Noun: форма вид бланк формуляр
Verb: формироваться формировать образовывать образовываться


to form a bond - устанавливать связь

to form a boundary - урегулировать границу

to construct / form the cabinet - сформировать кабинет

calculation in a series form - вычисление с помощью ряда

to reduce to canonical form - канонизировать

to form a cartel - создать картель

to form / mold one's character - формировать, развивать характер

to form / trace / write characters - выписывать буквы, цифры, иероглифы

to form a choir - создавать хор

to form circle - образовывать круг

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Ice is water in another form. - Лёд — это вода в ином виде.

He formed no friends. - Он не приобрёл друзей.

Fog forms in the valleys. - Туман возникает в долинах.

The dancers formed a line. - Танцоры выстроились в ряд.

The horse is in form. - Лошадь вполне подготовлена к бегам.

The ant is a form of insect. - Муравей — это вид насекомых.

Cut off the corners of the square to form a diamond. - Отрежьте углы квадрата так чтобы получился ромб.

They formed a company. - Они основали компанию.

Coal is a form of carbon. - Уголь — это форма углерода.

The city streets form a grid. - Городские улицы образуют сеть.

She was in superb form today. - Сегодня она была в превосходной форме.

a rare form of cancer - редкая форма рака

Please fill out the form in pen. - Просьба заполнять форму ручкой.

A plan began to form in his mind. - В его голове начал складываться план.

Nouns join to form compounds. - Существительные объединяются и образуют сложные слова.

The house took its present form. - Дом принял свой нынешний облик.

Jack was in great form at the dinner party - Джек был в приподнятом настроении на званом обеде

an ancient form of music - древняя форма музыки

He was at the top of his form. - Он был на пике своей формы.

True to form, Henry turned up late. - Как и ожидалось, Генри опоздал.

He filled out his tax form. - Он заполнил бланк налоговой отчётности.

Sculpture is a form of art. - Скульптура — это разновидность искусства.

Social groups form everywhere. - Социальные группы образуются повсюду.

a popular form of entertainment - популярный вид развлечений

Proteus was able to appear in the form of any animal. - Протей мог являться в обличье любого животного.

The winner showed top form. - Победитель продемонстрировал пик своей формы.

0/0 is an indeterminate form. - 0/0 — это один из видов неопределённости.

a variant form of the word - вариант формы этого слова

She's in cracking form now. - Она сейчас в отличной форме.

the radial form of a starfish - радиальная форма тела морской звезды

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Связанные термины:

forme: type matter, blocks, etc, assembled in a chase and ready for printing

by-form: a subsidiary or variant form

on form: If you say that someone is on form, you think that they are performing their usual activity very well .

re-form: When an organization, group, or shape re-forms, or when someone re-forms it, it is created again after a period during which it did not exist or existed in a different form.

art form: If you describe an activity as an art form, you mean that it is concerned with creating objects, works, or performances that are beautiful or have a serious meaning .

bad form: If you say that it is bad form to behave in a particular way, you mean that it is rude and impolite .

base form: the simplest form of a word, to which inflections may be added

form drag: the drag on a body moving through a fluid as a result of the shape of the body. It can be reduced by streamlining

form feed: a printer command that causes the printer to start printing on a new sheet of paper

form room: a room in a school for a particular form or the room where a particular form register their attendance

free form: A free form work of art or piece of music has not been created according to a standard style or convention .

keto form: the form of tautomeric compounds when they are ketones rather than enols

life form: A life form is any living thing such as an animal or plant.

mild form: A form of something is a type or kind of it.

off form: If you say that someone is off form, you think they are not performing as well as they usually do.

pro-form: a word having grammatical function but assuming the meaning of an antecedent word or phrase for which it substitutes

song form: a musical structure consisting of two contrasting sections followed by a repetition of the first; the form aba

take form: When something takes form, it develops or begins to be visible .

tax form: a declaration of personal income made annually to the tax authorities and used as a basis for assessing an individual's liability for taxation

binary form: a structure consisting of two sections, each being played twice

claim form: an application form for claiming financial compensation

common form: A form of something is a type or kind of it.

dress form: an adjustable dummy used in dressmaking that can be made to conform to a person's figure

entry form: the form you have to fill in to enter something such as a competition

fifth form: the fifth year of secondary school in England, Wales, or Northern Island

first form: the first class that children go into at school

form class: a group of words distinguished by common inflections, such as the weak verbs of English

form feeder: a device that mechanically feeds paper into a printer

form genus: a group of species ( form species ) that have similar structural characteristics but are not closely related

form leader: a pupil elected by other pupils to lead or represent their form

form letter: a single copy of a letter that has been mechanically reproduced in large numbers for circulation

form master: a teacher or member of a school's staff designated as being in charge of a certain form

form tutor: a teacher or member of a school's staff designated as being in charge of a certain form

fourth form: the fourth year of study in a school

order form: a form with blanks in which a purchaser indicates desired items

racing form: a chart, booklet, etc. containing information, such as past performance, post position, odds, etc., about a program of horse races at a track or number of tracks

second form: → the second form

sixth form: The sixth form in a British school consists of the classes that pupils go to from 16 to 18 years of age, usually in order to study for A levels.

sonata form: a musical structure consisting of an expanded ternary form whose three sections ( exposition, development, and recapitulation ), followed by a coda, are characteristic of the first movement in a sonata, symphony, string quartet, concerto, etc

speech form: → linguistic form

third form: the third year of education at school, esp in England

attested form: a linguistic form that can be shown to be in use or in written records

booking form: a form used to book a holiday, accommodation, etc

citation form: the spoken form a word has when produced in isolation, such as when cited for purposes of illustration, as distinguished from the form it would have when produced in the normal stream of speech

clipped form: a shortened form of a word, as for example doc for doctor

consent form: a form signed by a patient prior to a medical procedure to confirm that he or she agrees to the procedure and is aware of any risks that might be involved

crystal form: a symmetrical set of planes in space, associated with a crystal, having the same symmetry as the crystal class

customs form: a form for customs, concerning the nature, value, destination, etc, of goods being imported or exported

extreme form: A form of something is a type or kind of it.

feedback form: A feedback form is a paper with questions on it and spaces marked where you should write the answers . It asks a hotel guest if they enjoyed their stay and what could be improved.

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Однокоренные слова:

form up - строиться, укладывать в опалубку, строиться в линейку

Связанные слова: