Noun: лес заповедник заказник охотничье угодье
Adjective: лесной
Verb: засаживать лесом


forest conservancy - охрана лесов

deep in the forest - в чаще леса

dense forest - густой лес

forest fire - лесной пожар

forest of hands - лес рук

the gross vegetation of the tropical rain-forest - буйная растительность влажных тропических лесов

leaf forest - лиственный лес

to plant a forest - сажать лес

a forest of masts - образн. лес мачт

alternating forest - альтернирующий лес

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The fox lit out for the forest. - Лиса быстро побежала к лесу.

The forest stretches for miles. - Лес тянется на много миль.

We walked deep into the forest. - Мы зашли вглубь леса.

The scenery showed a forest. - Декорации создавали атмосферу леса.

Fires destroyed acres of forest. - Пожары уничтожили несколько гектаров леса.

the biology of the rain forest - биология тропического леса

make one's way into the forest - пробираться в лес

The road strikes into the forest. - Дорога сворачивает в лес.

The road goes through the forest. - Дорога идёт через лес.

The forest surrounds my property. - Лес окружает моё поместье.

the endless forest that the first European settlers encountered - нескончаемые леса, c которыми столкнулись первые европейские поселенцы

Follow the track into the forest. - Идите в лес по этой дорожке.

Preserve the forest and the lakes. - Сохраните лес и озёра.

Thick forest stood on either hand. - По обе стороны стоял дремучий лес.

the birds and beasts of the forest - птицы и звери этого леса

We found a clearing in the forest. - Мы нашли в лесу поляну.

The track led through dense forest. - Дорожка вела через дремучий лес.

The forest was filled with birdsong. - Лес был наполнен пением птиц.

efforts to save a deteriorating rain forest - попытки спасти погибающий тропический лес

They dwelt in the forest. - Они обитали в лесу.

beat a path through the forest - протоптать в лесу дорожку

We entered into a noble forest. - Мы вошли в величественный лес.

Fires swept through the forest. - По лесу прокатились пожары.

a burned-over site in the forest - выгоревший участок в данном лесу

a lonely trek through the forest - поход в одиночку через лес

the forest's plant life (=plants) - лесная растительность (т.е. растения)

Light pierced through the forest. - Свет пробился сквозь лесную чащу.

The fire spared the forest floor. - Огонь пощадил лесную подстилку.

The road cuts through the forest. - Эта дорога идёт через лес.

There is a forest across the river. - За рекой есть лес.

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Связанные термины:

De Forest: Lee . 1873–1961, US inventor of telegraphic, telephonic, and radio equipment : patented the first triode valve (1907)

forest fire: a large, uncontrolled fire in a forest or wooded area

forest land: Forest land is land that is mainly covered by forest.

forest park: a recreational reserve which may include bush and exotic trees

New Forest: a region of woodland and heath in S England, in SW Hampshire : a hunting ground of the West Saxon kings ; tourist area, noted for its ponies ; made into a national park in 2005. Area: 336 sq km (130 sq miles)

rain forest: a dense, evergreen forest having abundant rainfall throughout the year

Black Forest: wooded mountain region in SW Germany

cloud forest: a forest, usually near coastal mountain peaks in tropical regions, that has an almost constant cloud cover, even during the dry season

elfin forest: the zone of stunted wind-blown trees growing at high altitudes just above the timberline on tropical mountains

Epping Forest: a forest in E England, northeast of London : formerly a royal hunting ground

forest floor: the above- ground layer of a forest made up of tree roots, soil and decaying matter

forest green: See Lincoln green

forest ranger: a government official who patrols and protects forests, wildlife, etc

mixed forest: a forest filling the transition from natural coniferous to deciduous forest, and containing both types of tree

thick forest: A forest is a large area where trees grow close together.

virgin forest: a forest in its natural state, before it has been explored or exploited by humans

ancient forest: A forest is a large area where trees grow close together.

Bohemian Forest: a mountain range between the SW Czech Republic and SE Germany . Highest peak : Arber, 1457 m (4780 ft)

forest bathing: the activity of sitting in a wooded area as a form of therapy

gallery forest: a stretch of forest along a river in an area of otherwise open country

managed forest: a sustainable forest in which usually at least one tree is planted for every tree felled

national forest: forested land owned, maintained, and preserved by the U.S. government

Sherwood Forest: an ancient forest in central England, in Nottinghamshire : formerly a royal hunting ground and much more extensive ; famous as the home of Robin Hood

Waltham Forest: a borough of NE Greater London . Pop: 221 600 (2003 est). Area: 40 sq km (15 sq miles)

Bracknell Forest: a unitary authority in SE England, in E Berkshire . Pop: 110 100 (2003 est). Area: 109 sq km (42 sq miles)

Forest Enterprise: a British government department responsible for maintaining and expanding forests

Forest of Dean: a forest in W England, in Gloucestershire, between the Rivers Severn and Wye : formerly a royal hunting ground

New Forest fly: a blood-sucking fly, Hippobosca equinus, that attacks horses and cattle

Petrified Forest: a national park in E Arizona, containing petrified coniferous trees about 170 000 000 years old

Teutoburg Forest: region of low, forested mountains, mostly in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany : highest point, c. 1,500 ft (457 m )

Thuringian Forest: a forested mountainous region in E central Germany, rising over 900 m (3000 ft)

Black Forest cake: a torte consisting typically of thin layers of chocolate cake spread with alternating layers of chocolate, cherry, and whipped-cream filling and covered with whipped cream

Forest of Arden: a region of N Warwickshire, part of a former forest : scene of Shakespeare's As You Like It

New Forest disease: an infectious eye disease causing acute eye pain in cattle

the Black Forest: a hilly wooded region of SW Germany, in Baden-Württemberg: a popular resort area

Black Forest gateau: a chocolate sponge cake containing morello cherries and whipped cream, with a topping of chocolate icing

Norwegian forest cat: a breed of long-haired cat with a long bushy tail and a long mane

Siberian forest cat: a breed of powerfully-built long-haired cat, typically tabby with a white ruff and white paws

flame-of-the-forest: a leguminous tree, Butea frondosa, native to E India and Myanmar, having hanging clusters of scarlet flowers

Forest of Fontainebleau: → the Forest of Fontainebleau

the Forest of Fontainebleau: a forest in N France, where the town of Fontainebleau is located

palas: an East Indian tree

someone cannot see the wood for the trees: said to mean that someone is so involved in the details of something that they forget or do not realize the real purpose or importance of the thing as a whole

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Однокоренные слова:

disforest - вырубать леса, обезлесить
forester - лесник, лесничий, обитатель лесов, лесничий
reforest - насаждать леса, восстанавливать лесные массивы
forestage - авансцена
forested - засаживать лесом

Связанные слова: