Adjective: летающий летательный летный летучий
Noun: полеты лет летание летное дело


to send things flying - расшвырять вещи

flying control officer - диспетчер полётов

flying moments - быстротечные мгновения

swarm of flying insects - рой летающих насекомых

nose-down flying - полет со снижением

nose-up flying - полет с набором высоты

pleasure flying - прогулочные полеты

pressure flying - полеты по изобаре

flying ambulance - санитарный самолет, летающий госпиталь

come off with flying colors - одерживать блестящую победу; одержать блестящую победу; выйти победителем

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The rumors were flying fast. - Эти слухи распространялись быстро.

Flying Dutchman - летучий голландец

Are we driving or flying? - Мы едем на машине или летим?

That plane's flying too low! - Этот самолёт летит слишком низко!

He got off to a flying start. - Он начал блестяще.

The children were flying kites. - Дети запускали воздушных змеев.

a plane flying due east - самолёт, летящий строго на Восток

a story about a flying car - рассказ о летающем автомобиле

a story about a flying horse - история о летающей лошади

a hawk flying in lazy circles - ястреб, лениво кружащийся в небе

He had a craven fear of flying. - Он испытывал малодушный страх перед полётами.

Rumors and accusations are flying. - Слухи и обвинения разлетаются быстро.

The plane was flying on autopilot. - Самолёт летел на автопилоте.

We're flying to Vienna this Friday. - Мы летим в Вену в эту пятницу.

He took a flying glance at the book. - Он мельком бросил взгляд на книгу.

She is flying to Cincinnati tonight. - Она сегодня вечером летит в Цинциннати.

The bullet went flying over my head. - Пуля пролетела у меня над головой.

The planes were flying four abreast. - Самолеты летели по четыре в ряд.

a flying attempt at finishing the work - поспешная попытка завершения работы

A plane was flying low over the trees. - Над самыми деревьями летел самолёт.

The pilot has logged 1200 flying hours. - На счету этого пилота 1200 летных часов.

Flying was ruled out on grounds of cost. - Перелёт был исключён на основании стоимости.

pigeons flying home to roost on the roof - голуби, летящие домой, чтобы усесться на крыше

Butterflies were flying about in the air. - Бабочки порхали в воздухе.

She's flying back to the States tomorrow. - Завтра она прилетает обратно в Штаты.

He had a whimsy about flying to the moon. - Была у него блажь: слетать на Луну.

The plane was flying over enemy territory. - Самолёт летел над вражеской территорией.

a Portuguese ship flying the national jack - португальский корабль под национальным флагом

Some people experience nausea when flying. - Некоторые люди испытывают тошноту во время полета.

We're flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet. - Мы летим на высоте 40000 футов.

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Связанные термины:

fly: A fly is a small insect with two wings. There are many kinds of flies, and the most common are black in colour.

butterfly: A butterfly is an insect with large colourful wings and a thin body.

refly: to fly (a plane, helicopter, etc) again

flying boat: a seaplane in which the fuselage consists of a hull that provides buoyancy in the water

flying bomb: a robot bomb invented by the Germans in World War II: used esp to bombard London . It was propelled by a pulsejet

flying fish: Flying fish are a type of fish that live in warm seas. They have large fins that enable them to move forward in the air when they jump out of the water.

flying fox: any large fruit bat, esp any of the genus Pteropus of tropical Africa and Asia : family Pteropodidae

flying frog: any of several tropical frogs of the family Rhacophoridae, esp Rhacophorus reinwardtii of Malaya, that glide between trees by means of long webbed digits

flying jib: the jib set furthest forward or outboard on a vessel with two or more jibs

flying mare: a wrestling throw in which a wrestler seizes an opponent's arm or head ( flying head mare ) and turns to throw the opponent over his or her shoulder

flying-spot: denoting data-word-id="62">an data-word-id="4918">electronic data-word-id="715">system data-word-id="9">in data-word-id="170">which a data-word-id="7900">rapidly data-word-id="5005">moving data-word-id="9718">spot data-word-id="7">of data-word-id="450">light data-word-id="9794">is data-word-id="7805">used data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="2720">encode data-word-id="56">or decode data, for example data-word-id="3">to obtain a television signal by scanning a photographic film data-word-id="56">or slide

flying suit: a one-piece garment covering the whole body, worn by aircraft pilots and other crew members

flying time: the amount of time taken in flying in an aircraft from one place to another

flying wing: an aircraft consisting mainly of one large wing and no fuselage or tailplane

high-flying: A high-flying person is successful or is likely to be successful in their career .

kite flying: the practice of drawing cheques on deposits which are already committed, assuming that the delay in clearing the cheque will allow time to replenish the account

low-flying: Low-flying aircraft or birds are flying very close to the ground, or lower than normal .

send flying: to dismiss or cause to depart hurriedly

flying bridge: an auxiliary bridge of a vessel, usually built above or far outboard of the main bridge

flying circus: an exhibition of aircraft aerobatics

flying colors: flags flying in the air

flying doctor: A flying doctor is a doctor, especially in Australia, who travels by aircraft to visit patients who live in distant or isolated areas.

flying field: a small airport ; an airfield

flying lemur: either of the two arboreal mammals of the genus Cynocephalus, family Cynocephalidae, and order Dermoptera, of S and SE Asia . They resemble lemurs but have a fold of skin between the limbs enabling movement by gliding leaps

flying lizard: any lizard of the genus Draco, of S and SE Asia, having an extensible fold of skin on each side of the body, used to make gliding leaps : family Agamidae ( agamas )

flying picket: (in industrial disputes ) a member of a group of pickets organized to be able to move quickly from place to place

flying saucer: A flying saucer is a round, flat object which some people say they have seen in the sky and which they believe to be a spacecraft from another planet .

flying squad: The Flying Squad is a group of police officers who are always ready to travel quickly to the scene of a serious crime .

flying start: (in sprinting ) a start by a competitor anticipating the starting signal

flying visit: A flying visit is a visit that only lasts a very short time.

stunt flying: the activity or practice of performing stunts in an aeroplane, such as special turns, etc, in the air

yogic flying: a phenomenon of Transcendental Meditation in which the meditator jumps into the air while in the lotus position

contact flying: flying an airplane in conditions of good visibility so that the course and altitude can be determined by observing points or objects on the ground; VFR

contour flying: the technique of flying at a constant altitude of less than 22.8 metres (75 feet) above the ground.

flying buttress: a buttress supporting a wall or other structure by an arch or part of an arch that transmits the thrust outwards and downwards

flying colours: conspicuous success ; triumph

Flying Dutchman: a phantom ship sighted in bad weather, esp off the Cape of Good Hope

flying fortress: the B-17 heavy bomber, used extensively by the US Army Air Force in World War II

flying gurnard: any marine spiny-finned gurnard-like fish of the mostly tropical family Dactylopteridae, having enlarged fan-shaped pectoral fins used to glide above the surface of the sea

flying machine: a term used to refer to early forms of powered aircraft

flying officer: an officer holding commissioned rank senior to a pilot officer but junior to a flight lieutenant in the British and certain other air forces

Flying Scotsman: → the Flying Scotsman

flying squirrel: any nocturnal sciurine rodent of the subfamily Petauristinae, of Asia and North America. Furry folds of skin between the forelegs and hind legs enable these animals to move by gliding leaps

flying trapeze: a trapeze used in performing gymnastic displays high above the ground

flying ambulance: an aircraft used to take sick or injured people to hospital

flying phalanger: any nocturnal arboreal phalanger of the genus Petaurus, of E Australia and New Guinea, having black-striped greyish fur and moving with gliding leaps using folds of skin between the hind limbs and forelimbs

formation flying: a formal arrangement of flying aircraft acting as a unit

instrument flying: the navigation of an aircraft by the use of instruments only

all-flying tail: a type of aircraft tailplane in which the whole of the tailplane is moved for control purposes

high-flying career: A career is the job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life.

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Однокоренные слова:

fly - летать, лететь, полететь, муха, полет, крыло, ширинка, осмотрительный, умный
flyable - летный
flyer - листовка, летчик, летательный аппарат, маховик, экспресс, пилот, птица

Связанные слова: