Noun: пища еда питание продовольствие


broken food - объедки, оставшиеся на столе

fast-food chain - сеть ресторанов быстрого обслуживания

chary in one's food - разборчивый в еде

delicious food - бесподобная еда

food that fills - сытная пища

appetizing / delicious / tasty food - вкусная еда

coarse food - грубая пища

exotic food - экзотическая пища

fine food - хорошая еда

finger food - пища, которую едят руками

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The food ran out. - Еда закончилась.

Food was short. - Еды было мало.

I love French food. - Я обожаю французскую кухню.

Mexican food - Мексиканская кухня

Chinese food - китайская кухня

Food sustains life. - Пища поддерживает жизненные силы.

a farmer who grows his own food - фермер, который питается тем, что вырастил сам

What is your favorite food? - Что вы любите есть?

The food was lousy. - Еда была паршивая.

Mexican food is hot. - Мексиканская еда — острая.

The food was yucky. - Еда была отвратительной.

I hate Mexican food. - Терпеть не могу мексиканскую кухню.

Food was in abundance. - Еды было в изобилии.

The food was extra good. - Еда была высший сорт.

Do you have whatever food? - У вас есть хоть какая-нибудь еда?

Food is necessary for life. - Еда необходима для жизни.

The food was heavy and greasy. - Еда была тяжёлой и жирной.

The food was lavish. - Угощение было щедрым.

Don't bolt your food! - Не давись едой!

The food was pure salt. - Это была не пища, а сплошная соль.

Do you like Mexican food? - Ты любишь мексиканскую кухню?

The food wouldn't go down. - Кусок в горло не лезет.

He left his food untouched. - Он не притронулся к еде.

I buy food wholesale. - Я покупаю продукты питания оптом.

The food was revolting! - Еда была просто отвратительная!

Don't gobble your food! - Не запихивайся едой!

Food was in scant supply. - Запасы еды были скудными.

They tore into their food. - Они накинулись на еду.

Animals depend on plant material for food. - Животные зависят от растительной пищи.

There was food aplenty. - Еды было предостаточно /хоть отбавляй/.

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Связанные термины:

baby food: food, as vegetables, fruits, or meat, puréed or minced for easy ingestion by infants

bar food: food served in a pub

bird food: a mixture of seeds, grains, nuts, etc, suitable for birds to eat

cat food: tinned food for cats

diet food: a type of food intended to help people slim

dog food: food for dogs

dude food: food such as hot dogs, burgers, etc, considered particularly appealing to men

fast food: Fast food is hot food, such as hamburgers and chips, that you obtain from particular types of restaurant, and which is served quickly after you order it.

food aid: food donated, either by a foreign government or by a charitable organization, to people in need, usually in developing countries

food bank: A food bank is a place where food and groceries are given free to people who need them.

food body: a mass of nutrients attached to a seed coat, which attracts ants and thus aids dispersal of the seed

food coma: the feeling of sleepiness experienced after eating certain types of food, esp carbohydrates

food crop: a crop, such as rice or wheat, that is grown for human consumption

food fish: any fish used primarily as a commercial source of food

food mile: a unit used to measure the distance that a food product travels from where it is produced to where it is sold or consumed

food mill: a hand-operated kitchen device for puréeing fruits and vegetables

food web: a combination of food chains that integrate to form a network

food wrap: a thin polythene material that clings closely to any surface around which it is placed, used for wrapping food

junk food: If you refer to food as junk food, you mean that it is quick and easy to prepare but is not good for your health .

non-food: Non-food items are those items that cannot be eaten but are commonly sold in food stores, such as cleaning products and toilet tissue.

pet food: food intended for pets

pub food: food served in a pub

raw food: Food is what people and animals eat.

skin food: a cosmetic cream for keeping the skin in good condition

slow food: food that has been prepared with care, using high-quality local and seasonal ingredients

soul food: Soul food is used to refer to the kind of food, for example corn bread, ham, and greens, that was popular with black Americans in the southern United States and is considered typical of them.

cheap food: Food is what people and animals eat.

finger food: food that may be picked up with the fingers, such as canapés or vol-au-vents

food chain: The food chain is a series of living things which are linked to each other because each thing feeds on the one next to it in the series.

food court: an area, as in an enclosed shopping center, with fast-food stalls surrounding tables and chairs for common use

food cycle: → food web

food grain: any cereal grain produced for human consumption

food grains: the small hard seedlike fruits of a grass, esp a cereal plant, used as a foodstuff

food group: any of the categories into which different foods may be placed according to the type of nourishment they supply, such as carbohydrates or proteins

food intake: Your intake of a particular kind of food, drink, or air is the amount that you eat, drink, or breathe in.

food mixer: A food mixer is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to mix food such as cake mixture .

food outlet: An outlet is a shop or organization which sells the goods made by a particular manufacturer .

food parcel: parcels of food prepared and sent, esp by charitable organizations, to people in need

food pollen: infertile pollen produced by some plants that attracts insects and thus aids pollination

food prices: the prices that consumers are charged for food

food shares: investment shares in food companies

food stamp: In the United States, food stamps are official vouchers that are given to people with low incomes to be exchanged for food.

food truck: A truck is a large vehicle that is used to transport goods by road.

food value: The food value of a particular food is a measure of how good it is for you, based on its level of vitamins, minerals, or calories .

food waste: Waste is material which has been used and is no longer wanted, for example because the valuable or useful part of it has been taken out.

food writer: A writer is a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job .

frozen food: food preserved by a freezing process and stored in a freezer before cooking

fusion food: food which is made using a style of cooking which combines traditional Western techniques and ingredients with those used in Eastern cuisine

health food: Health foods are natural foods without artificial ingredients which people buy because they consider them to be good for them.

party food: food that is served at parties; snacks

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Однокоренные слова:

foodful - изобильный, плодородный, богатый
foodless - без пищи, голодный, бесплодный, бедный

Связанные слова: