Adjective: французский
Noun: французы французский язык французский народ


to be / feel at home in French - хорошо владеть французским языком

the French kitchen - французская кухня

to take French leave - уйти не попрощавшись, уйти по-английски

to talk French - говорить по-французски

test in French - контрольная работа по французскому языку

non-European French - французские граждане африканского или азиатского происхождения

broken English / French - ломаный английский / французский

to lack a knowledge of French - не владеть французским языком

to be of French ancestry - быть родом из Франции

french press - французский жим

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French cooking - Французская кухня

I know some French. - Я немного знаю французский.

I love French food. - Я обожаю французскую кухню.

Excuse / pardon my French! - Извините за выражение!

French cuisine - французская кухня

Natives of Quebec speak Canadian French. - Уроженцы Квебека говорят на канадском французском.

French Guiana - Французская Гвинея (государственный язык французский, национальная валюта - французский франк)

She understands French. - Она понимает по-французски.

Can you read French? - Ты умеешь читать по-французски?

I do not speak French. - Я не говорю по-французски.

He has only a little French. - Он знает французский очень плохо.

He is a French citezen by birth. - Он гражданин Франции по рождению.

I've got my French oral tomorrow. - У меня завтра устный французский (экзамен или тест).

French conquests in Asia - Французские завоевания в Азии

How did your French test go? - Как твоя контрольная по французскому?

The word is French in origin. - Это слово французского происхождения.

Make my French fries a medium. - Мне картошку фри средней прожаренности.

I have to make up a French exam - Мне нужно сдать экзамен по французскому.

His films are always very French. - Он всегда снимает типично французские фильмы. / Все его фильмы — типично французские.

He speaks both English and French. - Он говорит и по-английски, и по-французски.

Adrian's flawless French - безупречный французский Эдриена

My French is a bit rusty. - Я немного подзабыл французский.

He spoke French fluently. - Он бегло /свободно/ говорил по-французски.

My ancestors were French. - Мои предки были французами.

I must brush up my French. - Мне нужно освежить в памяти французский язык.

40 captured French soldiers - 40 захваченных французских солдат

He said something in French. - Он сказал что-то по-французски.

French is her first language. - Французский — её родной язык.

a babel of French and Italian - смесь французского языка с итальянским

a good grip on French history - хорошее понимание французской истории

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Связанные термины:

Free French: an organization of French military personnel and volunteers formed in exile in London under General de Gaulle in 1940; they fought the Axis powers in the French colonies, Italy, and in the liberation of France

French bean: French beans are narrow green beans that are eaten as a vegetable . They grow on a tall climbing plant and are the cases that contain the seeds of the plant.

French cuff: a double cuff formed by a backward fold of the material

French door: French doors are the same as French windows .

French fact: (in Canada ) the presence of French Canada as a distinct cultural force within the Confederation

French foot: a foot of the mid-18th century having the form of a scroll, continuing the leg downward and outward, supported by a shoe

French-fry: of or relating to French fries

French heel: a fairly high and narrow-waisted heel on women's shoes

French horn: A French horn is a musical instrument of the brass family. It is shaped like a long metal tube with one wide end, wound round in a circle . You play the French horn by blowing into it and moving valves in order to obtain different notes.

French kiss: a kiss involving insertion of the tongue into the partner's mouth

French knot: an ornamental stitch made by looping the thread three or four times around the needle before putting it into the fabric

French loaf: a long straight notched stick loaf

French navy: a dark dull navy blue

French roll: → French twist

French seam: a seam in which the edges are not visible

Law French: a set of Anglo-Norman terms used in English laws and law books

Old French: the French language in its earliest forms, from about the 9th century up to about 1400

the French: the natives, citizens, or inhabitants of France collectively

Anglo-French: of or relating to England and France

French bread: French bread is white bread which is baked in long, thin loaves .

French Canada: the areas of Canada, esp in the province of Quebec, where French Canadians predominate

French chalk: a compact variety of talc used to mark cloth or remove grease stains from materials

French curve: a thin plastic sheet with profiles of several curves, used by draughtsmen for drawing curves

French doors: a pair of casement windows extending to floor level and opening onto a balcony, garden, etc

French endive: → chicory (sense 1 )

French franc: the former standard monetary unit of France, most French dependencies, Andorra, and Monaco, divided into 100 centimes ; replaced by the euro in 2002

French fries: French fries are long, thin pieces of potato fried in oil or fat .

French Guiana: a French overseas region and department in NE South America, on the Atlantic : colonized by the French in about 1637; tropical forests . Capital: Cayenne . Pop: 229 000 (2009 est). Area: about 91 000 sq km (23 000 sq miles)

French Guinea: a former French territory of French West Africa : became independent as Guinea in 1958

French India: a former French overseas territory in India, including Chandernagore and Pondicherry ( now Puducherry ): restored to India between 1949 and 1954

French leave: an unauthorized or unannounced absence or departure

French letter: → condom

French lilac: → another name for goat's-rue (sense 1 )

French pastry: a rich pastry made esp from puff pastry and filled with cream, fruit, etc

French pleat: a woman's hair style with the hair gathered at the back into a cylindrical roll

French polish: French polish is a type of varnish which is painted onto wood so that the wood has a hard shiny surface.

French sixth: (in musical harmony ) an augmented sixth chord having a major third and an augmented fourth between the root and the augmented sixth

French stick: a long straight notched stick loaf

French Sudan: former French overseas territory in W Africa: since 1960, the republic of Mali

French toast: toast cooked on one side only

French twist: a woman's hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back and twisted into a vertical coil running down the back of the head

French Union: a union of France with its dependencies (1946–58): replaced by the French Community

French window: French windows are a pair of glass doors which you go through into a garden or onto a balcony .

Middle French: the French language from about 1340 to 1611; during this time French was put in place as the official language of France

Norman French: the medieval Norman and English dialect of Old French

Swiss-French: of or relating to a person from French-speaking Switzerland

Canadian French: the French language as spoken in Canada, esp in Quebec

French Academy: an association of 40 French scholars and writers, founded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635, devoted chiefly to preserving the purity of the French language

French bulldog: a small stocky breed of dog with a sleek coat, usually brindled or pied, a large square head, and large erect rounded ears

French Canadian: French Canadian means belonging or relating to people who come from the part of Canada where French is spoken .

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Однокоренные слова:

Frenchify - офранцуживать, офранцуживаться

Связанные слова: