moth: a small pyralid moth, Ephestia kuehniella, whose larvae are an important pest of stored cereals .

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Однокоренные слова:

flourish - процветать, расцветать, преуспевать, жить, процветание, загогулина, росчерк, туш
floury - мучной, мучнистый, посыпанный мукой
floured - посыпанный мукой, размолотый

Связанные слова: