Verb: дурачить дурачиться обманывать морочить
Noun: дурак дура глупец шут
Adjective: глупый безрассудный


fair fool - полный дурак

doddering fool - старый дурак

poor fool - дурачок

silly fool - идиот

to fool away one's time - попусту тратить время

jolly fool - дурак, каких поискать

that fool of a husband - этот муж-идиот

big / stupid / utter fool - полный / круглый дурак

fool's bolt is soon shot - с дурака что возьмёшь

fool of circumstances - жертва обстоятельств; игрушка судьбы

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Stop acting a fool. - Хватит валять дурака.

Don't behave like a fool - Не веди себя как дурак.

I was a fool to trust him. - С моей стороны было глупостью доверять ему.

You silly old fool! - Ты старый идиот!

I put him down for a fool. - Я считаю его глупым.

I considered him as a fool. - Я считал его дураком.

Don't fool around with matches. - Не играй со спичками.

You can't fool me! - Меня не обманешь!

His disguise didn't fool anyone. - Его маскировка никого не одурачила.

The bored children were fooling about. - Дети от скуки валяли дурака / дурачились.

You can't fool me with that old excuse. - Этой старой отговоркой меня не обманешь.

Don't be fooled by appearances. - Пусть внешность вас не обманывает.

She was cunning enough to fool me. - Она была достаточно хитра /ей хватило ума/, чтобы меня одурачить.

Stop playing the fool! You'll fall. - Перестань валять дурака! Упадёшь ведь.

A fool is soon parted from his money. - У дурака деньги не задерживаются.

This differences a wise man and a fool. - В этом различие между умным и дураком.

He was a fair fool. - Он был невообразимый дурак.

He made me feel an awful fool. - Из-за него я чувствовал себя /казался себе/ круглым дураком.

He didn't fool me for a moment. - Ему ни на мгновение не удалось меня обмануть.

His disguise didn't fool anybody. - Его маскировка никого не обманула.

When he's angry, he acts the fool. - Когда он злится, то начинает притворяться дурачком.

The fool has gone and got married. - Этот дурак взял и женился.

The darn fool got lost on the way. - Этот дурень потерялся по дороге.

'You fool!' she uttered in disgust. - "Дурак!" произнесла она с отвращением.

The dog was barking its fool head off. - Собака лаяла изо всей дури. / Глупый пёс надрывался от лая.

You fell for my clever snare, you fool! - Ты попался на мою хитрую уловку, глупец!

You're making yourself look like a fool. - Вы выставляете себя дураком.

Some fool driver kept trying to pass me! - Какой-то идиот-водитель всё время пытался меня обогнать!

Meg realized she'd been a complete fool. - Мэг поняла, что была полной дурой.

You can't fool Liz - she's got you taped. - Вы не можете обмануть Лиз - она записала вас на плёнку (записала разговор на плёнку).

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

no fool: a wise or sensible person

damn fool: Damn fool means 'very stupid '.

fool away: to spend foolishly, as time or money ; squander

fool hen: → spruce grouse

fool with: to handle or play with idly or carelessly

April fool: An April Fool is a trick that is played on April Fool's Day.

fool along: to move or proceed in a leisurely way

fool around: If you fool around, you behave in a silly, dangerous, or irresponsible way.

complete fool: If you call someone a fool, you are indicating that you think they are not at all sensible and show a lack of good judgment .

fool's cap: a hood or cap with bells or tassels, worn by court jesters

flannelled fool: a cricketer

fool's gold: Fool's gold is a substance that is found in rock and that looks very like gold.

fool's mate: a checkmate achieved by Black's second move: the quickest possible mate

fool's errand: a fruitless undertaking

fool's-parsley: an evil-smelling Eurasian umbelliferous plant, Aethusa cynapium, with small white flowers: contains the poison coniine

form the fool: to play the fool or behave irritatingly

play the fool: to deliberately act foolishly; indulge in buffoonery

April Fools' Day: April Fool's Day is the 1st of April, the day on which people traditionally play tricks on each other.

be nobody's fool: to be wise or shrewd

fool's paradise: If you say that someone is living in a fool's paradise, you are criticizing them because they are not aware that their present happy situation is likely to change and get worse .

more fool (you): If you say to someone ' More fool you' when they tell you what they have done or what they plan to do, you are indicating that you think that it is silly and shows a lack of judgment .

make a fool of someone: If you make a fool of someone, you make them seem silly by telling people about something stupid that they have done, or by tricking them.

make a fool of yourself: If you make a fool of yourself, you behave in a way that makes other people think that you are silly or lacking in good judgment .

play someone for a fool: to deceive someone and use them for your own advantage

live in a fool's paradise: to believe wrongly and stupidly that your situation is good, when really it is not

to play the fool to act the fool: If you play the fool or act the fool, you behave in a playful, childish, and foolish way, usually in order to make other people laugh .

a fool and his money are soon parted: said to mean that it is easy to persuade someone who is not sensible to spend their money on worthless things

make a fool (or an ass, etc.) of: to cause to seem a fool (or an ass, etc.)

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Однокоренные слова:

fool about - болтаться без дела, дурачиться, валять дурака, зря болтаться
fool after - волочиться за
fool around - валять дурака, дурачиться, болтаться попусту, зря болтаться
fool away - тратить зря, упускать
fool out - добиваться обманом

Связанные слова: