Noun: кадры


frames-per-minute - число кадров в минуту

predicted frames - кадры, сжатые с использованием ссылки на одно изображение; Р-кадры

scantlings of frames - размеры поперечных сечений шпангоутов

24 frames a second - 24 кадра в секунду

spectacles with turtle-shell frames - очки в черепаховой оправе

frames behind armor - набор позади брони

frames-per-second tachometer - тахометр, шкала которого проградуирована в кадрах в секунду

spectacles with tortoise frames - очки в черепаховой оправе

barrage with frames - плотина Поаре

frames of referance - системы отсчета

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I need new frames for my glasses. - Мне нужна новая оправа для очков.

The paint was peeling on the window frames. - На оконных рамах облезала краска.

This browser supports frames. - Этот браузер поддерживает фреймы.

She was wearing dark glasses with thick black frames. - Она была в тёмных очках с толстой чёрной оправой.

Chuck together some wall frames and pitch a roof on them. - Возведите стенной каркас и наклонно разместите на нём крышу.

The frames are made of plastic and they tend to break quite easily. - Эти рамки сделаны из пластика, и они, как правило, довольно легко ломаются.

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Связанные термины:

frame: The frame of a picture or mirror is the wood, metal, or plastic that is fitted around it, especially when it is displayed or hung on a wall.

rack: A rack is a frame or shelf, usually with bars or hooks, that is used for holding things or for hanging things on.

box frame: a monolithic reinforced-concrete structure having walls and floors in the form of slabs

sub-frame: a discreet or hidden part of the structure of a vehicle such as car, aircraft, etc which protects and carries components such as the engine, suspension, etc

cant frame: any of several frames bracketed aft of the transom of a ship and inclined slightly to the fore-and-aft direction

clip frame: a picture frame that is held together by clips attaching the glass to the backing

cold frame: A cold frame is a wooden frame with a glass top in which you grow small plants to protect them from cold weather .

half frame: a photograph taking up half the normal area of a frame on a particular film, taken esp on 35- millimetre film

time frame: The time frame of an event is the length of time during which it happens or develops.

Balkan frame: an overhead frame, fastened to a bed, from which a splinted, fractured leg or arm is suspended and held in traction

freeze-frame: A freeze-frame from a film is an individual picture from it, produced by stopping the film or video tape at that point.

garden frame: an unheated wooden frame with a glass top, used to protect young plants from the cold

hopper frame: a window frame having one or more upper sashes hinged at the bottoms and opening inward

Oxford frame: a type of picture frame in which the sides of the frame cross each other and project outwards

portal frame: a frame, usually of steel, consisting of two uprights and a cross beam at the top: the simplest structural unit in a framed building or a doorway

rigid frame: a bent having absolutely rigid connections at the knees

still frame: continuous display of a single frame of a film or of a single picture from a television signal

vacuum frame: a machine from which the air is extracted in order to obtain close contact between the surfaces of two materials, e. g . the film and plate during platemaking

window frame: A window frame is a frame around the edges of a window, which glass is fixed into.

Zimmer frame: A Zimmer frame or a Zimmer is a frame that old or ill people sometimes use to help them walk .

balloon frame: a wooden building frame composed of machine-sawed scantlings fastened with nails, having studs rising the full height of the frame with the joists nailed to the studs and supported by sills or by ribbons let into the studs

climbing frame: A climbing frame is a structure that has been made for children to climb and play on. It consists of metal or wooden bars joined together .

drawing frame: a machine used to attenuate and straighten fibers by having them pass, in sliver form, through a series of double rollers, each pair of which revolves at a slightly greater speed than the preceding pair and reduces the number of strands originally fed into the machine to one extended fibrous strand doubled or redoubled in length

gallows frame: a structure supporting the hoisting sheaves at the top of a mine shaft ; headframe

Harvard frame: an adjustable metal bedframe having legs equipped with casters, into which a box spring may be set and to which a headboard may be attached

picture frame: a frame for a photo, painting etc

printing frame: a device in a darkroom for holding negatives against photographic paper for printing

sampling frame: an open structure that gives shape and support to something, such as the transverse stiffening ribs of a ship's hull or an aircraft's fuselage or the skeletal beams and uprights of a building

spinning frame: any of various spinning machines with many spindles

stocking frame: a type of knitting machine

walking frame: a person who walks

embroidery frame: a frame in the form of a pair of (usually circular ) rings, designed to keep the fabric taut while an embroiderer works on it

frame of mind: Your frame of mind is the mood that you are in, which causes you to have a particular attitude to something.

tabernacle frame: a frame, esp. of the 18th century, around a doorway, niche, etc., that suggests a small building, characteristically one with a pediment and two pilasters on a base

frame of reference: A frame of reference is a particular set of beliefs or ideas on which you base your judgment of things.

jeweler's saw frame: a U -shaped steel frame with a handle and clamps that hold a piercing saw

bobbin and fly frame: a roving machine used in the final stages of converting spun cotton fiber into yarn

inertial reference frame: a frame of reference within which bodies are not accelerated unless acted upon by external forces

easel: An easel is a wooden frame that supports a picture which an artist is painting or drawing .

headframe: the structure supporting machinery at the entrance to a mine

tenter: a frame on which cloth is stretched during the manufacturing process in order that it may retain its shape while drying

Zimmer: a person who walks

shadow-box: to practise blows and footwork against an imaginary opponent

inertial system: a frame of reference within which bodies are not accelerated unless acted upon by external forces

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Однокоренные слова:

frame up - подстраивать, ложно обвинять, подтасовывать факты

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