Noun: четверка четвертый номер строй по четыре команда четверки
Numeral: четыре


within four corners - в самом документе, явствует из самого документа

dividing five to four - голосами пяти против четырёх

four years in duresse - четыре года в заключении

to know four languages - знать четыре языка

seven is four less than eleven - семь на четыре меньше одиннадцати

symphony in four movements - симфония в четырёх частях

gloves of four pence a pair - перчатки по четыре пенса за пару

four books - четыре книги

from four till six o'clock - с четырёх до шести часов

four seasons - четыре времени года

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I leave each day at four. - Каждый день я ухожу в четыре.

She is married with four children. - Она замужем, имеет четверых детей.

What time is it?” “It's four.” - — Сколько сейчас времени? — Четыре часа.

Luke will soon be four (=four years old). - Люку скоро будет четыре (года).

They arrived just after four (=four o'clock). - Они прибыли сразу после четырёх (часов).

Связанные термины:

four-four: a form of simple quadruple time in which there are four crotchets to the bar, indicated by the time signature 4 4

back four: the defensive players in many modern team formations : usually two fullbacks and two centre backs

Big Four: → the Big Four

four-door: (of a vehicle) having two doors on each side

four-eyes: a disparaging term of address for a person wearing spectacles

four-part: arranged for four voices or instruments

four-star: of high, or of the highest, quality

four-way: giving passage in four directions

two-four: a box containing 24 bottles of beer

four-by-four: a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive

Final Four: → the Final Four

four-bagger: → home run

four-color: designating or of a printing process using separate plates in yellow, red, blue, and black, so as to produce any color or colors

four-colour: (of a print or photographic process) using the principle in which four colours ( magenta, cyan, yellow, and black) are used in combination to produce almost any other colour

four-cycle: relating to or designating an internal-combustion engine in which the piston makes four strokes for every explosion

four flush: a useless poker hand, containing four of a suit and one odd card

four-footed: (of animals) having or walking on four feet

four-handed: (of a card game) arranged for four players

four-legged: → another word for four-footed

four-poster: a bed with posts at each corner supporting a canopy and curtains

four-seater: a vehicle providing seats for four people

four-square: To stand four-square behind someone or something means to be firm in your support of that person or thing.

four-stroke: relating to or designating an internal-combustion engine in which the piston makes four strokes for every explosion

four-wheel: having or running on four wheels

petit four: Petits fours are very small sweet cakes. They are sometimes served with coffee at the end of a meal .

three-four: designating or of a musical rhythm with three quarter notes to a measure

four-four time: a form of simple quadruple time in which there are four crotchets to the bar, indicated by the time signature 4 4

coxless four: a boat for four oarsman and no cox

four-engined: (of an aircraft ) having four engines

four-flusher: a person who bluffs or attempts to deceive

Four Hundred: the exclusive social set of a particular place

four-o'clock: a tropical American nyctaginaceous plant, Mirabilis jalapa, cultivated for its tubular yellow, red, or white flowers that open in late afternoon

four-walling: a form of distribution and exhibition, esp. of films, in which a distributor or producer rents a theater for a fixed amount, pays all advertising and operating costs, and collects all box-office receipts

four-by-two: a piece of timber with a cross section that measures 4 inches by 2 inches

Four-H club: a branch of a national organization that promotes education in leadership, citizenship and life skills in small towns and rural communities in the US

four-in-hand: a road vehicle drawn by four horses and driven by one driver

Gang of Four: → the Gang of Four

May Two-Four: the Monday preceding May 24: observed in Canada as a national holiday in commemoration of the birthday of Queen Victoria

the Big Four: a small powerful group, as of banks, companies, etc, esp the four largest banks in Britain (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, and NatWest)

two-by-four: a length of untrimmed timber with a cross section that measures 2 inches by 4 inches

flat back four: a set of four fullbacks in line formation

four-dimensional: having or specified by four dimensions, esp the three spatial dimensions and the dimension of time

four-eyed fish: either of two viviparous tropical American freshwater cyprinodont fishes, Anableps anableps or A. microlepis, that swim at the surface of the water and have half of each eye specialized for seeing in air, the other half for seeing in water

four jaw chuck: a cut of beef extending from the neck to the shoulder blade

four-way stop: an intersection of two roads with four stop signs, one facing in each direction

the Final Four: the last four teams remaining in a tournament

two-four time: a form of simple duple time in which there are two crotchet beats in each bar

first four ships: the earliest settlers ' ships to arrive in the Canterbury Province

four-course meal: A four-course meal is a meal that consists of four parts served one after the other.

four-deal bridge: a version of bridge in which four hands only are played, the players then cutting for new partners

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Однокоренные слова:

fourteen - четырнадцать
fourth - четвертый, четверть, четвертое число, четвертый